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The 6 Best Tailgate Pads of 2023

We tested tailgate pads from Dakine, Race Face, Evoc, and more to find the best protection for your truck
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Best Tailgate Pad of 2023
Credit: Jeremy Benson

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Friday May 19, 2023
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Searching for the best tailgate pad for your truck? Our experts researched the top models on the market before purchasing six for side by side testing and comparison. The right pad is an affordable way to safely transport bikes in your truck while simultaneously protecting both from damage. We spent weeks testing these competitors to suss out the glaring differences and important subtleties that can affect performance. We drove on the highway, dirt roads, and janky shuttle "roads" to evaluate how each pad handles your precious cargo. Additionally, we loaded and unloaded these pads repeatedly to gain a firm understanding of their features and the loading process.

We've also extensively tested dozens of the best bike racks to determine the best of each type. Our wide array of mountain bike reviews can help you sift through the saturated market and find the best products, whether you're looking for some components like mountain bike wheels, MTB tires, or a top-rated dropper seatpost, or even for a whole brand new, top-ranked mountain bike.

Editor's Note: Our tailgate pad review was updated on May 19, 2023, to ensure proper product pricing and availability.


Best Overall Tailgate Pad

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad

Bike Capacity: 5 (small/medium) 6 (large/extra large): | Outer Material: PVC Tarpaulin
Adjustable handle flap
Grommets to lock the pad to your vehicle
Durable, weatherproof material
Top edge adjustment
Inner downtube bumpers and outer stanchion bumper

The Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad has several notable improvements over the original. This updated version is made with a burly PVC tarpaulin material that is weatherproof, and withstands the effects of mud, grime, and UV rays. Its innovative adjustable tailgate window allows you to optimize the opening for your handle position and backup camera while providing maximum tailgate coverage. There are six additional straps added across the top of the pad, which you can adjust to match the thickness or curve of your specific tailgate. The inside features raised bumpers to cradle your frame, while the outside has large pads to protect your fork stanchions. The S/M size pad we tested holds up to 5 bikes (L/XL holds up to 6) with velcro loops that are secured to the pad so they won't get lost or blow away on the highway. Large grommets on the inside also allow you to lock the pad to your truck.

The Race Face T2 checks all our boxes and is the most dialed model we've tested to date, but it doesn't come cheap. Though pricey, we still feel it's an economical way to transport multiple bikes, and it's a good value considering its quality construction and user-friendly features.

best overall tailgate pad
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Best Bang For Your Buck Tailgate Pad

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover

Bike Capacity: 5 (small) 6 (large) | Outer Material: Coated/Padded
Attractive price
Simple, no-frills approach
Adjustable top-tube strap
No separation bumpers
Smaller handle flap
Very basic

The Fox Racing Tailgate Cover may not have the flashiest features, but it gets the job done at a lower price than the competition. This cover uses a traditional feed-through buckle design with three straps for quick and easy installation. The size small we ordered fit well on a Toyota Tacoma and should work on most small and mid-sized pickups. The padded material is coated, and while it doesn't feel like the most robust, it is water-resistant and should stand up well to wet climates or mud. The bike hold is secure, and the straps are user-friendly and adjustable up or down on a webbing loop for optimal positioning across different frame shapes and sizes. The tailgate handle opening is somewhat small, but we expect it to work well with most trucks. Users also have the option of using the velcro patch to roll the tailgate handle flap up and out of the way for easy access.

The Fox Racing pad is simple and effective, but we feel there is room for improvement. There are no separation bumpers that hold the bikes in position, so they may move around if you don't strap them down. If left open when not in use, the down tube straps could also be lost as they are not secured to the pad otherwise. The Camo colorway we tested was tasteful, and the logo is large but relatively subtle. It also comes in black and is available in a Large size with a 6-bike capacity for full-sized trucks.

best bang for your buck tailgate pad
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Best for Durability

EVOC Tailgate Pad

Bike Capacity: 6 | Outer Material: 600-weight Denier
Quality, durable construction
Secure hold of bikes
Resilient against great amounts of moisture and mud
Louder graphics and style
Smaller handle flap may not work well with all tailgates

EVOC nailed it with their simply named EVOC Tailgate Pad. We are continually impressed with EVOC's well-thought-out designs and quality products, and this pad continues that trend. The substantial 600-denier material has a hefty feel with a PU coating that should have no problem surviving in the wettest, muddiest climates. Although this pad might be a touch heavier than other options, it also feels more robust and durable. It is available in two sizes, medium/large and extra-large, and the medium/large size was a perfect fit on the 2009 Toyota Tacoma used for testing, which is a very popular truck amongst mountain bikers. The molded separation blocks work in conjunction with the down tube straps to deliver a very secure and stable hold. It should be noted that the down tube straps aren't secured to the pad, and if you leave them open when not in use, they could fall off or get lost while driving on the highway.

The opening for the tailgate handle is a little smaller than some of the competition. Depending on the location of your tailgate handle, it is possible that it might not line up perfectly. Another notable quirk is the installation/removal process is slightly different than the competition. The EVOC pad uses a metal hook system where a metal piece on the end of the strap hooks into the lower part of the pad. In some ways, it is easier to deal with, but it can be somewhat more difficult to feed the strap with the hook/buckle under the tailgate. The graphics are also on the bolder/louder side, so they may not be ideal for everyone's style aesthetic.

tailgate pad - best for durability
We rallied to the trailhead and did loads of shuttle laps while examining the features and performance of these tailgate pads.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Best For Tailgate Handle Access

Yakima GateKeeper Tailgate Pad

Bike Capacity: 5 (medium) 6 (large) | Outer Material: Nylon
Easy tailgate handle access
Simple and sleek styling
Easy installation thanks to broad straps
Relatively basic

Yakima has delivered a user-friendly and simple product with the GateKeeper pad. There is a lot to like with this product that didn't attempt to reinvent the wheel. The loading process is straightforward, and it delivers a secure hold of the bicycle. The size medium pad we tested has space for five bikes with molded downtube bumpers and padded straps that are fixed securely to the pad. Also, the wider webbing straps that secure this pad to your tailgate are easier to deal with and don't flop around like thinner ones. One area that stood out as particularly impressive was the enormous opening for the tailgate handle. The handle opening is gigantic, and it should work for virtually every tailgate handle placement. The outer material is a burly coated nylon that appears to be very weather resistant and quite durable.

While the GateKeeper has an enormous tailgate handle opening and delivers solid performance, it never stands out above the crowd. While we loved the large flap for handle access, it does leave more of the tailgate exposed if you leave it open. This pad takes a very business-like approach with no extra fancy frills. It is also one of the most expensive pads in our review, and if you're spending big bucks, some riders may be wishing for some more bells and/or whistles.

tailgate pad - best for tailgate handle access
The Yakima GateKeeper has an enormous tailgate handle flap.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Best for Backup Cameras

Dakine DLX Pickup Pad

Bike Capacity: 5 (small) 7 (large) | Outer Material:1000D Polyester w/ UV Coating
Durable outer material
Attractive price
Hook to keep tailgate handle flap open
Grommets to lock pad to truck
Relatively basic

The Dakine DLX Pickup Pad is a serviceable pad that is a great option for riders with big trucks who need to carry a lot of bikes. The smaller size we tested only carries five, but the larger size can hold up to seven. If you have a full-size truck and a lot of bike friends, the large DLX is the pad we recommend. Aside from the large carrying capacity, Dakine delivered a functional and rock-solid product. Installation is par-for-the-course, and the loading process is simple. There are no padded slots or fancy cradles, just line the bike up with a top-tube strap and drop the bike into place. The hold is secure, and our bikes stayed put over some nasty, bumpy roads. The straps are also secured to the pad, so if you forget to close them, they won't go flying when you're zooming 80 mph down the interstate. Dakine also added metal grommets to each side of the pad should you choose to lock it to your truck with a cable lock. Perhaps our favorite feature is the hook on the handle flap to easily secure it in the open position, making it easier to use your backup camera.

The 1000 Dernier fabric is tough, with a durable coating to resist weather and UV damage. While it isn't flashy or feature-packed, it is quite effective and works well. The Dakine DLX also comes in a Curve version that is made to fit some of the super thick, curved tailgates found on some models of modern trucks.

tailgate pad - best for backup cameras
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Best for Larger/Thicker Tailgates

Thule GateMate Pro

Bike Capacity: 6 (small) 7 (large) | Outer Material: Nylon
Subtle graphics and clean looks
Storage pouches
Knock blocks prevent lateral movement
Top tube straps are far too long
Almost too big for our test truck's tailgate

The Thule GateMate Pro is a sleek-looking tailgate pad. The styling is clean, and the logo text is low profile and unobtrusive, a plus for those who don't want to be a mobile billboard. Functionally, the GateMate Pro is pretty solid. It has two storage pockets on the inside of the pad facing the truck bed, which are perfect for a multi-tool, rag, or some chain lube, and they could also well for stinky and soggy shoes or empty beer cans. This is a nice, thoughtful touch. Four rows of Knock Blocks across the top function as separation blocks on the front, top, and back of the pad. The tailgate handle opening is an adequate size, and it folds down and can be left open to give you the option of using your backup camera.

The GateMate Pro has a few notable flaws, though. First, the bike securing straps are excessively long. We used multiple carbon trail bikes with top tubes of average diameter, but the straps were so long that the velcro patches barely made contact after being passed around the frame, even when looped over the top tube. Additionally, the straps aren't secured to the pad, so if you leave them open, they could easily blow away while driving. The pad itself is also quite large in size. When testing the smaller size on the tailgate of our 2009 Tacoma, we maxed out the straps and would've liked to tighten them even further. However, we don't see this being an issue if your tailgate is slightly taller or thicker, as many modern trucks are.

tailgate pad - the gatemate pro.
The GateMate Pro.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Why You Should Trust Us

After researching the best and most popular pads on the market, we chose a selection of six to test and compare for this review. Each pad was tested on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma with a tailgate that measured 56.5 inches wide, 19.5 inches tall, and 2 inches thick across the top. Our testing process involved many trips to and from various local trailheads, as well as countless and gratuitous shuttle laps with the truck loaded up with several bikes. While loading and unloading each model, we analyzed the design and features of each and how user-friendly and protective they were. Everything from the pad attachment straps, handle flap, padding, and bike securing straps were taken into consideration in our assessment of overall performance.

Review author Pat Donahue spends a lot of time riding mountain bikes. Pat has been riding and breaking mountain bikes for close to two decades. He was a full-time mountain bike tester and reviewer prior to owning a bike shop in South Lake Tahoe, CA. He has loads of experience hauling mountain bikes around to trailheads and running shuttle laps, and he's used dozens of bike racks, tailgate pads, and other contraptions to get bicycles from point A to point B. He prefers an easy, hassle-free option where he doesn't have to worry about his revolving door of bicycles tumbling down the freeway. Pat was joined by our Senior Mountain Bike Review Editor, Jeremy Benson in testing the pads in this review. Benson is a proud truck owner of more than two decades who spends the vast majority of his days testing new mountain bikes. Daily trips to the trailhead or shuttling for test laps, he is constantly loading and unloading bikes on all manner of bike racks and tailgates.

Most of our test pads had decent top tube straps. The Thule GateMate...
Most of our test pads had decent top tube straps. The Thule GateMate is far too long.

What is a Tailgate Pad?

Tailgate Pads are exactly what their name suggests; they are large rectangular pads that fold over, cover, and attach to the tailgate of your truck. This creates a barrier between your bikes and your truck, so there is no direct contact between the two, preventing damage to both in the process. Additionally, the pad also secures the bikes in place so that they don't move around and make unwanted contact with each other. This is especially important if you're concerned in any way about the paint, appearance, or resale value of either your truck or your bike(s).

tailgate pad - tailgate pads secure your bikes over the tailgate of your truck...
Tailgate pads secure your bikes over the tailgate of your truck while protecting both from damage.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Tailgate pads are particularly useful for people who shuttle with their bikes, as it is quick and easy to hang numerous bikes over the tailgate of a pickup when you're busting out several laps on the local trails. They are also quite useful for everyday transport around town, to and from the trailhead, or even longer trips.

How to Select a Tailgate Pad

There are many options for carrying bikes on your vehicle these days, but if you own a pickup truck, you have the additional option of using a tailgate pad to transport them safely and securely. Of course, you could just use a blanket or a towel to pad your tailgate and risk damage to both your bikes and your truck's tailgate, speaking from experience. These days, however, the tailgate-specific pad options on the market will do the job much more effectively.

If you own a pickup truck, tailgate pads are among the least expensive ways to transport multiple bikes as they generally cost less than half of a typical 2-bike hitch-mounted rack and have a larger carrying capacity. The pads reviewed here are all reasonably priced at retail and can carry between five and seven bikes.

tailgate pad - the race face t2 is loaded with features like downtube separation...
The Race Face T2 is loaded with features like downtube separation blocks, top edge adjustment straps, and grommets to lock the pad to the truck.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


In general, we found most of the pads we tested offered roughly the same basic features. However, there were subtle differences that made a couple of the pads rise above the others regarding their features and user-friendliness.

tailgate pad - most pads attach to the truck with webbing straps that feed under...
Most pads attach to the truck with webbing straps that feed under the tailgate and through a cam-locking buckle.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Each pad attaches to your truck's tailgate using several nylon webbing straps. Most use a relatively standard plastic ladder-lock buckle to cinch down the webbing and secure it in place. This system of attaching the pads works well, although it can be a bit cumbersome to thread the webbing under the tailgate, and there is always excess webbing left loose in your truck bed or sometimes hanging out from under your tailgate.

tailgate pad - evoc's metal hooks are easy to deal with, except when trying to feed...
EVOC's metal hooks are easy to deal with, except when trying to feed them under the tailgate.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

EVOC impressed us with a unique attachment system that employs small metal ladder locks with a hook end. We found these hooks to be especially easy to attach and detach, although they could be a little more cumbersome to deal with when feeding the straps under the tailgate. The Yakima Gatekeeper also stood out as particularly easy to attach to the truck. Instead of the thinner nylon webbing found on most pads, the Gatekeeper employs a much wider strap that we found easier to use. This is particularly nice if you remove the pad when not in use and don't leave it on your truck all the time.

tailgate pad - all of the pads we tested have straps to secure your bike in...
All of the pads we tested have straps to secure your bike in position. The Yakima GateKeeper's straps are fixed in position and padded.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Bike Securing Straps

All the pads we tested came with loop straps to secure the bikes on the pad. These straps prevent the bikes from moving once they are strapped down, reducing unwanted contact between the bikes and preventing them from flopping around when the road gets rough or you're driving your truck like a rally car. Three models we tested, the Dakine DLX, Race Face T2, and Yakima GateKeeper, have bike straps fixed to the pad or secured to the webbing on the pad with an additional velcro tab. This feature prevents the straps from coming loose or getting lost, even if you leave them open when not in use. On the Fox Racing, Thule, and EVOC models, you should close the bike straps to ensure they don't fall off or blow away in the wind while driving.

tailgate pad - the molded separation blocks on the top pf the evoc pad help to keep...
The molded separation blocks on the top pf the EVOC pad help to keep the bikes in place, even if you don't strap them down.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Additional Padding

Some of the models we tested feature molded foam bumpers or separation pads. These bumpers or pads stand a little taller and create a groove in which the frames can rest, making the bikes less likely to move around. The EVOC, Thule, and the Race Face T2 pads feature these separation blocks. The Yakima GateKeeper has molded downtube pads that are intended to sit beneath the downtube. The Dakine DLX and Fox Racing pads don't feature any extra padding or bumpers other than the thin layer within the pad itself.

tailgate pad - race face created an adjustable handle opening that allows you to...
Race Face created an adjustable handle opening that allows you to position it where you need for handle access and use of the backup camera.
Credit: Jeremy Benson

Tailgate Handle Flap

Access to the tailgate's handle is necessary to open your truck's tailgate while the pad is attached. Each model we tested has a flap to provide that access, but not all tailgate handle flaps are created equal. While they are a relatively simple part of the equation, they vary in size, location, and ease of use. For example, our favorite flap was on the Dakine DLX Pickup Pad. This oversized flap works with most tailgate handles and could also be secured in the open position to keep your backup camera unobstructed. The Yakima pad's handle flap was also huge and should work with the handle on any make or model of pickup truck. Race Face put a unique adjustable handle opening on their new T2 Tailgate Pad that allows you to position it perfectly for your tailgate handle and backup camera. In contrast, the handle flap on the Fox pad is smaller, and while it worked well on our Tacoma test truck, it may be less than ideal for other models of pickup trucks. Consider the location of your tailgate handle when checking out the different models.

tailgate pad - our favorite pads, like the evoc, have a coated finish that is water...
Our favorite pads, like the EVOC, have a coated finish that is water and weather-resistant, making it easy to blast off with a hose.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Every pad we tested shared one thing in common; they all had a soft lining material on the underside where they come into constant contact with the paint of your tailgate. This soft material is intended to prevent wear or abrasion to the exterior of your vehicle. Beyond that, they are made from a variety of durable materials to withstand the tough treatment and the weather they are likely to go through when used regularly. While they all seem to be incredibly durable, the more rubberized coatings like polyurethane and vinyl seem to be the most weather resistant.

tailgate pad - smaller trucks, like the toyota tacoma we used for testing, use the...
Smaller trucks, like the Toyota Tacoma we used for testing, use the small or medium-sized pads, while full-sized trucks will use the large. Most pads come in sizes for both types of truck.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Tailgate pads generally come in two sizes: small and large. These sizes are dictated by the width of the tailgate. If you have a full-size truck like a Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, or Toyota Tundra, you will definitely be looking at the larger size. The smaller size is designed for small to mid-size trucks like a Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Ford Ranger. The Dakine DLX is also offered in a Curve version that is intended to fit better on the thick, curved tailgates found on many modern trucks.

tailgate pad - good times are ahead when this is your view through the rearview...
Good times are ahead when this is your view through the rearview mirror.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Yes, these tailgate pads have very similar appearances, and the features are largely the same. That said, there are differences in terms of performance, design, and how well they work when the rubber meets the road. This side-by-side comparison is intended to help you navigate the differences and identify the tailgate pad that best suits your needs.

Pat Donahue, Jeremy Benson

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