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Editors' Choice Award
A well-rounded hardtail that blends solid value with stellar performance in most situations
Top Pick Award
With 27.5"+ tires and a moderately aggressive modern geometry, this bike is a total fun hog
Top Pick Award
A mean and aggressive hardtail with an appetite for high speeds and steep trails
Top Pick Award
A slick-climbing hardtail mountain bike that is ready for a cross country race but is happy thrashing flow trails
A hardcore hardtail made for aggressive riders and terrain that is slightly hamstrung by several weak points of its build
Top Pick Award
A very fun and versatile hardtail that is comfortable on a narrow range of terrain
Top Pick Award
A versatile bikepacking rig that has the ability to rip trails
The Timberjack delivers solid on-trail performance and is more than happy to double as a bikepacking rig