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Editors' Choice Award
This bib handles any condition you will encounter in the saddle while offering a classic, well-designed style that's built to last.
Best Buy Award
A straightforward, no frills but high-quality short at a reasonable price that gets the job done.
Top Pick Award
Stylish with an innovative halter bib that makes pit stops easy, this bib is professional and party, combined.
High-quality, and high-priced, this bib performs really well, but is it worth the cost?
This high-quality, well-made short offers comfort, protection, and extra warmth for a reasonable price.
The Bella is an all-around strong contender that didn't wow us, but didn't disappoint either.
Top Pick Award
These longer, looser shorts provide more coverage and casual style than others in this review.
This durable, well-constructed short is a solid bet for riders looking for a short that will perform well across all review metrics.
A no-frills option that works great for shorter days or spin classes.
For riders who love bibs, this model offers full coverage in a highly breathable fabric.
For cyclists covering 20 miles or less at a time, these budget-oriented shorts will save your wallet.