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Salomon Sickstick Review

A well-rounded board that has a unique feature set but fell short of performance, given the price tag
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Price:  $650 List | $399.99 at Amazon
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Pros:  Versatile, fully featured, beautiful wood top sheet
Cons:  Expensive, very damp, over-engineered given performance
Manufacturer:   Salomon
By Isaac Laredo ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 20, 2019
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#11 of 17
  • Edging - 25% 8
  • Float in Powder - 20% 7
  • Stability at Speed - 20% 8
  • Playfulness - 20% 7
  • Pop and Jumping - 15% 8

Our Verdict

The Salomon Sickstick is a great all around, do it all board. It has a unique camber profile and blended sidecut to give it well-rounded performance. Its taper and the blend of camber, rocker and flat camber provide stability at high speeds while maintaining floatation in powder and it offers a smooth flex and playful ride. The board features cork and bamboo sidewalls which provide a damp yet powerful turning experience when understood. Although the Sickstick seems over-engineered and underperforming given the price tag. Other well-rounded boards that provide better value are the Never Summer Proto Type Two and Ride Warpig.

New Graphics

Since our last test cycle, Salomon shelled out a new topsheet for the Sickstick, which is shown above. The specs remain the same across both boards.

November 2019

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Sickstick is celebrating its 11th anniversary in the Salomon snowboard line up. Its presence and performance have helped Salomon to grow a powder and freeride community. Within this community is Snowboard legend Wolle Nyvelt. Nyvelt is part of the design team for the Hillside Project, Salomon's shapes all mountain and powder boards series. The Sickstick blends powder performance and all-around freestyle into one.

The Sickstick is best suited for someone looking for all-around performance and doesn't mind spending a little extra for the aesthetics and feature of the board.

The Quaderlizer sidecut working hard.
The Quaderlizer sidecut working hard.

Performance Comparison

The bases says it all  this board is pretty sick.
The bases says it all, this board is pretty sick.


Carving the Sickstick took some getting used to. Our testers found the board to be very damp. Essentially that means it was hard to tell what the surface or board was doing. Our testers attributed that to the cork which is an inherently damp material. The dampness of the board at times made it feel slow. It took some getting used to. After that, the Quadratic sidecut which has a tighter radius toward the tail allowed for tight turn ending and allowed our testers to accelerate out of the turn. It was awesome. We enjoyed this board's dynamic experience and it received an 8 out of 10. For another tight turning and fun but high performing model, check out the Nitro Fury.

The Salomon's sidewall is comprised of bamboo and cork; partially contributing to its damp and progressive feel.
The Salomon's sidewall is comprised of bamboo and cork; partially contributing to its damp and progressive feel.

Float in Powder

The Sickstick has a tapered twin shape and a rockered nose. These features provided above average floatation as the nose supports lift and the taper helps sink the tail. It was nimble in treed areas and could hold its own at higher speeds in open areas. This model received a 7 out 10 in this metric.

Stability at Speed

When straight lining and performing quick edge to edge transitions, our testers really enjoyed the dampness of the board as it brought a feeling of security. Its blended sidecut boded well to the straight lining, long turning and quick high-speed edge to edge movement.


The twin shape and medium flex pattern of the Sickstick buttered, spun, and rode backward with ease. The camber resisted force to hold presses and drive through short radius turns. This is Salomon's all-mountain offering which was a fun and playful experience all over the mountain to earn a score of 8 out of 10.

The all natural graphic of the Sickstick.
The all natural graphic of the Sickstick.

Pop and Jumping

The Sickstick has an interesting blend of materials and cambers to create a flex that stiffens up the deeper you flex into it. The model provides great pop that didn't require a lot of pre-loading to harvest.


While the Sickstick is a fun and well-made board, Our testing supports its middle of the road performance is hard to justify the price tag. But for the right person with some spare coin, it could be a worthy investment. There's a lot of technology in this board but it might be over-engineered for your needs.


The Salomon Sickstick is for the higher budget rider who rides groomers, off-piste, and is constantly looking for powder stashes or places to catch flight. It's an aesthetic and well-designed board but our testing shows you can save some coin and obtain similar or better performance with other boards in the review

Other Versions and Accessories

Rather than supporting different rider sizes, each size of the Sickstick is made for a different application: 151 powder and tight trees, 157 freeriding and 162 for big mountain steep lines. We tested the 151.

Unmistakeable graphics of the Sickstick.
Unmistakeable graphics of the Sickstick.

Happy Turns.

Isaac Laredo