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Spyder Winner Athletic Fit Review

The Winner is a fuss-free, minimalist pant without significant features
Spyder Winner Athletic Fit
Photo: Spyder
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Price:  $179 List
Pros:  Comfortable fit, some stretch, insulated
Cons:  No ventilation, no pockets, mild breathability
Manufacturer:   Spyder
By Polly Dacus ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 24, 2017
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  • Comfort and Fit - 25% 5
  • Weather Resistance - 20% 4
  • Warmth - 15% 4
  • Ventilation - 15% 2
  • Style - 15% 4
  • Features - 10% 4

Our Verdict

The Spyder Winner Athletic Fit is Discontinued as of 2017
The Spyder Winner ski pant is an all-around, average resort pant without any additional bells or whistles to slow you down. It's reasonably warm without extra bulk, has a classic, relaxed fit, and comes in many bright colors. While this pant doesn't rank super high on any one metric, it is a durable and comfortable pant you can rely on.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Busting moves in the Spyder Winner
Busting moves in the Spyder Winner
Photo: Polly Dacus

Comfort & Fit

As the name suggests, the Winner wins its highest ranks in the realm of comfort. This pant has a classic fit, with enough room to wiggle down moguls or through piles of powder. The lining material is nylon taffeta which glides over layers easily. It has adjustable inner velcro pull tabs to customize the waistband fit, and we found this velcro to be more comfortable against our skin than other models. The fit can best be described as classic, relaxed through the thigh with a slight flared leg opening. It looked good on all our testers regardless of size or shape. The Winner has a versatile fit with an emphasis on all-around comfort.

Easy to wear, the Winner doesn't get in your way no matter what...
Easy to wear, the Winner doesn't get in your way no matter what activity.
Photo: Polly Dacus

Weather Resistance

The Winner pants are average on weather resistance. They held up well in wind and blowing snow, and the DWR finish kept the water beading up while riding the chairlifts. They are advertised as mildly waterproof, but not as bomber as some other pants we've tested. These pants will suit you best with dry snow or cooler temps.


The Spyder Winner pant boasts 60 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, which is ideal for cold conditions. However, we would recommend wearing layers in extremely cold conditions. We tested these pants on some of the coldest resort days while also wearing layers, and found that our legs and bums were still getting cold. These pants would work well for your average ski temps, with layers during the winter or without layers during the cooler spring weeks.

A relaxed fit and classic boot cuff opening.
A relaxed fit and classic boot cuff opening.
Photo: Polly Dacus


There are no ventilation options on these pants. They are advertised to have mild breathability, which didn't affect us on the very cold days skiing. However, when the sun came out we quickly became too warm with underlayers and had no way to let off steam. Plan to leave your underlayers at home during the spring and wear them during the winter.

The fit of the Winner wasn't too tight or too loose.
The fit of the Winner wasn't too tight or too loose.
Photo: Polly Dacus


This pair of ski pants is very minimal on features. It does have a nice exterior hand feel composed of polyester stretch plain-weave. It has taped seams, and Spyder offers a lifetime warranty. There are two velcro closure back pockets, which are not big enough to hold anything significant but do add a bit of style. There are no ventilation options and only one small chapstick or ski pass pocket on the front, which take function points away. Plan to wear a coat with pockets to stash your stuff if you wear these to the hill.

One pocket big enough for a ski pass or credit card.
One pocket big enough for a ski pass or credit card.
Photo: Polly Dacus


This contender has a minimalist style that says "pay attention to my turns, not my pants". They have a relaxed fit and few features, which makes them blend into a crowd. The leg opening is big enough for boots without making a statement, and the back pockets draw some attention to your backside. There are no other bells or whistles on these pants, so you'll spend less time fussing with your clothing and more time perfecting your slalom.

Photo: Polly Dacus

Best Applications

The Spyder Winner ski pant is meant for cooler resort days when you want to blend into the slopes, work on your mogul techniques, or sport a steezy jacket. They will perform well in wind and dry snow, and work well with or without layers. With minimal features, they are a no-fuss, straightforward, all-around resort pant for a rider who knows what they want out of their ski day.

Finding powder and working on turn techniques in the Spyder Winner.
Finding powder and working on turn techniques in the Spyder Winner.
Photo: Polly Dacus


For the price, we would choose other similarly priced pants with more options for ventilation and pockets. However, if you are someone who checks the forecast, carries a pack, or simply likes to work on ski techniques, these are a reasonably priced, middle-of-the-road ski pant that will get the job done.


The Winner is an average ski pant without bells or whistles. It has a classic, relaxed fit that looks good on everyone. Spyder offers this pant in a variety of bright colors. Not much about this pant stands out, which doesn't win it any awards despite its name. However, we also didn't find anything really negative about these pants either, making it a reasonable choice if you aren't overly opinionated about your ski pants.

Polly Dacus