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Flylow Foxy Bib Review

A comfortable and functioning bib for backcountry missions and resort laps alike
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Price:  $420 List | $272.97 at Amazon
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Pros:  Comfortable, high-performing, pocket space, 'core' look
Cons:  Narrow upper thigh, cuff guard
Manufacturer:   Flylow Gear
By Sarah Sherman ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 17, 2019
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#3 of 10
  • Weather Resistance - 25% 8
  • Fit and Comfort - 25% 8
  • Ventilation - 15% 9
  • Warmth - 15% 5
  • Features - 10% 7
  • Style - 10% 8

Our Verdict

The Flylow Foxy Bib will quickly become your go-to for keeping you dry and comfortable whether you are chasing powder in the backcountry or ripping groomers in-bounds. While they aren't quite easy on the wallet, they are an investment in fun for years to come. Constructed with 3-layer stretch Stormshell Intuitive Fabric which effectively blocks wind and breathes well, these pants are your friend on long missions or spring days. Wear a layer beneath to stay cozy on colder days and take advantage of their functioning drop seat when nature calls. Spacious thigh pockets paired with a kangaroo pocket and chest zip means there is plenty of room for snacks and more. Plus, you are sure to get compliments on its flattering fit. If you dig bibs, these are our favorite.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

Powder day approved -- The Foxy Bib from Flylow.
Powder day approved -- The Foxy Bib from Flylow.

Weather Resistance

Constructed of 3L Stretch Stormshell Intuitive fabric, the Foxy has a waterproof rating of 20,000mm and a breathability rating of 20,000 g/m2. That is as high as the ratings go, meaning we had high expectations for these bibs to uphold. Many waterproof fabrics, like current gold standard Gore-Tex, don't provide such numbers.

Not ones to trust marketing claims, we put the material to the test via our two-minute shower test. With a removable shower head in hand, we focused the water on seams, zippers, and pockets, as well as the outer material. At the end of the test we inspected every inch of the pant, and are happy to report that water did not seep through the bib to the inside and we stayed dry throughout thanks to its waterproofing, thanks to being fully seam taped, and its YKK waterproof zippers. The top layer did seem to absorb water, though, leaving the bib wet on the outside and feeling heavy. This leads us to believe that while we stayed dry throughout, it is possible that these bibs may benefit from additional DWR treatments in seasons to come.

The bibs kept us dry on the inside during our shower test  but the outer fabric seemed to absorb some of the moisture rather than beading it away.
The bibs kept us dry on the inside during our shower test, but the outer fabric seemed to absorb some of the moisture rather than beading it away.

Fit and Comfort

We love bibs, and the Foxy Bib is no exception. An incredibly comfortable option, we were pleased during testing to note that its straps never became a nuisance or notably needed adjusting throughout the day. They stayed tight and in place throughout multiple days of testing, on groomers, and in powder, never causing a fuss or becoming too noticeable. We also appreciated the stretch of the straps, especially when putting on the bibs—it allowed us to do so without having to unbuckle them every time, and instead simply slip them over our head.

The Foxy's fit is a little tricky, though. While they are nearly true to size, multiple testers noticed that they felt tight when zipping up the drop seat near their upper thigh. This was the only pain point in the pant, and each tester was able to eventually fully zip up and wear the pant comfortably, though some finagling may have been necessary. This may be an issue for someone who has larger thighs, who needs to wear a knee brace, or likes to wear thick base layers under their shell. Overall, this is a comfortable bib that moves well both uphill and down, with a minor fit issue that can be solved by sizing up for those with larger thighs.


The Foxy offers both inner and outer thigh vents, allowing for customizable and highly efficient ventilation that can dump heat quickly. These vents completely open with no inside mesh, which some people like, some do not. Our testers prefer mesh-less vents. One thing to note is that the completely open vents can expose your leg to snow when making turns, letting moisture inside, whereas mesh offers some protection. This issue can be avoided by zipping up vents completely, or at least partially, when skiing downhill.

Mesh, however, tends to restrict airflow a bit more, making the vents a little less effective and preventing them from opening completely. If you plan on touring with these bibs, its high functioning ventilation system means you can regulate your temperature effectively to stay comfortable both up and downhill, no matter what the day throws at you.

Some inner thigh vents in action.
Some inner thigh vents in action.


These bibs scored low on warmth due to the inherent nature of being a shell. These pants are not meant to keep you warm on a burly day on their own, but instead to provide a protective outer layer against the elements. If you are someone who wants something to keep them toasty around the clock, these bibs may not be for you. However, if you prefer a pant that can be worn in different conditions with layers underneath, you should be just fine in these.


One of our favorite features when testing the Foxy Bib's was its strategically placed pockets. Never underestimate a good pocket (or four): with two roomy thigh pockets, a large kangaroo pocket on the chest and a smaller chest pocket, there is plenty of room to carry your essentials (snacks, your phone, wallet, ski pass…) wherever you go. The Foxy also comes with a feature that you should be sure to look for when buying a bib—a drop seat. Located on the left side of the bibs, we found the drop seat to be easy to use when nature called, even with a zipped jacket and layers on underneath. This saved us the hassle of having to de-layer, which is a feature we dislike in many older bib models.

An inherent feature of the bib, but one worth noting, is that bibs help protect you from getting snow down your back on deep snow days. The higher wasitline makes it harder for snow to get inside, should you take a tumble on a powder day. That being said, the Foxy bibs take it one step further, with snaps around the waistline integrate with Flylow's Daphne jacket, fully protecting you from pow. The cuff has the required powder cuff and has a snap to customize the opening. These pants are not overly wide, so we never saw the need to adjust it. There is also a nylon scuff guard to protect the instep from sharp skis.

We like the cozy kangaroo pouch as an extra handwarmer. Note -- this photo is of a past colorway  though the construction is the same.
We like the cozy kangaroo pouch as an extra handwarmer. Note -- this photo is of a past colorway, though the construction is the same.


Bibs are back, and the laidback style of the Foxy is undeniable. Their relaxed fit allows you to stay comfortable but is sleek and soft enough that it never feels bulky. We liked the overall feel of these bibs, and got plenty of compliments while wearing them on their flattering fit.

To keep it interesting, the bibs come in four different color options, as well as in short, regular, and long lengths. This provides just enough options to appeal to individual styles, without offering the whole rainbow.

It's a hard job  but someone's got to do it. Out testing and shredding in the comfy and well-fitting Foxy Bib.
It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. Out testing and shredding in the comfy and well-fitting Foxy Bib.


The Foxys aren't cheap, but they aren't the most expensive on the market, either. For what you pay, the value is returned in technical performance and range of use. If you are someone who spends more than a couple of days on the mountain a year and needs a burly pant that can perform well, the splurge may be worth it for long term payoff.


Impressive technical features, weather protection, and comfort combine in one heck of a ski bib. Customizable warmth and ventilation capabilities mean you can wear the Flylow Foxy Bib day in and day out. If you are a ride-or-die kind of skier and like your gear to last, this could be the ski pant for you.

Sarah Sherman