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Smith Vantage MIPS Review

Smith Vantage MIPS 2017
Editors' Choice Award
Price:   $260 List | $260.00 at REI
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Pros:  Comfortable, warm, vents well
Cons:  Pricey
Bottom line:  A top shelf helmet for the die hard skier.
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Manufacturer:   Smith Optics

Our Verdict

This former Editors' Choice helmet has done it again. Coming from a company with a long history of protective equipment, this helmet excels in every category we use for the test. Its hybrid shell construction, MIPS technology, and easy BOA adjustment wheel lead to the perfect fit without sacrificing weight or safety. Just hold this helmet and you can tell that its construction is top of the line and durable, making its high price totally worth it for a dedicated user. The helmet/goggle interface was seamless and the fit is comfortable and snug, working with a variety of head shapes. Ventilation is key for a helmet, and the Vantage provides it. Easy-to-operate regulator switches and ideal vent placement make this helmet a perfect choice on the hottest of spring days or the coldest blizzard. Its sleek, trim design lead to nice lines and make it one of the most stylish helmets on the market.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Sam Piper

Last Updated:
February 10, 2017

The Vantage is Smith's top-of-the-line snowsports helmet. In our test, it performed at the top of nearly every category.

Performance Comparison

The Vantage  with its sophisticated lines and small visor  is one good looking helmet.
The Vantage, with its sophisticated lines and small visor, is one good looking helmet.

Fit and Comfort

As with most Smith helmets, the Vantage fits a wide range of head shapes, and we found this to be true during our test. The easy-to-adjust BOA wheel system makes it easy for this helmet to form to most head shapes. However, if you know your head is more oval-shaped and Smith helmets don't work for you, consider the Giro Zone for a similar helmet with a slightly different shape. We found no problem with the ear pieces pressing too tightly against our ears and during several days of skiing noticed no hot spots.


The Vantage scored high on the warmth rating, getting an 8/10 from our reviewers. On the coldest of days we could feel a little bit of air passing underneath the ear pieces, which is its only flaw. On other storm days, however, our testers were able to wear the helmet with nothing on underneath, knowing that most other helmets would have required a light beanie or buff to stay warm.

With a snug fit, tensioned ear pieces, and all the vents closed, this helmet was one of the warmest that we tested. If this is a problem and you do end up sweating, the Vantage's antimicrobial lining will keep the helmet fresh after consecutive days on the hill. The Vantage is the warmest helmet we tested, but others such as the Smith Maze and Variance came in close behind.

Seen with the Woolrich earpieces here; classy!
Seen with the Woolrich earpieces here; classy!


This helmet has the highest score for ventilation of any in our test group. Twenty-one vents that open and close make it easy to create a climate control for your head. The placement of the vents is ideal as well, optimally creating airflow through the helmet. Smith achieved this by dividing its vents into three groups with two different sliding closure mechanisms. The vents near the front and crown of the helmet are opened and closed by one slider, while the vents in the middle and back of the helmet use a different mechanism. The Vantage's sliders were much smoother to operate than those on its cousin helmet, the Smith Variance.


In the above photo we can see the Vantage (on the left) and the Variance from the back. The Vantage's two vent-slider switches are visible, and the Variance's one slider can be seen as well. The ability to open and close different sets of vents sets the Vantage apart from its competitors. As we mentioned above, the action on the Vantage's sliders is just much smoother and easier to operate than every other helmet we tested, which makes a big difference on the ski hill.

Goggle Compatibility

This criteria is obvious in that it is super important to choose a helmet/goggle combo that work well and create a great seal. If you're in the market for both a helmet and goggles, it makes sense, if given the option, to choose products from the same company. We found that the Smith I/O had a near seamless fit with the Vantage, but it also did a great job in its versatility, matching well with most goggles we tried. The other Smith helmets we tested performed well in this category as well, as did the Giro Ledge and Zone.

Weight and Bulk

For all of its features, 21 closable vents, removable ear pieces, MIPS, and the BOA adjustment system, this helmet remains in the middle of the road for our test group. This, combined with its sleek shape and appealing lines, proves that Smith can produce when it comes to top of the line engineering. Speaking of engineering, the Vantage is the only helmet we tested that utilized Koroyd, a material made of stacked, vertical tubes designed to crumple during impact. If weight is a huge concern of yours, then the Smith Maze and POC Fornix are both great helmets that are a bit lighter.


The Vantage has pleasing lines and a sleek, defensive look. We tested it in Matte Forest Woolrich, and the striped, woolen ear pieces were a big hit among reviewers. This helmet comes in a wide variety of colors, both earth tones and colors that are a bit louder on the ski slopes. Its small visor did not bother our testers at all; goggles stayed in place well when put up on the brim of the helmet, and the visor added a subtle style change.

Best Applications

This is one of the nicest helmets on the market and its price speaks to that. If you are a career skier spending as many days on the hill as you can, it will probably be worth spending the extra coin for this high performance product. And if you can't (or don't want to) spend quite this much, the Smith Variance is another amazing all-around helmet for a slightly more reasonable price.


Although one of the more expensive helmets we tested, you're going to get what you paid for. Whether you're holding this helmet or wearing it, you can tell the utmost thought went into the design and production. It's well built and has all the bells and whistles, and if taken care of will last you a long while. When considering whether to spend this much money, it's important to remember that one crash can render any helmet ineffective, requiring replacement.

Our Editors' Choice for a reason: sunny spring days or mid-winter pow  this helmet performs!
Our Editors' Choice for a reason: sunny spring days or mid-winter pow, this helmet performs!


If you spend a ton of time skiing and can afford it, you'll probably feel that throwing down for the nicest helmet out there is worth it.


Smith Bluetooth Kit
  • Cost - $130
  • Slips into ear covers
  • Allows for listening to MP3's and talking on the phone in helmet
  • 40mm bass cones with excellent sound
Sam Piper

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