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Lucky Bums Snow Sport Review

Lucky Bums Snow Sport
Price:   $50 List | $36.05 at Amazon
Pros:  Inexpensive, adjustable
Cons:  Drafty, odd padding configuration
Bottom line:  Low price tag for the occasional user.
Editors' Rating:   
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Weight (size m):  21 oz
Adjustment System:  Dial Lock Style Adjustment
# of Vents?:  10+
Manufacturer:   Lucky Bums

Our Verdict

The Lucky Bums Snow Sport is the least expensive helmet in our review group, but that does not mean that it slacks on safety. This helmet meets the CE EN1077 safety standard and does so at a low price. This helmet is simple and has few features. It might be a good choice if you are only skiing a handful of times during the winter and don't want to break the bank on a new helmet. That said, it does not rate very well against the other helmets in the review, due to a less sophisticated build. Although not the coolest looking helmet out there, this is a good choice for a safe helmet that won't break the bank.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Sam Piper

Last Updated:
February 10, 2017


Hands on Review

Simply built and solid with no extra fancy gadgets and a totally reasonable price tag.

Performance Comparison

The LB Snow Helmet has an adequate number of vents but they were small in number and didn't seem to create a lot of airflow. The goggle interface worked well with these Smith IOs.
The LB Snow Helmet has an adequate number of vents but they were small in number and didn't seem to create a lot of airflow. The goggle interface worked well with these Smith IOs.

Fit and Comfort

This helmet has a round shape and an odd padding configuration that made it sit more on the top of our tester's head more than anything. If you get the opportunity to try this helmet on and find the same thing, check out the Smith Maze for a helmet that will fit similarly shaped heads and won't break the bank. The Smith Vantage scored the highest score in this metric, bringing home a near perfect (and the only) 9 out of 10.


With vents that remain open and a minimum of insulation inside, this helmet did not strike us as particularly warm. The ear covers did not hug our tester's ears, letting air flow freely through, adding to its drafty feel. If warmth and price are your ticket, there are other options as well; try the Giro Ledge or Smith Maze, for just a slightly higher price tag ($10, and $100 more, respectively).


With only a few small vents on top of the helmet, the Snow Sport did not create airflow very well. However, this helmet does have removable ear pieces, which we found helped drastically on warm days. We found that most of our test group vented better than the Snow Sport, with the exception of the Bern Team Baker and Anon Raider.

Weight and Bulk

The Snow Helmet feels light in both hand and on your head, but felt slightly bulkier than some of the other sleeker, pricier helmets such as the Giro Zone, $200, or Smith Vantage, $270. Earning an 8 out of 10, this helmet scored at the top of the pack, for a low price.

Goggle Compatibility

If this helmet has some shortcomings, goggle compatibility is not one of them. The Smith goggles we tested with it had a near seamless fit against the helmet, eliminating any gap or unwanted airflow against our testers' foreheads, and earning it an above average 7 out of 10.

Clean lines and a sleek look are one thing the LB helmet does well.
Clean lines and a sleek look are one thing the LB helmet does well.


For a helmet trying to do it all at a low price, this contender provides more style than you might think (at first). It's relatively sleek with nice lines.

Best Applications

If you only ski a few days a year but want to protect your noggin while you're out on the slopes, this helmet is a great choice. While it's nothing fancy, it gets the job done well. If you only ski a few times a year but want a similar helmet with a touch more style, check out the Giro Ledge.


As the cheapest helmet in the review, the Snow Helmet does its job as an entry level helmet for the occasional user.


The LB Snow Helmet's modest style, simplicity, and easy-to-swallow price point make this a great helmet for people not looking for an expensive helmet with all the bells and whistles.
Sam Piper

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