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Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model Review

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Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model Review (Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model glove)
Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model glove
Credit: Hestra
Price:  $210 List
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Manufacturer:   Hestra
By Ian Nicholson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 16, 2015
  • Dexterity - 20% 10.0
  • Warmth - 25% 8.0
  • Water resistance - 25% 9.0
  • Durability - 10% 10.0
  • Features - 20% 10.0

Our Verdict

The Seth Morrison Pro Model Glove has been discontinued.
Extremely dexterous
Inside liner feels fantastic
Super durable
Very warm
And one of the best fitting gloves overall
Water resistance is good but not great
Hard to put on when the liner (or your hand) is really wet
These perform exceptionally and feel fantastic. We fell in love with how these gloves felt as soon as we slid them on our hands and they quickly proved to be the most dexterous and durable in our review. Despite their appearance, they were also one of the warmer gloves we tested. The only category that the SM Pro didn't excel in was water resistance. While they performed well in warm and wet storms, they did not stand out when compared to the other competitors.

Our Analysis and Test Results

hestra seth morrison pro model - hestra seth morrison pro model glove
Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model glove
Credit: Hestra

Performance Comparison

The Seth Morrison Pro Model was our top performing glove out of the nearly two dozen (!) we tested. See the chart below to learn how the other gloves rated in comparison.


The Seth Morrison Pro model (SM Pro) has been crafted from soft cowhide leather; as a result, they are far more supple than any of the contenders that we tested. While most cowhide leather gloves are stiffer and require longer break in times, this wasn't the case for the Seth Morrison.

A fairly unique feature among all models in our review is the Seth Morrison's out-turned seam construction on the fingers. Out-turned seam construction uses a textile technique in which the seams are found on the outside, versus the traditional seams on the inside. This feature allows the wearer to feel a higher level of sensitivity, while increasing dexterity and decreasing stiffness, providing an overall better feel. The Seth Morrison was among the top performers in this review, especially in the categories of dexterity and feel. During our side-by-side testing, our reviewers were easily able to open a locked car door with a key, buckle their ski boots and zip their jacket; they were even able to sign their signature reasonably well.

Water Resistance

The Morrison Pro Model features Hestra's proprietary CZone waterproof breathable insert and is crafted from treated leather that helps repel water. Like all gloves that are made from leather, you may need to treat the leather from time to time, even if the glove features a waterproof insert. We conducted two side-by-side comparisons. In one we used a bucket of water to compare all competitors, while the other comparison consisted of our testers using the gloves in real world scenarios. While enduring wet storms at Washington's Snoqualmie Pass, the Seth Morrison glove kept our hands fairly dry, but didn't take the cake.

When the leather was freshly treated, the overall performance of the gloves increased, though we did notice the water resistance did not last as long when compared to other contenders. We recommend using the SM Pro for storms in which you may encounter well below freezing temperatures (in cases where our hands would stay dry), as it did become evident that when the temps got closer to 32F, the gloves would eventually become damp if they weren't freshly treated. After we completed our testing, the Arc'teryx Lithic Glove, Black Diamond Legend, and Outdoor Research Mute Glove all proved to be a bit more water resistant, even during the wettest of storms.

Warmth and Breathability

The Seth Morrison Pro Model features the softest interior liner (Bemberg/Polyester) of any glove in our review. The SM Pro uses a layer of Thermolite insulation for added warmth; this durable insulation kept most of our testers' hands warm all the way down to between 5-10 degrees F. The Seth Morrison Pro Model offers nearly the same warmth as the Arc'teryx Lithic or Outdoor Research Mute Sensor, but are not quite as warm as the Outdoor Research Olympus Sensor Glove or the Black Diamond Guide Glove.


The Seth Morrison Pro Model is one of the most durable gloves in our review. The cowhide leather is reinforced by an additional layer goatskin leather in the thumb and palm. After extensive real-world testing in which the testers handled ropes and put them through the wringer, the Seth Morrison was still going strong.

Features and Ease of Use

The Seth Morrison Pro Model is packed full of pleasant features. We especially liked the “keeper cords” or wrist leashes that are called “Hestia Handcuffs.” While they might seem a little dorky at first, they became hard to give up after actually using them. Not only were they stealthy because of their low profile elastic straps that fit invisibly underneath the glove cuff, but they were comfortable and simply made doing anything on the chairlift easier and less stressful.

Like most of the other gloves in our review, the SM Pro features a soft piece of fabric located on the back of the thumbs that acts as a “nose wipe.” One thing that visibly stands out is the racer-style padding. The padding offered plenty of flexibility, resulting in no downside. The upside became apparent when testers realized the excellent hand protection and added warmth, which were much appreciated. The Seth Morrison has a zipper for its cuff closure, versus the traditional Velcro. At first we were a little worried about the durability of the zipper, but our test model is still functioning like the first day that we started testing.

Best Applications

The Seth Morrison Pro gloves are a great option for nearly all skiers and riders. They are warm, comfy, and incredibly dexterous. While they are more water resistant than most, the leather does require more maintenance (though not an extreme amount) than other competitors that we tested, especially if you ski or ride in a wetter climate like the Pacific Northwest. Tester Ian Nicholson, with the 3100 ft base of Alpental being his home mountain, picked these as his favorite gloves.


At $210 the Seth Morrison Pro Model is one of the most expensive gloves in our review. Overall, it proved to be a pretty rad glove that all of our testers were psyched on. While it is warmer and more dexterous than other contenders, is it loads better than its competitor, the Outdoor Research Mute Sensor, which retails for $135. Is it worth paying $80 more? It's a tough call.

The SM Pro isn't quite as expensive as the Arc'teryx Lithic Glove, which retails for $230. However, while the Lithic is a bit more water resistant, it isn't quite as dexterous or durable and offers the same amount of warmth.


The Seth Morrison Pro Model is one of the nicest pair of gloves out there. With its incredible feel, fantastic dexterity, above average warmth and solid durability, it wins our Editors' Choice award. Our testers concluded that if they could only own one pair of gloves from this review, the Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model would be their first choice. The only downside that we discovered during testing is that this glove is not the most water resistant and it does require a little more upkeep in order to maintain its performance. However, the amount of water resistance that they provide is quite respectable and combined with its other features, wins our Editors' Choice.

Ian Nicholson