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Contour Roam Review

Contour Roam
Photo: Contour
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Price:  $200 List
Pros:  Low-profile, good looking, waterproof to one meter, wide angle lens, good value.
Cons:  Must buy most mounts seperately, no LCD screen, poor sound, no phone connectivity.
Manufacturer:   Contour
By Matt Gerdes and Chris McNamara  ⋅  Nov 3, 2011
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Our Verdict

The Contour Roam is one of the least expensive helmet cams out there, along with the GoPro Hero 960. It was a tough call to decide which one got the Best Buy award, but ultimately it went to the Contour because of the better image quality which is same as the Contour+ which costs an extra $300. But keep in mind the Roam, it only comes with a few mounts and the cost of the extras can add up quick. Overall, if you can spend a bit more, we still recommend the GoPro HD Hero2 because for only $300 you get great image quality, high res still photos, LCD screen, loads of mounts, and many other techy options. Check out our complete Helmet Cam Review to see how they all compare.

Our Analysis and Test Results

NOTE: We did not have the Contour Roam in our head-to-head tests so this review is based off our use of other Contour models and comparing the manufacturer's published specs.


We love how sleek and burly the Roam is. Without any extra case it is waterproof to one meter. It also retains the laser alignment that helps you make sure your subject is in frame (something the Contour+ and GoPro models lack). As with all Contour models, the on and off slide switch is intuitive, so you can be sure you are capturing the action. It has the same awesome wide angle 170 degree lens of the Contour+ (same wide angle view as the GoPro models). It is sleek and low-profile. It (and all Contour models) allows you to configure settings for the camera with your computer, something few if any other wearable HD cams let you do.


It lacks an LCD screen or smartphone connectivity so it is hard to tell how much space you have used up on your SD card. You can't see any footage unless you connect it to a computer. There is no way to plug in an external mic to get crisp audio. It only comes with a few mounts and no SD card. So before you first use it you will likely need to drop some cash. For example, if you want it to be waterproof below one meter, you have to pay an extra $40 for the Contour Waterproof Case and if you want to mount it in the water you have to buy the Contour Surf Mount ($20).

Matt Gerdes and Chris McNamara