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Kamik Momentum2 Review

This boot is warm with decent traction but is not waterproof and has a challenging fit.
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Price:  $90 List | $49.47 at Backcountry
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Pros:  Super warm, cozy liner, affordable, great traction
Cons:  Lacks water resistance, hard to get on, difficult to dry, lacks style
Manufacturer:   Kamik
By Laurel Hunter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 21, 2018
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  • Warmth - 20% 6
  • Weather Protection - 20% 5
  • Comfort & Fit - 20% 5
  • Ease of Use - 15% 5
  • Traction - 15% 8
  • Style - 10% 3

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a warm winter boot at a low price, take a peek at the Kamik Momentum2. While not an exceptionally stylish boot, we appreciate it's better-than-most traction and faux-fur lined coziness. It's a coveted choice for errands and light outdoor chores on slippery days. However, this boot is not the easiest to pull on, lace up and pull back off, nor is it waterproof or easy to dry. As a result, it's not the ideal choice for everyone, especially those that experience wet winters.

If you're looking for a bargain boot that offers better protection, we recommend the Columbia Ice Maiden II.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

A winter boot with excellent traction, cozy lining and a low price tag, the Momentum2 has a lot to offer. That said, it's not waterproof or easy to dry once it is wet, and the floppy construction made it hard to get on.

Performance Comparison

The Momentum2 has great traction and is suitable for mellow hiking.
The Momentum2 has great traction and is suitable for mellow hiking.


The Kamik is a boot with many cozy features, including a faux-fur collar that holds in heat and a fleece lining that goes all the way to the toes. The sole is thick enough to insulate well from the freezing ground. Its performance in our ice bath tests is average. It lost around 21.2-degrees over the course of 20 minutes, about the same as The North Face Shellista III Tall.

In our field tests, the nylon allowed cold to seep into the boot over time. So, while we recommend this boot for standing around in cold temperatures and for winter chores, in very cold weather, we might look for something a bit more protective. Our favorite winter hiking boot, the Oboz Bridger Insulated is warmer, as are Pac boots, such as the Joan of Arctic and the Caribou.

The Momentum II has a fleece lining all the way to the toes and is topped with a generous helping of faux fur.
The Momentum II has a fleece lining all the way to the toes and is topped with a generous helping of faux fur.

Kamik claims warmth to -40 degrees, which we are not able to verify in our lower-forty-eight based testing. While warmth ratings can be very subjective, we're not convinced this boot will perform well down to -40 degrees. During our waterproofness tests, we felt a cold sensation emanating through the nylon while wearing the boot, even before they started leaking. This is unexpected for a boot rated to -40 degrees, which makes us wary of this claim.

Testing the waterproofness of the Momentum II. Verdict: not waterproof.
Testing the waterproofness of the Momentum II. Verdict: not waterproof.

Weather Protection

If you are walking through the driest and fluffiest of winter pow, the Momentum2, with a tall, 12.5-inch height and ample ruff of faux-fur, will keep you protected. Of all the boots we tested, the Momentum2 leaked the earliest and most dramatically in our lake test. In 5-inches of water both boots leaked through the nylon after only five minutes, the worst performer in this test. More troubling was how long the boots took to dry, taking them out of commission for several days. We do not recommend these boots for wet weather or deep slush puddles.

That said, snow does not get into the top of the boot easily. If you live in a drier climate or save this boot for cold and dry days, the Kamik performs really well. If you really need top-notch weather protection, check out the Sorel Joan of Arctic. For something less bulky, we like the Shellista III, which is waterproof in up to 11 inches of water!

If you're more interested in a waterproof hiking boot, be sure to check out the Chilkat III and the Editors' Choice-winning Oboz Bridger Insulated boot, two of the most weatherproof winter boots tested. These boots are entirely waterproof to their gussets and keep snow out.

If this boot gets soaked it will take at least a day or two to dry. If you live in a climate with wet winters, we recommend investing in a boot with a removable liner like the Sorel Joan of Arctic or Sorel Caribou.

Comfort & Fit

One thing we love about the Momentum2 is how the fleecy lining wraps around the ankles in a big fuzzy hug. The upper is very flexible and soft, adding an extra bit of coziness. This boot fits true to size, with ample room in the toe box for wiggling toes. If you have a narrow foot, you may need a thick pair of socks to keep your foot in place, as the lacing system does not allow for a precision fit. While the footbed doesn't provide much support, the sole is thick and comfortable enough to stand on for long periods of time.

The flip side of all this softness is that the boot is not very supportive, and we would not recommend this boot for hiking or use on technical trails. If you are seeking a winter hiking boot with an excellent fit, the Oboz Bridger Insulated is worth a look.

Kamik's easy-pull lacing system is fast  if not precise.
Kamik's easy-pull lacing system is fast, if not precise.

Ease of Use

With a simple pull cord lacing system, this boot is one of the fastest to cinch tight and to pull off. Getting them on, however, is another matter. The fabric lining grabs onto your socks and slides down to gather under the heel. Since the lacing system doesn't allow the boot to open up wide, our testers struggled to get their feet comfortably in place. Lower volume feet fared better.

Additionally, the removable footbed tends to pull out with your foot, meaning we were always adjusting the insole before wearing. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a quick removal, the Momentum2 is one of the fastest.

The Kamik Momentum II has surprisingly good traction!
The Kamik Momentum II has surprisingly good traction!


The Momentum2 out-performed many of the other boots in our traction tests, which was a big surprise. The ICEKISS dual-density rubber sole is sticky and grippy on slippery sidewalks and frozen patches of snow. Additionally, the deep lugs grab onto softer surfaces and snow with ease. For quick trips to the mailbox, errands around town, and short walks on the trail, this boot was a trusty fave when things got slippery.

However, this boot is not a great choice for hiking or all-day technical pursuits. It just doesn't offer a precise fit. If winter hiking is on your agenda, a super stable winter hiking boot with even better traction is the Columbia Bugaboot IV, our Top Pick for traction.

These boots look a little like youth boots  so use them to build a snow fort!
These boots look a little like youth boots, so use them to build a snow fort!


There is no way around the fact that the Kamik does not quite hit the style target with our testers. With a chunky sole, a nylon upper, and a prominent faux-fur collar, it is a mash-up of burly and girly. The elastic lacing system is easy to use but doesn't add any flair. This boot lacks the classic, utilitarian look of the Sorel Caribou, and doesn't have any of the street style of a boot like the Elsa II. It basically looks like a bulky kids' boot.

If you're in the market for a warm boot with more style be sure to check out our Editor's Choice, the Shellista II, which is functional, stylish and waterproof.

The Momentum 2 is not the most stylish boot  but it has great traction and keeps your feet toasty warm.
The Momentum 2 is not the most stylish boot, but it has great traction and keeps your feet toasty warm.


The Momentum2 is just $90. If you need a boot with good traction and warmth that is quick to take off, it's not a terrible value. It isn't the warmest boot, it doesn't protect from wet weather, and isn't the look for everyone. But this is a solid, warm winter boot perfect to wear after skiing, shoveling the sidewalks, or even in a snowball fight.

But for better overall performance and an even lower price, take a look at the Columbia Ice Maiden II, our top recommendation for value.


As a basic winter boot, the Momentum2 will keep your toes toasty while you are out and about in cold weather. They are not waterproof and not the most stylish, but they provide better-than-average traction and good protection in drier conditions.

Laurel Hunter