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Kamik Heidi Review

A very straightforward, elegant boot that is highly affordable.
By: Sara Aranda ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 4, 2018
Price:  $50 List  |  $45.80 at Amazon - 8% Off
Pros:  Mid-height shaft, fashionable, substantial traction
Cons:  Basic foot support, minimal insulation
Manufacturer:   Kamik

#2 of 10
  • Weather Protection - 30% 7
  • Comfort - 20% 8
  • Style - 20% 9
  • Traction - 20% 8
  • Warmth - 10% 6
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Best Buy Award

Our Verdict

Based and manufactured in Canada, the Kamik Heidi successfully combines multiple key features. With simplicity often being the best and most cost-effective, the Heidi blended simple fashion with functionality for one of the most exceptional deals we've had the pleasure of testing. A two-time Best Buy winner on OutdoorGearLab, it's hard to beat a high performing pair of boots that only costs $50. With a mid-height shaft of 12 inches from the floor, the overall weather protection is slightly decreased from that of a tall boot, yet this does allow for more versatility in the wardrobe (such as pants being more likely to fit into the boot).

It's available in six different colors (black, dewberry, red, light blue, light grey, and navy), which are all glossy in construction. The style potential is, in our opinion, of the highest. Our testers thoroughly enjoyed the Heidi, from its surprising traction to the ease of putting them on to rush out the door. Another go-to style and high performer was the Top Pick winner, Xtratuf Legacy, with its all-day comfort and workhorse aesthetic for those who require high functionality in places like the farm or boat.

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Our Analysis and Test Results


A mild-weather boot of mid-height, the Kamik Heidi is both classy and practical. It also remains one of the most affordable pairs, at $50, relative to all the boots we have tested throughout the years. This Best Buy winner continues to impress us with ample traction (even in the snow) and sufficient comfort for all-day wear. These boots are also 100% recyclable and made with reflective binding and patches to allow for visibility at night. We also included the ultimate, top-performing boot, our Editors' Choice Hunter Original Back Adjustable, a tall, albeit more expensive option with superb weather protection.

Performance Comparison

The wine-red color and glossy style of the Heidi  capable of off-road terrain.
The wine-red color and glossy style of the Heidi, capable of off-road terrain.

Weather Protection

With a height of 12 inches from the ground, these waterproof, synthetic rubber boots offer tremendous weather protection despite scoring above average as compared to the taller options.

With a mouth circumference of 13.75 inches, the Heidi lends a narrower fit, but it truly all depends on your calf size; and being shorter, this smaller circumference isn't as impactful as it would be for, say, the tall L.L. Bean Wellies. Nonetheless, this model is more than sufficient for all your rainy day needs.

The three award-winning boots from left to right: Xtratuf Legacy 15" (Top Pick)  Hunter Original Back Adjustable (Editors' Choice)  Kamik Heidi (Best Buy).
The three award-winning boots from left to right: Xtratuf Legacy 15" (Top Pick), Hunter Original Back Adjustable (Editors' Choice), Kamik Heidi (Best Buy).


Of simple construction, this boot is merely a rubber upper with a very thin, nylon lining and a relatively basic footbed and EVA insole.

While custom insoles can make up for the lack of extended comforts, this boot provided sufficient support. All-day wear was satisfactorily above average. The fit, ease of taking and putting on, and mobility factors were all top-notch. Weighing in at only 2.71 lbs, they are quite lightweight for the shaft height. The rubber uppers are also relatively flexible and short enough to allow for adequate movement of the legs as you walk. This model also runs true to size; we tested a size 8, and as expected, there was slight heel slippage. The most significant complaint found across online reviews was that they don't provide enough foot support. This is a small drawback, in our opinion, and easily fixed with different insoles. Although, you'll want to make sure your toes will still fit in the footbox if you do buy your own insoles.

The Heidi in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon  CO.
The Heidi in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.


The Heidi comes in six glossy colors: dewberry, black, red, light blue, light grey, and navy.

We tested the red, and it is such a deep red, more like wine. True to what photos show online, we were very pleased with this block of color encased in a transparent, molded rubber. The boot is bordered by black nylon at the boot rim and by the black outsole, which is simple, yet versatile. As previously mentioned, a shorter shaft height allows for pants to easily fit inside, and of course, leggings are a non-issue. It was easy for us to choose the Heidi when dressing for adventures out on the town. If you had to give character to the style, our lead tester expressed that the depth and elegance of the red seemed to embody a woman's audacity proudly.

The stylish and high-performing Heidi.
The stylish and high-performing Heidi.

If you're a fan of this slender, glossy look, we'd recommend the UGG Shaye for its chic design.


One of the highest performing boots in traction, we were certainly glad to find that fashion didn't out-prioritize functionality in this sense. It came to us as a surprise, as you would assume the more sporty-looking boots, such as the Bogs North Hampton, would reign in this category. Quite the contrary, with the Bogs yielding an average scoring.

When testing the Heidi in icy and snowy conditions, in the river, and across wet grass, it wasn't necessarily about pinpointing the exact point of failure, but whether or not the tread exuded confidence with every step. No model is perfect, but these remained reliable under various circumstances and impressed us to the point of us not having to walk carefully.

With relatively thick tread, they performed well in the snow, mud, through wet grass, and over flat and inclined terrain. It was the slimy rock in a river environment that finally knocked a point off for the Heidi. However, chances are, you are most likely using rain boots in urban or suburban settings, where flat surfaces abound. This mode is also not intentionally made for hiking, and with thinner soles, we wouldn't recommend it. Still, it's comforting to know the tread will keep you steady if you wander off into the dirt.

We were a huge fan of the Heidi's reliable tread.
We were a huge fan of the Heidi's reliable tread.


Made for mild-weather, it was no surprise when the Heidi yielded slightly above average scores for warmth.

This metric measured how well the boots retained heat in an icy river, across the shallow snow, and throughout the day, rain or no rain. With temperatures ranging between 50 and 75F, performance was above average, dropping to that of ordinary when temperatures fell significantly, especially at or below freezing. If you're in search for a contender that will be sufficiently cozy in colder conditions, something more like the Bogs North Hampton is ideal, with its extra insulation. Being that the Heidi was not made with insulation, they are better suited for temperate zones and places with distinct rainy seasons.

The Heidi provides great traction in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon  CO.
The Heidi provides great traction in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.


This boot comes in whole sizes 6-11. As is standard with most models of this type, heel slippage is likely when half-sizes are not available. This model was no exception, as expressed above under the comfort category. Fortunately, this brand seems to run true to size consistently. If you're in between sizes, it can be a gamble. Kamik recommends sizing up in these instances. Our lead tester was of a size 7.5; with the Heidi, we purchased a size 8 and were happy to find the 8 was a suitable size. There is also room for the wearing of much thicker socks.

Nonetheless, with thin socks, the fit and comfort were still adequate for all-day wear. The footbox itself does fit snugly around the foot, so if your feet are of high volume, we would agree that it is best to size up. Keep in mind, too, that if you do purchase an alternate insole, you will also likely want to size up; otherwise, the toe box might get cramped.

Best Application

Given the relative lack of warmth, this model is best for warmer climates. It's ideal for spring and fall rain, the occasional slush, a summer thunderstorm, or a relaxed, casual shindig. Complete with a shorter height and lighter weight, they are easy to pack for your travels.

A fine mid-height boot ideal for all your casual ventures  cue the Heidi.
A fine mid-height boot ideal for all your casual ventures, cue the Heidi.


A true bargain for those wanting a blend of style and functionality, our Best Buy award winner, the Heidi provides more than the basics for what makes up an excellent rain boot - all without emptying your pockets. For $50, these boots render traction and stylish weatherproofing for all your routine endeavors.


The Kamik Heidi is a tough competitor and overall great product - all at a perfect price. These boots will not disappoint, keeping your feet dry and stylish. With dependable traction and flexible rubber, we are huge fans and highly recommend them even for the occasional romp into the woods.

The super glossy Heidi right out of the box.
The super glossy Heidi right out of the box.

Sara Aranda

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