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Helly Hansen Veierland 2 Review

Excellent for warmer climates, but not as comfortable as the others.
By: Sara Aranda ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 4, 2018
Price:  $80 List  |  $79.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Great weather protection, stylish, ideal for warmer climates
Cons:  Pressure point at the base of the shin, lack of warmth
Manufacturer:   Helly Hansen

#7 of 10
  • Weather Protection - 30% 9
  • Comfort - 20% 5
  • Style - 20% 7
  • Traction - 20% 6
  • Warmth - 10% 5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Our Verdict

Of a classic rain boot style, the Helly Hansen Veierland 2 was simple, except for the added accessory buckle on the distal side of the shaft. Performing high in weather protection, the remaining categories of comfort, style, traction, and warmth yielded fairly average or above average scoring. A previous Top Pick for mild-weather, we did confirm they were the coldest boot of the bunch. Not only that, but comfort and traction were unfortunate setbacks.

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Our Analysis and Test Results


The Helly Hansen Veierland 2 is designed with a more classical approach. Constructed entirely out of rubber with a thin cotton lining, these boots are tall and smooth. The size 8 pair we purchased weighs in at 3.3 pounds and are not as light as the Kamik Heidi; however, they are lighter than the comparatively cumbersome L.L. Bean Wellies. With no extra features, there isn't much else to this contender besides excellent weather protection and style.

Performance Comparison

The Veierland 2 feeling cold in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon  CO.
The Veierland 2 feeling cold in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.

Weather Protection

Measuring 15.5 inches from the ground, they were the third tallest pair we tested, with the Hunter Original being half an inch taller. Being so tall, the Veierland 2 protects from the elements significantly more than shorter boots, such as the low-cut Joules Wellibob, Sperry Saltwater, or Crocs Shorty. This additional protection is due to the circumference of the Veierland 2, which was not as wide as other contenders, and did not allow for rain to sneak in. The Hunter Original and L.L. Bean Wellies Tall were also high scorers in the metric, earning 9 out of 10s.


We found comfort to be a weak trait of these boots, ranking low with the L.L. Bean Wellies as average. The vulcanized rubber is rather stiff and didn't allow for as much mobility as, say, the Xtratuf Legacy. Pressure points arose, especially at the front of the shin where the foot box met the shaft. After all-day wear, our heels felt hot spots, and we were unfortunately annoyed by the continuous pressing of the rubber into the base of the shin. The foot box is low volume, which, if you have wide or high-volume feet, might be too snug. We did notice that the 14.5-inch height didn't rub the back of the knee when sitting, which was a positive. Still, overall, our experience shows that these boots run small and they weren't the easiest to slide on and off.


Rather basic in style, the Veierland 2 has one decorative buckle, which resulted in a look that was neither boring or incredibly hip. We found that this look was a cross between the classic rain boot and a horseback riding boot. Settling in with an above average score as compared to the other boots, it seems that people either liked the plain black look or they didn't.

This model comes in black or dark gull as solid colors and also in graphic print, light grey floral or a rock/jet black floral. You might be able to find colors that are no longer being made, such as storm green, but the most common design is the black that we tested. If you prefer something entirely more urban, we like the Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater, or the elegant gloss of the mid-height UGG Shaye.

Color options on offer for the Veierland 2  Fall 2017
Color options on offer for the Veierland 2, Fall 2017


A surprising reevaluation, the tread incredibly confidence-inducing. In snowy and icy conditions, in a slimy river environment, and even traversing wet grass, the traction didn't hold up nearly as much as the Kamik Heidi or the Hunter Original Back Adjustable. Scoring similarly to the Bogs North Hampton, the Veierland 2 was sufficient, but not impressive, despite a pronounced tread design.

The tread of the Veierland 2  which didn't perform as well as others in our tests.
The tread of the Veierland 2, which didn't perform as well as others in our tests.


Depending on how you prioritize and interpret warmth, the Veierland 2 ranked as the best or worst in our tests. It's best for someone looking for a rain boot that is appropriate for warmer climates and less ideal for someone on the hunt for significant insulation for near-freezing conditions. With an average score in warmth, these boots did not maintain heat in the snow or the icy river whatsoever. On warmer days, there was no concern for our feet overheating, which is likely the environment you would be wearing them in.

The Veierland 2 feeling cold in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon  CO.
The Veierland 2 feeling cold in an icy river at the bottom of Dream Canyon, CO.


This contender runs small, and the foot box was snug. Our lead tester is typically a size 7.5, and per recommendations from user reviews, we sized up. We used the "fit finder" on the Helly Hansen website and matched the size 8 at 36%. This model only comes in whole sizes from 5-11, despite how much we wished for a half size. The shaft is rather slender, and the circumference isn't as wide as the adjustable Hunter Original Back Adjustable or the UGG Shaye, so if you have wide calves, these boots might not fit as well as others.

Best Application

Ideal conditions for the Veierland 2 are mild to warm climates, such as a cool spring and fall rain and the occasional summer thunderstorm. Without insulation, they do not fare well in temperatures below 50F. They are ideal for a casual outing and offer some of the best weather protection in the review.


Based in Norway but manufactured in China, these boots list for $80. Being that they are more basic than they are technical, the price does seem a little steep, especially if comfort is not a metric we found to be favorable. Compared to the Best Buy winner Kamik Heidi, the Veierland 2 certainly isn't the best deal. However, for the weather protection and slim look, they are right there with other similar boots in price, such as the UGG Shaye and the L.L. Bean Wellies.


The Helly Hansen Veierland 2 falls in the middle of the pack overall. They don't perform as well as some of the others in our fleet, but they are still rather sufficient for all your rain boot needs. They are notably cooler in warm environments and offer classic inspiration alongside excellent weather protection.

A close up of the added accessory to the shaft of the Veierland 2.
A close up of the added accessory to the shaft of the Veierland 2.

Sara Aranda

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