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Bogs Amanda Plush Review

For those who wish to add extra warmth and style to the wardrobe.
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Price:  $100 List | $71.21 at Amazon
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Pros:  Stylish, easy to carry, insulated
Cons:  Plush lining comes off, not as tactile
Manufacturer:   Bogs
By Sara Aranda ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 23, 2019
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#5 of 12
  • Weather Protection - 30% 6
  • Comfort - 20% 6
  • Style - 20% 9
  • Traction - 20% 6
  • Warmth - 10% 8

Our Verdict

The Bogs Amanda Plush boots bring a fresh blend of style and function to the table. With molded rubber uppers, laces, and faux-fur lining, the added versatility and warmth are strong suits here. They've been awarded a Top Pick for these very reasons. The main drawbacks include their weight of 3.3 pounds for the pair we tested, overall weather protection as compared to taller competitors, and their just-above-average traction score. For being of mid-height, their weight is closer to those of the taller class. Also, narrow feet beware — the footbox is rather roomy for our testers, with the consensus across customer reviews being that this model runs large. Nonetheless, the quality of warmth and fashion appeal makes them noteworthy.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

With a dual-density EVA footbed and gel cushioning, the Amanda Plush is adequately comfortable for casual outings, ranking above average across the board except in style and warmth, where this competitor leads. The rubber outsole has integrated "rebound technology" to help long-term comfort and also has an added shank for foot support. The manufacturer boasts the insulation is designed to keep feet warm in temperatures as low as -13 degrees F. While we did not test these boots in such cold conditions (yet!), these boots are markedly warm.

Performance Comparison

The Amanda Plush has laces  an attached tongue  faux-fur  easy-carry handles  feminine mold accents  and a matte finish.
The Amanda Plush has laces, an attached tongue, faux-fur, easy-carry handles, feminine mold accents, and a matte finish.

Weather Protection

As measured from the floor for the size 8 we tested, the shaft is 10.5 inches and reaches the base of the calf on our lead tester. This offers satisfactory weather protection, but not as much as some of the others that are much taller.

The circumference is somewhat adjustable since the laces can be tightened or loosened. We measured the mouth to range from 13 to 14 inches out of the box. Being able to cinch the circumference even closer against the calf helps protect the lower leg from weather, but the handle cut-outs diminish the height of true waterproofing down to 8.25 inches. As long as you don't step into the deeps, though, our testers found this height to be fine in most conditions.

The shaft isn't the tallest but adequate for rain and shallow wading. In this photo  it's also easy to see how the handles prevent us from utilizing the full height of the shaft.
The shaft isn't the tallest but adequate for rain and shallow wading. In this photo, it's also easy to see how the handles prevent us from utilizing the full height of the shaft.


The faux-fur lining and removable, cushioned insole create a soft and comfortable feel. Particularly cozy on colder days, the weight and fit of the Amanda are what detract from the all-day wear experience. Even carrying the boots by the handles feels heavy for us after a while and the size of the cut-outs cramped the fingers. In the most practical of cases, you're not likely to be carrying them very far. Running a tad large in size, we found the overall fit to be looser than we prefer, especially when, due to the added insulation, we didn't want to wear thick socks.

Having a decent circumference and shorter shaft allows us to step into and out of them easily. The main comfort issue we found during our tests regards the rubber tongue. While attached to help protect against weather (something we very much applaud), the tongue is not lined with faux-fur like the rest of the boot. When we don't wear tall enough socks, the tongue irritates the shin and leaves red marks. Additionally, with the laces cinched tight, the tongue folds strangely and protrudes back against the shin as well.

These boots are easy to slide on and off without the use of hands  aided by the molded heel spur.
Stylish and practical for the casual outing and playful visit to the local creek. The tongue of the boot is the one aspect of the shaft that irritated our shins if we didn't wear tall enough socks.


The aesthetic appeal is one of our favorites. For the pair that we tested, the matte blue is chic and feminine. Being able to utilize the laces to widen the mouth is a bonus for baggier pants, and, tightening the laces is easy-enough for when we wear leggings or shorts with tall socks. The color matches well with a variety of wardrobe choices, and the mid-height is in a nice sweet spot for not overwhelming the leg with rubber. The laces, mold features, and faux-fur all help distract the eye from the notion of them being rain boots, which offers all the more versatility. Even the handle cut-outs add a stylistic feature for showcasing any fun socks you might be wearing.

While something relatively fashionable might not be the preference of those wanting a more unassuming, traditional look, we commend that the trendiness doesn't compromise the overall function of the shoe. Ranking just as high as the other elegant options we've reviewed, the Amanda is nonetheless unique for its combination of design qualities.

Our lead tester was able to wear these boots with shorts  dresses  and of course  pants  pairing well with a variety of colors and patterns. The laces and tongue design are what give this pair its fashion-sense.
Our lead tester was able to wear these boots with shorts, dresses, and of course, pants, pairing well with a variety of colors and patterns. The laces and tongue design are what give this pair its fashion-sense.


Not one of its strong suits, this competitor scored rather average in traction as compared to the rest of the group. This means that use is best and most reliable across flat surfaces and in casual settings. The purchase this product provides works just fine, though, for its intended environment — wet city streets.

Having both a bigger footbox than preferable and a curving upwards toebox lessened foot sensitivity and tact while on inclines and across slippery rocks. The tread is notable but not as outstanding as the other award-winners.

A closer look at the tread for the Amanda.
Traction is sufficient across a variety of dry and wet surfaces  with difficulty arising across slippery river rocks. Having a stiffer toebox that curves upwards limits sensitivity for us.


Built with use in colder environments in mind, the added insulation is a combination of the 3mm waterproof Neo-Tech and the thick faux-fur lining. Having more specificity towards warmth currently ranks this model above the others in the fleet. On the flip side, this means that these boots are the first to be deemed too warm over the others when temperatures and activity rise. Even sitting in them while doing work inside, our lead tester was unable to tolerate keeping them on for too long. They are truly outfitted for the cold, wet outdoors.

During our tests, however, we noticed the lining come off onto our socks. Even while carrying, our fingers inadvertently pulled out small strands of faux-fur. Durability in this sense is surprisingly subpar for this brand, and we wonder how long the faux-fur will last. Another surprising event took place during the cold river test, where we stood in the water for several minutes. While we found the Amanda to insulate better than those without any insulation at all, we still felt the cold more quickly than the naturally insulating neoprene of the Xtratuf 6" Ankle Deck boot, for example.

With handles  these boots are easy to carry around  but our fingers keep pulling out bits of the  faux-fur lining.
With handles, these boots are easy to carry around, but our fingers keep pulling out bits of the faux-fur lining.


Bogs offers whole sizes from 6-11 for this model, and we find that the fit runs a tad large. Our lead tester is a US women's size 7.5, and so we sized up per our typical experience with the brand and per recommendations on the manufacturer's website. The footbox seems longer than expected and the flexible rubber, in tandem with the laced shaft, leaves a greater sensation of bagginess and width. Based on these findings, we would have preferred sizing down instead, but our feet are fairly regular. Those with wider feet might feel otherwise. Too, being more thickly lined and notably warm, wearing thicker socks to help fill in the space is too hot of an option for mild to moderate temperatures.

Slightly baggy in the shaft and in the footbox  these boots run a bit large.
Slightly baggy in the shaft and in the footbox, these boots run a bit large.


Manufactured in China, the Bogs Amanda Plush lists on the higher end of the cost spectrum. We find this to be rather standard for a pair of boots and a fair price for the design quality and overall function.


A Top Pick winner for style and warmth, these boots are not only practical but more than adequate for rainy day needs in colder environments. We applaud the unique blend of fashion and waterproof reliability. With a few setbacks in fit and fairly average scoring in comfort and traction, they are still a quality choice.

Cute and cozy  we are happy to award these satisfactory boots a Top Pick Award for style and warmth.
Cute and cozy, we are happy to award these satisfactory boots a Top Pick Award for style and warmth.

Sara Aranda