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Pro Compression Marathon Socks - Women's Review

Pro Compression Marathon Socks - Women's
Photo: Pro Compression
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Price:  $50 List | $50.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Simple, decent compression, breathable fabric, great color selection
Cons:  Slow to dry, thin material in the foot, no antibacterial fabric, no UPF rating
Manufacturer:   Pro Compression
By Amber King ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 26, 2015
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Our Verdict

The Pro Compression Marathon Sock is a versatile, no-frills, knee-high sock with 22-26 mmHg of graduated compression. This sock doesn't really stand out as anything special compared to the rest, but we did love its simple design and great color selection. A few testers wished it was a little more breathable, with softer fabrics, and more padding under foot. These upgrades would make it a more functional sock for longer days.

If you want a sock with better performance at the same price, check out our Editors' Choice - the 2XU Compression Performance Run. However, if you're a lady who loves simplicity, then the ProCompression might be a perfect fit.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Pro Compression Marathon Sock is perfect those who want a simple compression sock with graduated compression of 22-26 mmHg.

Performance Comparison

Brittany takes the Marathon socks for a spin on a long trail run.
Brittany takes the Marathon socks for a spin on a long trail run.
Photo: Amber King

Comfort & Fit

The Marathon is pretty simple with a polypro, nylon, and spandex blend. In comparison to other socks, the fabric was the thinnest and most slippery inside the shoe. Additionally, the material was a little scratchier and not quite as comfortable on the skin. The 22-26 mmHg of graduated compression aids in recovery and is targeted to the arch and ankle. The rest of the compression, unlike the other socks we tested, was non-specific. In terms of fit, the seamless toe had no additional material so there was no bunching at the toes. This sock was also a better fit for our shorter testers, since it is a little shorter than the Zensah and 2XU Run sock.


Similar to the 2XU Compression Recovery - Women's, the padding on the Marathon is minimal to nil with no padded toes or heels. If you're in the market for a similar sock with more padding, check out the CEP Progressive+ 2.0 - Women's.


Of the socks tested, this one scored the lowest for breathability. The fabric is thin but unfortunately holds water longer than most. There are breathable panels in the feet, but airflow in the rest of the sock depends on the pores between the stitching of the fabric. If you want a sock that breathes better, check out our Editors' Choice winner, the 2XU Compression Run sock.

Despite Steph's happy face on the river, this sock did not perform...
Despite Steph's happy face on the river, this sock did not perform as well in our stand-up paddle board or hang to dry tests.
Photo: Amber King

Ease of On & Off

The CEP Progressive+ 2.0 and Pro Compression had a similar ease to don and duff. The fabric is thin and the band on top is a little tougher to grab than the Zensah Tech+ Compression or 2XU Run. However, when it's all said and done, the Pro Compression doesn't require too much brawn to take on and off.


Earning a similar score to the CEP Progressive sock, the thin materials in the foot and heel seemed to get thinner throughout this three-month testing period. We also observed pilling after three wash cycles. Despite these critical caveats, all our testers agreed that the durability of the sock was great overall and should last for a long time - even with ample use.

Best Applications

As the name suggests, this sock is great for aerobic activities including longer runs and endurance journeys. Take them running in warm to cool dry weather, use them while traveling, or wear them to work under your pants. Overall, this is a versatile yet simple sock.

Pacing on a 100-mile run in Idaho was a fine application for the...
Pacing on a 100-mile run in Idaho was a fine application for the Marathon run sock.
Photo: Jared Vilhauer


Unless you're looking for a simple, non-specific compression running sock, $50 may seem a little expensive for what the Marathon provides. We believe you can get more bang for your buck with a sock like the Zensah Tech or our Editors' Choice winner.


Overall, this is a simple sock with a graduated compression rating of 22-26 mmHg. Our testers found it successful for alleviating muscle fatigue on long runs, hikes, and paddle board adventures. Take this sock anywhere you might need fresh legs day after day.

Amber King