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Super Paddles Carbon Fiber Review

Super Paddles Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle - 3-Piece Adjustable
Price:  $200 List | $199.95 at Amazon
Pros:  Compact, lightweight, comes with carrying case
Cons:  Locking mechanism requires adjustment
Bottom line:  The Super Paddle is a lightweight three-piece paddle that can travel virtually anywhere with you.
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Weight:  1.6 lbs
Blade Material:  Carbon
Blade Dimensions:  95 sq in
Manufacturer:   Super Paddles

Our Verdict

The Super Paddle impressed our testers with its high performance, especially as a three-piece paddle. However, with a locking mechanism that was annoying to use and often required readjustment with a screwdriver, this model performed poorly in our overall scores, as the adjustability and locking mechanism of each product factored heavily into its overall score. With that said, for such a lightweight, this model is incredibly cheap, at just $120. If you are familiar with the LeverLock adjustment system or are confident that occasional mechanical adjustments won't bother you, then don't let this paddle's lower overall score fool you: It's a quality product at a price that's hard to beat. If you're looking for an even more inexpensive board, consider the BPS Alloy, and if money isn't an option, upgrade to the Werner Trance.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Shey Kiester

Last Updated:
August 3, 2017


The Super Paddle Carbon Fiber was an impressive paddle, constructed entirely from carbon fiber, which made it one of the lightest paddles in the test. With a high-performance rating, this model is useful for serious users, especially if you are planning on traveling with your SUP setup, as this model breaks into three pieces and comes with its own carrying case.

Performance Comparison

Paddling on a sunny day  testing out contenders.
Paddling on a sunny day, testing out contenders.

Ease of Adjustment

This metric was a weak point for this model. With a LeverLock adjustment system, the Super Paddle adjusts by lifting a lever located in the handle that releases tension and allows the handle end of the shaft to be moved to create a longer or shorter distance. This system's tightness can be adjusted with a screwdriver, and our testers found that the system often became loose, which required a screwdriver to tighten and rendered the adjustment useless. When the system was loose, the handle was essentially loose within the shaft, so it made paddling extremely difficult. While this was frustrating, some of our testers worked around it. This model's 15" adjustability sat in the middle of our test. For a more adjustable paddle with a better locking system, look at the Own the Wave or BPS offerings.

The Super Paddle LeverLock adjustment system  which can be found on the Super Paddle.
The Super Paddle LeverLock adjustment system, which can be found on the Super Paddle.


10 points! As a three-piece model, this product compacted down to just 39 inches, which was nearly half of what the less compactable models broke down to.

The two three-piece paddles in the test  shown completely broken down and in their carrying cases (The IGK paddle and Super Paddle).
The two three-piece paddles in the test, shown completely broken down and in their carrying cases (The IGK paddle and Super Paddle).

The Super Paddle has an offset blade and shaft connection that adds a little more wiggle than we liked. If you aren't planning to fly or hike with your SUP setup and are looking for a paddle that isn't quite as compactable as the Super Paddle or IGK, we recommend the Werner Trance.

Locking Mechanism

This is not our fav locking mechanism. It's a little too heavy which throws off paddle balance. It's also just kinda bulky. We preffer the Performance adjustment system, on the Werner Trance and Aqua-Bound.


This model features a rectangular blade with a gentle offset. Users found that it performed extremely well, powering quickly and efficiently. Although the product's heavy locking mechanism threw the balance off on first use, many of our testers were able to become accustomed to this, and the paddle's lightweight construction won them over. However, this paddle did lose some points because of the play in the system introduced because of the three-piece construction. If you're looking for a true high-performance paddle, we recommend the Werner Trance. If performance isn't the focus and you're on a budget, consider the BPS Alloy.

The Super Paddle Blade
The Super Paddle Blade


At 1.6 pounds, this product was on the lighter end of the spectrum in our test. However, the heavy locking mechanism through off the balance of this paddle.

Best Applications

This paddle is best for SUP users who are planning on flying with their setup or who want to hike into remote alpine lakes.


At $120, this is an affordable paddle with high-end materials.


The Super Paddle is a surprising high performer in some areas, but its locking mechanism gave some testers serious trouble. If you're willing to fiddle with the locking mechanism every once in awhile, this could be the paddle for you.

Shey Kiester

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