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Wakooda Review

Photo: Wakooda
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Price:  $589 List
Pros:  light, easy to transport, rolls up small easily, extra set of D rings in the middle of the board for installing a seat if desired.
Cons:  constructed out of a thinner material than most others tested so it might not be as durable, impossible to install the fin if this board is inflated so don't forget to put it on before you pump it up!
Manufacturer:   Wakooda
By Nick Bruckbauer, Leslie Yedor, and Shey Kiester  ⋅  Apr 30, 2016
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Our Verdict

The Wakooda is a light and easy to transport 10' x 32" x 6" board. It is the lightest contender we tested. The material it's constructed of is thinner than all of the other boards tested which most likely attributes to its lightness.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Wakooda is advertised as a two seater and could easily fit two people sitting comfortably. There are D rings on the middle of the board are for attaching two seats which you can buy separately. The added D rings on the sides also make it easier to to pull up onto a dock or pull off a roof rack. It has a cargo area which is nice, but small. We wish they would've placed those D rings further apart.

Performance Comparison

The Wakooda inflatable paddle board is wide, light and long and...
The Wakooda inflatable paddle board is wide, light and long and fairly stable. We like that it has a cargo area but it is small. The D rings on the middle of the board are for attaching two seats that you can buy separately.
Photo: Valentine Cullen


This product is not the most stable contender we tested. It is made from a thinner material than all of the others tested, so it tends to wobble a bit in the middle especially if paddling over boat wakes.

Glide Performance

The Wakooda glides a bit slow. It is advertised at 32" wide, but it is actually a tiny bit wider. It is just as wide as the Tower Adventurer but it's longer and the nose is wider. They both perform similarly but the Wakooda is less agile and a bit slower. The Wakooda does glide fairly well through rough water though because it is so light, it is easy to push forward.

Ease of Transport

This was the only board that requires fin attachment before inflation.
This is the fin attachment spot on the Wakooda board. Since you have...
The Wakooda comes with a backpack, which even if you don't use to transport your board, is very nice to have to throw all of your gear in even if it is just to take to your vehicle or down to the water's edge. The backpack isn't very comfortable but it does the trick and it would be easy to find a more comfortable replacement backpack because the Wakooda rolls up so small. It and the Shubu Raven rolled up the easiest of all the boards tested. See the short video clip below demonstrate its unique fin attachment.

Ease of Inflation

It's easy to pump up the Wakooda. It's thin and light and doesn't take much time at all to inflate. It comes with it's own pump and hose that has universal attachments at both ends.

Best Applications

This contender is a good product for traveling far or for backpacking to the water's edge because it is the lightest board we tested.


This is the only board we tested that costs less than $600. It's also the lightest and made with the thinnest materials which means it could wear out more quickly or puncture easily. It does come with a two year limited warranty.


This could be a great product for you if you require your gear to be fast and light. It comes with a decent backpack and lighter than average stock paddle. It also comes with a pump but the pump that it comes with is not universal. Please see below under, "Accessories".

The Xplorer (8" thick) and the Wakooda (6" thick), note the...
The Xplorer (8" thick) and the Wakooda (6" thick), note the increased thickness and length of the Xplorer.
Photo: Valentine Cullen


The paddle that the Wakooda comes with is very light but has a pinchy clip system
Wakooda paddle
vs. the slide and twist to tighten attachment method of most of the other paddles that came with the Isle and Tower boards. This attachment/adjustment system made it a lot easier to line up the handle with the oar blade than the twist to tighten adjustment system of the other paddles. But, if your lower hand placement is ever sloppy and you grab the paddle a little bit too high, you end up with the clip system in your palm. Also, this attachment system is a pain to adjust when wet. Occasionally in windy or choppy weather it's easier to paddle back to shore kneeling rather than standing up. Sitting or kneeling decreases your wind resistance and makes it easier to paddle. This requires adjusting your paddle to a shorter position. Adjusting the length of this paddle can be frustrating if your hands are wet.

The Wakooda comes with a pump but it is not universal. The pumps hose does not have a twist hose attachment at the pump, it has a notch attachment the same as the end that goes into the inflation valve. The inflation valve on the board is universal though, so you can leave your pump at home if your buddy has a universal hose and pump.

This product also comes with a nicer than average patch kit.

Nick Bruckbauer, Leslie Yedor, and Shey Kiester