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The North Face Gotham III Jacket Review

A solid, inexpensive, all-around winter parka with just minor fit issues and limited wet weather performance
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The North Face Gotham III Jacket Review
Credit: The North Face
Price:  $300 List
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Manufacturer:   The North Face
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 23, 2022

Our Verdict

The North Face Gotham III jacket combines après-ski style and modern features at a great value. an excellent winter coat can be worn day-in and day-out during the harsh winter season, and this product is up to the challenge. It protects against average U.S. winter temperatures for up to an hour or so of light activity. It is equally appropriate whether you're on a ski run or huddled around a campfire. We would have preferred a few more weather-resistant features and thicker insulation, but this jacket still performs well on trips to the mountains or cold evenings downtown. This jacket is suitable for those who take advantage of crisp temperatures to check out the local ski hill and enjoy an evening at an outdoor concert. The Gotham III is not designed for the alpine climber or backcountry skier, but for the everyday user who can throw it on to run to the store in a storm and then ski in it the next day.
Heavily featured
Not very warm
Marginally weather resistant
Editor's Note: The North Face Gotham III Jacket review was updated on February 23, 2022, with additional information on what we would buy and help to closely compare competing products.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The North Face Gotham III is a well-insulated parka that uses 550-fill-power goose down. HyVent, a time-tested North Face material, acts as a waterproof/breathable shell to keep out snow and rain. It also keeps moisture from building up inside the down insulation. The jacket has several useful features, like a hood with detachable faux-fur trim, a dedicated internal media pocket, and an integrated neck gaiter. There are five pockets, four external and one internal, providing lots of room for gloves, wallets, and phones.

Performance Comparison

A shorter, more fashion-oriented piece, the Gotham III is different than the other jackets in our test. It stands out. Performance-wise though, it's average. It does its winter jacket duty, keeping you warm in moderately cold temps and shrugging off light weather.

the north face gotham iii jacket - this is a fashionable jacket that keeps you warm. the design...
This is a fashionable jacket that keeps you warm. The design prioritizes form over function, but the result works well enough.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


The Gotham III jacket is a basic design laden with cool features, none of which add much warmth. The 550-fill goose-down insulation is not overly light or efficient compared to the 800-fill that high-end coats use these days. However, the fill choice feels appropriate for the jacket's intended use. The waterproof/breathable HyVent two-layer fabric traps warm air while remaining breathable in cold conditions. If you tend to run cold, you may want to either look for a warmer jacket or size up to allow more room for layers underneath.

We really liked the ribbed sleeves and hem and appreciated the snug fit that keeps cold air out, even in strong winds. The tight-fitting cuffs also allow you to use gauntlet-style gloves without having to tuck them underneath. Unfortunately, the cut keeps the fit shorter than a traditional parka, which reduces the warmth factor. The exterior pockets are fleece lined but not insulated.

the north face gotham iii jacket - the waist of the gotham jacket is shorter than other products in our...
The waist of the Gotham jacket is shorter than other products in our review. For certain looks and wearers, this is a good thing.

Weather Resistance

The North Face uses its own two-layer waterproof/breathable material called HyVent on this model. It does a good job of keeping snow and rain out while also trapping body heat. While the shell material is waterproof, the knit cuffs and hems are not. So while this jacket can withstand cold temperatures and a certain amount of wet weather, we would not want to weather a prolonged storm while wearing it. Small storm flaps conceal the handwarmer pockets, but the closure is only a single button. We would rather have a fully zippered pocket to keep out rain or snow.

the north face gotham iii jacket - this photo shows both the shorter waist of the gotham (note the...
This photo shows both the shorter waist of the Gotham (note the testers belt-line revealed with upraised arms) and the integrated neck gaiter.
Credit: Meagan Buck Porter


The Gotham III is burly on the outside with a soft and comfortable inner lining. We enjoy wearing this jacket for many reasons, but the smooth nylon lining and the snug knit wrist cuffs topped the list for some. Other testers thought the dampness-prone knit cuffs took away from the comfort factor.

The HyVent shell is durable without feeling like coated canvas. It did not bunch up in the front or feel like sandpaper when our faces brushed up against it. Thanks to the supple outer fabric, the jacket did not bunch up while seated. On the downside, our taller testers had to constantly pull the ribbed elastic hem down. Users with shorter torsos may not experience this problem.

the north face gotham iii jacket - the gotham moves the media pocket to the inside, with a slot for...
The Gotham moves the media pocket to the inside, with a slot for your headphones.
Credit: Ryan Huetter


What the Gotham lacks in warmth it makes up for in cool features that are stylish and functional. Two chest pockets provide ample space for keys, a phone, gloves, goggles and more. There is also an internal Napoleon pocket (remember the famous pose?) with a headphone channel to keep your electronics dry and protected.

Our favorite single feature of this jacket is the stowable neck gaiter that adds warmth and protection. We would like to see this feature used on more jackets. We also like that you can cinch the hood tightly around your head.

The faux fur hood trim is removable, which we think is terrific as it tends to tickle the face and obstruct vision without providing benefit when used in anything but the coldest of conditions. Although the faux fur is removable, the hood itself is not. We wish it were, as it would give the wearer more options to control warmth and style.

the north face gotham iii jacket - this shoulder pocket must be "just for show". we suppose you could...
This shoulder pocket must be “just for show”. We suppose you could keep a credit card or drivers license here, but if you're anything like us, you will completely forget it is there.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


While style is ultimately a personal choice, cut and fit are quantifiable. A good winter coat should cover your backside and allow for proper mobility and range of motion while providing protection and warmth.

The Gotham made sacrifices in warmth and weather resistance to achieve a specific look. The cut is trimmer and more athletic than the other products we reviewed. While the faux fur can lend warmth in truly cold conditions, it's also a style choice. It's not for everyone, but you can remove it. While many reviewers love the design and athletic cut, others do not appreciate the aggressive outer pockets. Overall, we felt that the rib-knit hem is too short. It did not fit tall, skinny users very well.

the north face gotham iii jacket - the short cut of the north face gotham is a unique, polarizing style.
The short cut of The North Face Gotham is a unique, polarizing style.
Credit: Jediah Porter


The North Face constructed this jacket with a used strong nylon fabric. We had no issues with the product failing. We guess the elastic sleeves may go first, potentially stretching out from being repeatedly pulled over gloves. Despite repeated and forceful use, the buttons on this jacket appear to be solid and did not pull through the fabric.

the north face gotham iii jacket - the range of motion of the gotham isn't ideal, but its nimble enough...
The range of motion of the Gotham isn't ideal, but its nimble enough for some basic yard tasks.
Credit: Meagan Buck Porter

Should You Buy The North Face Gotham III Jacket?

The sticker price is surprisingly low for a waterproof/breathable down jacket. The value is high enough that the Gotham III was a candidate for our Best Buy award. Despite its relative lack of warmth and weather-resistant features, the Gotham III is easily worth the cost for anyone looking for a standard winter coat.

What Other Winter Jackets Should You Consider?

Anyone living in colder climates and looking for a coat to do it all, from commuting to sightseeing to light outdoor activities, will likely come to love the Gotham III. However, if you are looking for a higher performing jacket that will keep you toasty in more extreme conditions, we recommend the The North Face McMurdo Down Parka, which has a higher warmth rating and better weatherproofing.

Jediah Porter