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Salomon Agile Full-Zip Hoodie Review

This running-focused shell isn’t the most wind resistant, but features an appealing balance of breathability and water resistance
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Salomon Agile Full-Zip Hoodie Review
Credit: Salomon
Price:  $100 List
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Manufacturer:   Salomon
By Aaron Rice ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 6, 2021
  • Wind Resistance - 30% 6.0
  • Breathability and Venting - 30% 9.0
  • Weight and Packability - 20% 5.0
  • Fit and Functionality - 10% 6.0
  • Water Resistance - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

Salomon has been working hard over the past few years on their apparel, and the Agile Wind Hoodie is a slightly burlier version of their more running-specific jackets. This lightweight shell is reinforced with polyester across the shoulders, arms, and hood for improved weather resistance — in fact, it seriously impressed us with its ability to shed water in light rainstorms. The rest of the jacket is a mesh-like polyester/elastane blend, which provides excellent freedom of movement and superior breathability. The hood includes an elastic band for a secure fit over a hat and features a duck brim to keep water out of your eyes if you don't, but unfortunately is not helmet-compatible. A sleek, athletic jacket that is more breathable than wind resistant, this is a perfect piece for urban runners and cyclists.
Surprising water repellency
Stylish and comfortable
Wind cuts through elastane mesh
No storage pocket
Specific fit

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Salomon Agile is a breathable, comfortable athletic jacket that offers an intriguing balance of breathability and weather resistance. Although you wouldn't exactly expect it from a 100% polyester upper, the panels that cover the hood, shoulders, and top of the arms have an unusual ability to shed water. The rest of the jacket incorporates 12% elastane into the mix for superior ventilation and a natural stretch.

Performance Comparison

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - from the trail to the roads, and even into the alpine, the salomon...
From the trail to the roads, and even into the alpine, the Salomon Agile is a versatile windbreaker despite its running-focused design.
Credit: Jill Rice

Wind Resistance

The Salomon Agile stands apart from the crowd as two jackets that opt for a polyester shell, rather than the more traditional nylon. Polyester is a fabric common to base layers, as it tends to be more breathable than nylon. Unfortunately, this advantage on one hand negatively affects its wind resistance on the other. Not only that, but the bottom half of the Agile is partly elastane, which is about as wind resistant as spandex. So while this jacket works fine for running trails in more covered areas, expect a chilly greeting as you climb onto exposed ridgelines.

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - though its not designed to pull over helmets, the heavy-duty elastic...
Though its not designed to pull over helmets, the heavy-duty elastic band underneath the duckbill keeps this toggle-free hood securely locked onto your head no matter the weather.
Credit: Jill Rice

Breathability and Venting

While wind resistance suffers a bit as a result, breathability is capitalized as a performance feature of this lightweight shell. The polyester/elastane panel makes up the majority of the back of this jacket, which has the added benefit of efficiently transferring moisture away from your base layer to keep you fresh and cool when you're working hard uphill. This superior ability to thermoregulate means that the Agile particularly excels anytime there are major temperature swings — like everyday in the desert Southwest, or during the shoulder seasons. If the heat is getting to you in the middle of a run, you also have the option of opening up the two hand pockets, which are also mesh-backed for improved airflow.

A polyester/elastane back panel, and mesh-backed hand pockets allow...
A polyester/elastane back panel, and mesh-backed hand pockets allow for excellent ventilation and moisture control.
Though surprisingly abrasion resistant, the polyester/elastane...
Though surprisingly abrasion resistant, the polyester/elastane panels are almost sheer, offering superior breathability at the cost of limited wind resistance.

Weight and Packability

Tipping the scales at 5.6 ounces, the Agile is surprisingly in the upper tier in terms of weight when compared directly to the rest of the jackets in this review. But any jacket that weighs only about 1/3 of a pound is incredibly light, and indeed that's how it feels when worn — lightweight and airy, thanks to the breathable panels that extend from your back, through your underarms, and around to your core. While this jacket does have the ability to fold up into one of its hand pockets to form a rather petite package, neither is specifically designed as a stowable pocket, so be careful not to lose a zipper if you pack this jacket up.

Even though this jacket is rather minimalist, the elastane accounts...
Even though this jacket is rather minimalist, the elastane accounts for a significant increase in scale weight.
Even though it may not necessarily be designed for this, the Agile...
Even though it may not necessarily be designed for this, the Agile easily packs up into either one of the mesh hand pockets.

Fit and Functionality

This athletic shell has a particularly slim fit that appeals to the running crowd, pavement pounders and trail runners alike. Even our head tester found this jacket to be a bit slimming, who at 5 feet, 10 inches, has a skinny mountaineer's frame that generally fits well in most athletic wear. The Agile certainly lives up to its name — the polyester/elastane panels are supple and stretchy, allowing for complete freedom of movement. While this may seem like a good choice for rock climbers as a result, we worry about the ability of this jacket to stand up to abrasion. As the only ones available, the low position of the hand pockets also eliminate any possible carrying capacity once hidden underneath a harness.

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - like many running-specific designs, the agile is tailored to a slim...
Like many running-specific designs, the Agile is tailored to a slim fit for improved mobility.
Credit: Jill Rice

Similarly, the hood is designed to be pulled tightly over your head or a lightweight hat, and isn't helmet compatible. But for its designated purpose, it does a fantastic job of keeping your hat securely on your head, even through heavy springtime gales. To continue to point the Agile in the direction of a running-specific jacket, this shell very much has the style of an urban athletic piece, which is further supported by particular design features. Notably for commuters and those who like to run in the evenings or early mornings, the right arm is branded with a highly reflective insert.

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - a highly reflective insert in the arm of the salomon agile improves...
A highly reflective insert in the arm of the Salomon Agile improves visibility when running in the evening or early morning, but it is a bit strange to not include this feature on both arms.
Credit: Jill Rice

Water Resistance

Based on our experience with other polyester windbreakers, we didn't expect much in terms of water repellency — yet, the Agile blew away all of our expectations. Don't think that you can take this jacket out comfortably with heavy rain in the forecast, but it is more than adequate in a light drizzle. Even in our standardized shower test — which is designed to replicate a quick, heavy downpour — our shoulders stayed remarkably dry under this exceptionally thin jacket. Almost more so than the water resistance of the upper body, we were impressed by the hydrophobia of the polyester/elastane back panel. If you are running without a hat, the hood also features a duckbill to help keep rain out of your eyes.

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - though far from a rain jacket, the polyester shoulder panels do a...
Though far from a rain jacket, the polyester shoulder panels do a surprisingly good job of shedding water. This is all that remained after a run in a light drizzle.
Credit: Jill Rice


Given its affinity for breathability, and its astounding water resistance, the Agile stands out as an interesting option for a windbreaker — most lightweight jackets are generally one of the two, but infrequently both. Given its middle-of-the-road price point in this category, this would make a great companion for those runners or cyclists looking to strike out without worry in those areas that tend to see short, passing showers in the spring and summer.

salomon agile full-zip hoodie - for its weight, fit, and breathability, the salomon agile is a...
For its weight, fit, and breathability, the Salomon Agile is a reasonable buy for a lightweight and packable cycling or mountain biking shell.
Credit: Jill Rice


While perhaps a bit more versatile than we give it credit for, the Salomon Agile Wind Hoodie is certainly geared towards runners. The combination of polyester and elastane make this jacket exceptionally breathable, yet it has the uncanny ability to shed light rains better than most. If you care more about weather than wind-resistance, then this is a versatile piece of activewear.

Aaron Rice