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Gibbon Travelline Review

Gibbon Travelline
Price:   $90 List | $74.36 at Amazon
Pros:  Portable, soft / great feel, easy to setup, great for aerial tricks
Cons:  Shreds over time, relatively short, limited use
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Width (inches):  2
Recommended length (feet):  10-40
Manufacturer:   Gibbon

Our Verdict

The Gibbon Travelline is a lighter-weight portable line with a nice stretch and feel for aerial tricks. Stretching up to 49 feet, the Travelline is easy to setup with a light-weight single ratchet system and offers a nice line for the beginner and more advanced aerialist. Although a great purchase, the Travelline has the tendency to shred in the ratchet and the ratchet system has been known to become problematic after only a year or so. We recommend this line for those who enjoy the Gibbon Surfline but are looking for something they can take with them on trips.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Brian Blum

Last Updated:
March 6, 2013


Performance Comparison

Ease of Set-up

With a single ratchet tightening system, the Gibbon Travelline is very easy to setup and take down in a short amount of time by virtually anyone. The Travelline spans up to 49 feet and can be setup relatively low to the ground for beginners.


The Travelline is a line for beginners and more advanced aerial trickliners that plan to take their tricks on the road. Similar in feel to the Gibbon Jibline and Gibbon Surfline, the Travelline has a nice bounce and recoil allowing the advanced aerialist to attract a crowd. The Travelline does offer a nice stretch for those that prefer to practice static balance postures on the line, although we still prefer tubular webbing for this purpose.


The Travelline is made of thin stretchy webbing tightened by a quality ratchet system. Unfortunately with 2" ratchet tightening systems the tendency is for the webbing to rub on the edges of the ratchet and fray over time, and we have noticed that the Travelline's especially thin webbing is more prone to fray.


Overall the Travelline has limited value as it is mainly an aerial line that is likely to shred with limited use. Although we love this line, beginners and aerialists alike would be better served by the Gibbon Surfline (or the Gibbon Jibline for something more portable). We recommend the Balance Community Primitive Kit for anyone looking for a portable slackline with significantly more overall value.
Brian Blum