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Metolius Torque Review

By: Valentine Cullen ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 12, 2014
Price:  $15 List  |  $14.95 at REI
Pros:  Best tool for thin crack nut extrication, Comfortable
Cons:  Expensive, relatively heavy
Manufacturer:   Metolius

Our Verdict

The Torque comes from the design of the popular and discontinued Freenut. They've added wrenches to tighten and loosen bolts which increases the functionality of this already great product. It should be mentioned though, that the Torque is six grams heavier than the Freenut.

Our Analysis and Test Results



This was a top choice for excavating even the most immovable nuts in small cracks. Their thin profiles got into some of the smallest fissures to probe out seemingly lost wires. Both these tools have an excellent shape, making them both effective at snagging cam triggers and hooking funky nut placements. We also appreciated the Freenut's additional metal on its tail end, making it much less painful on our palms.


If you are pounding hard with a wall hammer or an ice tool you could potentially bend the built-in carabiner to the point where it won't close properly. This is probably not possible to do with your hand so it is really only an issue for wall climbers and alpine climbers.

Best Application

This great nut tool excels on traditional climbs. It also excels for aid climbs and routes with many small nut placements (Yosemite, Eldo, Arapalis).


This is an excellent nut tool at a good value. It's well worth the price if you can appreciate its thin crack cleaning prowess and palm comforting pommel.

Valentine Cullen

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