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Metolius Extractor Review

Metolius Extractor
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Price:  $17 List
Pros:  Light weight, best tool for thin crack nut extrication.
Cons:  Painful, price isnt great.
Manufacturer:   Metolius
By Ian Nicholson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 2, 2009
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Our Verdict

Discontinued: As of Fall 2015, the Extractor is No Longer Available
The Metolius Extractor was one of our favorites for its ability to probe out smaller nuts trapped in some of the smallest fissures. Its curved shape combined with having one of the thinner profiles make it one of the best for mining out fixed nuts and buried cams. It is among the lighter tools and it has a built-in carabiner to save the weight of an additional carabiner. That makes it one of the lighter overall packages, behind only the Ushba Titanium and the Omega Caranut. A drawback is a higher price, especially considering it doesn't have a broad area to pound on.

Along with the Metolius Freenut, this is the best nut tool for cleaning nuts out of tiny fissures. If thats what you need then this is what you should get. Deciding between the two Metolius options is relatively simple. If you are in the mountains wearing gloves a lot and weight is a big factor and comfort is not, then this is the tool for you. If price is a big factor, then this tool being the most expensive and without something to ease your hand pounding pain may not be the greatest choice.

Our Analysis and Test Results


The Metolius Extractor at 54 grams is slightly heavier on its own than the BD and the DMM nut tools, both at 48 grams. But it does not require another carabiner to clip itself in with, making it an overall lightest package. The shape along the length and especially the narrow profile at the head were wonderful. In narrow cracks, the two Metolius tools stood out with their thinner profile heads, which were able to get into some of the smallest spaces to probe out seemingly lost wires.


Not having any additional metal on the back made the Extractor one of the more painful nut tools on our palms as we went to town on seemingly lost stoppers. We accidentally bent the tail of this tool so the carabiner wouldn't close properly. Both Metolius nut tools with their small profile hooks didn't grab cam triggers quite as well as the Ushba Titanium Nut Tool or the Black Diamond Nut Tool.

Best Application

Cleaning very small nuts out of little cracks is the Extractor's specialty. Aid climbers, Eldorado climbers, and climbers at other areas with lots of RP placements will enjoy the Metolius tools. These along with the Omega Caranut and the Ushba Titanium nut tools are the best for climbers not concerned with comfort and only about weight. For alpine climbers looking for any way to save weight and not wanting to spend $27 on the Ushba, this is a great option.


The Extractor is the most expensive nut tool we tested that doesn't have extra metal to protect your palms from repeated blows. However, while not as light as the Ushba, this is a slightly more price-pointed option, along with the Omega Caranut, for a lighter complete package with a built-in carabiner.

Ian Nicholson