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CAMP Armour Lady Review

CAMP Armour Lady
Photo: CAMP
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Price:  $60 List
Pros:  Lighter than the equivalent unisex version, durable, fun colors, removable and washable foam padding
Cons:  Sits too high on the forehead, doesn't fit well, hard to attach headlamp
Manufacturer:   CAMP
By McKenzie Long ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 14, 2013
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Our Verdict

The CAMP Armour Lady is a snazzy, inexpensive, and tough hard plastic climbing helmet, though it does not have any additional features for women other than decreased size and weight. The Petzl Elia, however, does have a women's specific feature, a special ponytail accommodating band, which is pretty useful. If you are concerned about your helmet covering your forehead, this is not the model you should pick, because it perches high on the head. However, if you are a female with a very small head, this helmet could be ideal for you and fit well. If you already own a helmet, we would not recommend buying this women's version as an upgrade because it doesn't offer anything new. If you are in the market for a new helmet, consider a light foam helmet such as the Black Diamond Vector - Women's

Our Analysis and Test Results

The CAMP Armour Lady is a durable hard plastic helmet with an adjusted sizing for women, as well as different color options.

Performance Comparison

McKenzie Long coiling the Mammut Infinity and wearing the Camp...
McKenzie Long coiling the Mammut Infinity and wearing the Camp Armour Lady on the Grand Teton, WY. This rope is thin at 9.5mm and is light, so it makes a good rope to bring on long alpine days.
Photo: Luke Lydiard


The sizing of this helmet seems a bit off. The normal CAMP Armour is sized to fit heads between 54-63 cm, and the slightly smaller women's version is supposed to work on heads between 53-61cm (a bigger range than both the Elia, which is 52-58 cm, and the Women's Vector, which is 59 cm.) However, our tester's head is 55.8 cm (right in the middle,) and this helmet felt perched on the top of the head, not covering enough of the forehead.

McKenzie Long on the summit of the Grand Teton, WY. The Camp Armour...
McKenzie Long on the summit of the Grand Teton, WY. The Camp Armour sits a little high on the head. Especially with a beanie underneath, the fit of this helmet was really small and tight, leaving more of the forehead exposed than desirable.
Photo: Photo by: Luke Lydiard

That being said, it was still a fairly comfortable helmet and did not slide around while climbing. Some people may like the different fit of this helmet, which would feel more ventilated, but typically more coverage = safer when it comes to helmets. If you are a woman with a particularly small head, this might be right fit for you.

Ease of Adjsutment

Back of the CAMP Armour Women's climbing helmet.
Back of the CAMP Armour Women's climbing helmet.
Photo: Chris McNamara
The wheel in the back of the helmet makes for easy adjusting and securing along the back of the head. If only it actually fit well on the whole head.


The Women's CAMP Armour does not have any different features in addition to the regular CAMP Armour. The only differences are the size and the color options. However, buying a smaller, more appropriately sized helmet has its benefits, because the women's version is a full 30 grams lighter than the unisex version. Since women are typically smaller in build, wherever a female can save weight she should, because it will help her move faster and longer. Have you ever worn a helmet that is too heavy? It amplifies belayer's neck by ten and it becomes hard to even hold your head up at the end of the day. If given the choice, we go for the lightest version available, which increases the chances that it will get worn.


Since this helmet sits high on the head, there is a lot of room for your head to breathe while wearing it. Air doesn't flow through the hard plastic of the helmet, but their are several holes to allow more air flow.

Headlamp Attachment

The clips for the headlamp are really tight and finicky, so it is rather tricky getting it on. The tighter clips might make it impossible for the headlamp to fall off, but initially it is frustrating and difficult to accomplish while wearing the helmet.

Best Application

This is a great all around hard plastic helmet, just like the Elia. It can be worn in any situation requiring one, such as multi-pitch climbing, ice climbing, and climbing anywhere there is potential for rock fall.


The Women's CAMP Armour costs the same amount as the regular CAMP Armour, so if you are in the market for a helmet, it does not cost you anything extra to go for the women's specific version over the regular unisex version. This helmet is the least expensive women's model that we evaluated, so if you are on a budget, but need a helmet, this would be a viable option.


Due to its strange sizing, this helmet is best suited to women with small heads. Unless you are in the market for a new helmet, we would not suggest buying this women's version to replace your old unisex helmet.

McKenzie Long