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Mammut Ophira Review

A good entry-level harness for those who don't want to spend a lot of money
Mammut Ophira
Credit: Mammut
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Price:  $55 List
Pros:  Reinforced tie-in point, lack of buckles on leg loops, comfortable waistbelt, versatile.
Cons:  Heavier than some sport-specific harnesses, does not have ice tool attachment loops.
Manufacturer:   Mammut
By Cam McKenzie Ring ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 8, 2018
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  • Standing Comfort - 20% 8.0
  • Hanging Comfort - 20% 7.0
  • Features - 20% 6.0
  • Mobility - 15% 8.0
  • Versatility - 15% 6.0
  • Adjustability - 10% 6.0

Our Verdict

Mammut has updated its Ophira harness since our last review. The older version won our Editors' Choice award thanks to its comfortable design and climbing performance. While the second generation of this harness is still comfortable, we weren't a big fan of the redesigned gear loops. Our gear sat awkwardly on the loops, which come in a bright pink color, and since they are no longer covered in plastic they instantly got dirty. The open mesh and perforated padding on the waistbelt allow for good breathability, and the leg loops are comfortably sized. It's a little less versatile than the similarly priced Best Buy winner, the Black Diamond Momentum, and we were more impressed overall with the Camp Supernova, which earned our Editors' Choice award this time around. If you are looking for an affordable sport or gym harness, however, then this one is still a great choice.

Product Update

Mammut has updated the Ophira since we updated, dropping the "a" and referring to it as the Women's Ophir harness. See below for more updates on the changes.

April 2019

Our Analysis and Test Results

Ophira Updates

Mammut no longer gives this harness the feminine name "Ophira" and now refers to it as the Women's Ophir harness. Since our testing period, it has been redesigned to be half an ounce lighter and has new leg loop attachments and a haul loop. In the photos below, compare the new version on the left to the version we tested on the right.

  • Lighter Weight — The updated harness is half an ounce lighter than the previous incarnation.
  • Leg Loop Attachments Redesigned — The elastic leg loop attachments on the back of the harness are redesigned. The old elastic connectors crossed at the top where they attached to the harness, while the new ones do not.
  • Abrasion Protection — The Ophir boasts patented abrasion protection for the tie in loops.
  • Haul Loop Added — This harness now sports a haul loop rated to 4 kN.

We have yet to test the Women's Ophir harness, so the following text is in reference to the Ophira.

Hands-On Review of the Ophira

The Mammut Ophira has a 3-inch wide waistbelt with a perforated foam interior and open mesh overlay. It has four slightly forward-angled gear loops with only a small clip loop in the back suitable for a chalk bag. The belay loop has red indicator threads sewn into it; once it becomes worn they appear to let you know it is time to retire your harness. Additionally, the bottom leg loop attachment point is reinforced with rubber to reduce friction and wear at that spot.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - this lightwieght sport-specific harness doesn't weigh you down on...
This lightwieght sport-specific harness doesn't weigh you down on steep routes.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Standing & Hanging Comfort

Our testers found the Mammut Ophira to be pretty comfortable all around. It's a little bulkier and stiffer than the Mammut Zephir and Black Diamond Solution, so we noticed it a little more when belaying and sitting around at the crag.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - the updated ophira. the pink gear loops definitely make a statement.
The updated Ophira. The pink gear loops definitely make a statement.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Discipline-Specific Features

The older version of this harness had an all-around design, but with the updated version, Mammut seems to have switched to a more sport-specific model. They've replaced a large integrated haul line loop with a tiny p-cord style chalk bag clip-in point. They've also replaced one of our favorite old features, the gear loops, with our new least favorite gear loops. The previous gear loops were plastic-coated and flexible at the attachment point, which easily racked both gear and quickdraws and was comfortable when donning a pack over the harness. The new gear loops are a little more rigid and angled, causing our quickdraws to sit at odd angles. They are also bright pink and not coated in plastic, creating pressure points when wearing a pack and quickly picking up dirt. We weren't sure about the pink, but we like it even less now that it's dirty! This new gear loop is similar to the front loop on the Petzl Selena and Petzl Luna, but it's somehow not as well done.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - the updated gear loops are a little strange and caused our...
The updated gear loops are a little strange and caused our quickdraws to sit at odd angles.
Credit: Scott Ring


We still found this harness easy to move in and could high-step with ease thanks to the extra-long elastic on the leg loops.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - high-stepping was no problem in this harness, though it was a little...
High-stepping was no problem in this harness, though it was a little difficult to extricate ourselves from this pod once we got in it.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring


The older version of this harness was more versatile than its updated sister. Now, due to its lack of haul line loop and funky gear loops, we probably wouldn't take this on a long multi-pitch trad climb and would choose the Camp Supernova or Misty Mountain Silhouette instead.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - the updated version of this harness is more suited to sport climbing...
The updated version of this harness is more suited to sport climbing than as a trad or all-around harness.
Credit: Scott Ring


As women, finding an appropriately fitting harness can be frustrating. Ideally, a harness would not have a buckle or slider on the leg loops, as it is uncomfortable at times, it creates another point of wear on the harness, and it adds weight. However, with such variability between women's leg sizes, it can be difficult for a manufacturer to please everyone. Our testers found that the Mammut Ophira fit better than the other models with fixed leg loops that we tested (much better than the Petzl Selena) and that we could wear the harness over a variety of clothing. The loops have about a 2.4-inch range, which is still not as much as most adjustable leg loops (which tend to have about a 4-inch range) so if you have legs on the large or smaller end of the spectrum, you will probably be better off with an adjustable leg loop model.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - the leg loops have a long elastic connector for greater ease of...
The leg loops have a long elastic connector for greater ease of movement and sizing.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Best Applications

The Mammut Ophira works well for sport and gym climbing. If you are looking for a more all-around harness, then our Editors' Choice pick, the Camp Supernova, would be a better option.


At $55, this harness is one of the least expensive models that we tested. While you could get more value out of the older model, which was a more all-around version, this newer harness is a more dedicated sport and gym harness. It even has the bonus of a reinforced tie-in point, which reduces wear on the belay and leg loops.

Mammut Ophira climbing harness womens - the plastic cover on the leg loop attachment point (left) will...
The plastic cover on the leg loop attachment point (left) will increase the longevity of your harness. The harness on the right is an old, and worn, Arc'teryx model.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring


To be honest, we were a little disappointed to see that Mammut had changed so many of the things that we liked about this harness. While the comfort and excellent sizing remain the same, the lack of versatility propelled the Camp Supernova to the top spot instead.

Other Versions

The men's version of this harness is the Mammut Ophir. Both the men's and women's come in a slightly more expensive version with adjustable leg loops, the Ophira 3 Slide. There is also the Ophir Kids version, and the Ophir Rental, designed specifically for a climbing gym's rental fleet.

Cam McKenzie Ring
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