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CAMP Bambino Full-Body Review

Though basic, it's a good, highly adjustable harness for new young climbers
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Price:  $70 List | $69.95 at Backcountry
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Pros:  Fully adjustable, secure fit
Cons:  Not comfortable for long hanging sessions
Manufacturer:   CAMP USA
By Adam Paashaus ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 7, 2019
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#8 of 10
  • Hanging Comfort - 40% 6
  • Standing Comfort and Mobility - 20% 8
  • Features - 20% 5
  • Versatility - 20% 6

Our Verdict

Not only is the Camp Bambino one of the most adjustable harnesses in the test, but it's also one of, if not the most, secure harnesses in the lot. As parents, our children's safety and security can't be overstated, so we love the full waist belt (which is rare in many full body harnesses), and chest high single tie in point that keeps kids positioned upright. If you're looking for a harness for a young new climber and you want something to last as they grow, the Bambino should be on your list of harnesses to seriously consider.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

CAMP was founded by Nicola Codegain in 1889 (let that sink in) in Premana Italy, a small town in the Italian Alps. CAMP is still based there, and they've been producing climbing and mountaineering equipment since 1920, when they produced ice axes for the Italian army. Climbing equipment has come a long way from early ice axes and pitons to brightly colored harnesses for three year olds. The company, now owned by Codega's descendants, has made a harness Nicola would be proud to produce.

Performance Comparison

Testing at Black Rocks climbing area near St. George  Utah.
Testing at Black Rocks climbing area near St. George, Utah.

Hanging Comfort

The basic webbing design was comfortable to hang in, especially considering the lack of padded waist and leg loops. The fully adjustable waist belt and leg loops feel like a sit harness with shoulder straps, and it did a good job of dispersing the forces. For extended hanging sessions, we would choose the Petzl Ouistiti, but for normal use, kids will find this plenty comfortable.

Ready to lower. Bambino's tie in point was high to keep kids upright.
Ready to lower. Bambino's tie in point was high to keep kids upright.

Standing Comfort and Mobility

Out of all the full body harnesses, this one is one of the most comfortable for general comfort and mobility. While many full body harnesses tend to have shoulder straps that fall down, the Bambino's shoulder straps, once adjusted, stay put. The fact that there are no padded leg loops or shoulder straps makes for less bulk, which contributes to more comfort for when the kids are playing around the base between climbs.

Waiting for her turn to climb.
Waiting for her turn to climb.


This fully adjustable harness will work for a wide range of climbers, from a three year old up to a kid weighing 85 lbs; however, most kids with experience are ready to start moving into a sit harness by ages five or six if they are used to lowering in control and the child isn't overly top-heavy. The pre-threaded auto-locking buckles are quick and easy to adjust, and the high single tie in point will keep those top-heavy or new climbers upright.

Color-coded leg loops and shoulder straps help kids get the harness on, and an adult can easily tighten up the sliding buckles and give final safety inspection. There's no denying that the Bambino doesn't sport all the added features that the Editors' Choice Petzl Ouistiti does, but most kids who need a full-body harness don't need extra bells and whistles like rear attachment point, or gear loops.


The wide range of sizes the Bambino will fit makes it quite versatile for sharing with a wide range of body types and is a good choice for gym rentals or camp programs. This harness won't take your kid crusher into more advanced climbing, but if top roping is all you plan to do, this harness does the job well for a wide size range of kids.

This will adjust to fit a wide range of climbers.
This will adjust to fit a wide range of climbers.


Being one of the most basic harnesses in the test, we don't think it should also be the most expensive. For less money, you can get either the Petzl Ouistiti or the Black Diamond Momentum Full Body, which both have padded panels and other added features to add comfort and convenience. If maximum adjustability and security for young climbers is the goal, then this harness shines, but otherwise, there are better options.


Security. Security. Security. Once this harness is cinched up, it is one of the most secure designs we tested. With the easy shoulder, waist and leg adjustments, it will fit almost any kid up to 85 lbs and keep even the most top-heavy kids upright with its single, high, tie in point.

This kid crusher is loving these slabby Jtree cracks!!
This kid crusher is loving these slabby Jtree cracks!!

Adam Paashaus