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La Sportiva Boulder X Review

These durable shoes are well-equipped for miles of hiking and scrambling at a great price
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Price:  $120 List | $89.99 at REI
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Pros:  Durable, great traction in dirt and mud, excellent value, workhorse approach shoe
Cons:  Heavy and bulky, especially when carrying on your harness or in a pack
Manufacturer:   La Sportiva
By Matt Bento ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 25, 2017
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#5 of 13
  • Climbing Ability - 35% 9
  • Hiking Comfort - 25% 7
  • Support - 20% 10
  • Weight and Packability - 20% 1

Our Verdict

The La Sportiva Boulder X wins our Best Buy Award, delivering the most bang for your buck. Durable and supportive for rough scrambling, it still climbs well on technical rock. The Vibram Idro-Grip V-Smear sole provides a great compromise between climbing ability and hiking performance in dirt, sand, and mud. While we would enjoy this shoe even more if it were lighter, it's a model we recommend for the traveling climber that wants one pair of (less expensive) approach shoes for the many areas they visit. Humping a big pack into the Palisades in the High Sierra or the Lower Saddle in the Tetons? This shoe is a great alpine rock approach shoe for most folks.

Color Updates

The Boulder X is now offered in Carbon/Opal, which is the grey and blue combo shown in the above photo. Though the aesthetic has changed, the technical aspects of the shoe are the same as the version we tested.

March 2019

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Our Analysis and Test Results

We consider the Boulder X one of the best do-everything approach shoes we tested.

Performance Comparison

This is the most supportive shoe in the review  perfect for long days standing in aiders
This is the most supportive shoe in the review, perfect for long days standing in aiders

Climbing Ability

This shoe performed well while climbing on technical terrain well below our limit. The Boulder X delivers good climbing ability when equipped with a little extra room for comfortable hiking.


This moderately stiff shoe comfortably stands on medium-sized edges but doesn't have the sensitivity for small edges. The lacing system can be cinched down for better edging, but its ability to stay on little edges is limited. The toe shape is also a bit more rounded than the top edging performers, making it a poor choice for edging in pockets. What this shoe does offer is great foot support for standing on medium to large edges all day. This is also very helpful when standing in aiders.

These shoes do well on small edges and smears.
These shoes do well on small edges and smears.


We were pleasantly surprised with how well this shoe smears. While it feels big and clunky on our foot at times, there is just enough forefoot flexibility to get good smearing performance out of the Vibram Idro-Grip sole. The two models that smear better - the Guide Tennie and Cruzer - both have tread patterns that focus on smearing ability. We feel the rubber and tread pattern on the Boulder X is a great hybrid - finding a balance between climbing performance and decent traction on the trail.

Smearing in great shoes and stylish socks.
Smearing in great shoes and stylish socks.

Crack Climbing

We judged this shoe to be one of the best crack climbers we tested. The Boulder X has a relatively low profile toe considering its overall bulkiness. It's also stiff enough to transfer a twist to the midfoot. You aren't gonna stuff these into a thin hands crack, but for big hands and on up, this shoe is a great crack climber. Additionally, the more substantial rubber toe rand contributes to its flared crack smearing ability and increases durability.

High profile but well padded  these shoes felt super comfy in cracks.
High profile but well padded, these shoes felt super comfy in cracks.

Hiking Comfort

While we found this shoe comfortable for hiking, especially over rough terrain, it is a bit clunky and cumbersome. A lighter model is more appropriate for smooth terrain and minimal loads.

The lacing system for this product is unique to La Sportiva, shared with their do-everything climbing shoe, the La Sportiva Mythos. A very long lace first passes around the ankle collar and continues down to the toe through tunnels of leather. As the laces zigzag back up from the toe, they exert a pulley-like force, allowing you to adjust the fit at the ankle collar as well as the forefoot. While this lace system offers fine-tuning to fit a variety of feet, it has durability challenges. The leather tongue on this model is not gusseted to the upper and doesn't provide much in the way of breathability.

These shoes feature a dot pattern in the middle  but a smooth zone in the front where all the edging action occurs.
These shoes feature a dot pattern in the middle, but a smooth zone in the front where all the edging action occurs.


Traveling over rough terrain with a heavy pack can leave your feet tired when you arrive at your objective, but the Boulder X offers great foot support to help prevent this.

Whether you are humping a load up to the base of El Cap or carrying overnight gear, rope and rack into the backcountry, this shoe provides enough support to keep your feet happy. Its stiffness also contributes to good edging and crack climbing performance.

Support is where the Boulder X shines. It offers more foot support than any other model that earned a similar or higher overall climbing score. It is the best choice among our award winners for carrying heavy loads.

Weight & Packability

Weighing in at 32.8 ounces for a size 9.5, the Boulder X is heavy.

If weight is an important consideration for you, the do-everything Five Ten Guide Tennie is 4 ounces lighter per pair. What the Boulder X provides with this additional weight is much better foot support for carrying heavy loads and increased durability compared to the Guide Tennie. That said, we still see lots of these shoes hitching a ride on harnesses up multi-pitch climbs for the descent.

The Boulder X is great for climbing and scrambling  but they are heavy and bulky  so they aren't our favorite descent shoes.
The Boulder X is great for climbing and scrambling, but they are heavy and bulky, so they aren't our favorite descent shoes.


This shoe is a killer deal. It won our Best Buy Award, which always goes to the product we feel delivers the most performance for the price. While the Evolv Cruzer Psyche is less expensive, this shoe hikes better climbs just as well and feels more durable than the Cruzer.


The La Sportiva Boulder X is one of the best go-everywhere and do-everything approach shoe we tested. If you seek an affordable shoe that does everything well, but places more emphasis on hiking comfort and traction rather than top-notch climbing ability and lightweight, look no further.

Matt Bento