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Black Diamond Technician Approach Review

A climbing-centric narrow fitting apporach shoe for those who value performance over comfort
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Black Diamond Technician Approach Review
Credit: Black Diamond
Price:  $135 List
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Manufacturer:   Black Diamond Equipment
By Sean Haverstock ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 12, 2020
  • Climbing Ability - 35% 9.0
  • Hiking Comfort - 25% 5.0
  • Support - 20% 6.0
  • Weight and Packability - 20% 7.0

Our Verdict

Are you a die-hard easy 5th and 4th class approach shoe scrambler? Do you have a routine short hike and scramble in your repertoire? The Black Diamond Technician Approach is a climbing-first approach shoe design that will inspire confidence in the vertical. This shoe is also a great option for instructors and guides who routinely scramble around and climb easy technical terrain, and would prefer not to change shoes endlessly. Unfortunately, the drawback to the climbing-centric design is the attendant lack of comfort for those seeking a cushy ride and extra support for big hikes and with big packs.
Climbing specific construction
Not a good hiker
Rubber not the stickiest

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

black diamond technician approach - the technician is a climbing-forward approach shoe that likes the...
The Technician is a climbing-forward approach shoe that likes the vertical world but isn't so great on the trails.
Credit: Sean Haverstock

Climbing Ability

Almost every design detail in the Technician is targeted towards increasing climbing performance. It's one of the best approach shoes for climbing available, and will surely produce some converts from other brands. Ultimately, any climbing centric shoe comes down to fit, and for some, this narrow shoe will have to be sized up at the cost of climbing performance.

black diamond technician approach - verifying thoughts on climbing performance on the backyard solo...
Verifying thoughts on climbing performance on the backyard solo circuit.
Credit: Sean Haverstock


The outsole on Technician has the largest climbing zone and climbing edge of any shoe on the market. The toe rand encloses the EVA midsole with a generous amount of rubber which aids in stiffening the toe area with the goal to increase power transfer through the edging platform.

black diamond technician approach - the climbing-centric outsole of the technician has more climbing...
The climbing-centric outsole of the Technician has more climbing edge and 'climbing zone' than any other approach shoe.
Credit: Sean Haverstock

The narrow last and the enhanced lacing system–which ties into the midsole of the shoe–work together to decrease unwanted movement in the forefoot when climbing. Unfortunately, for those with a wide forefoot, the narrow last means it's a tight squeeze and will require sizing up a 1/2 size or more from your street shoe. This could result in a decrease in edging performance from a resultant loss in sensitivity from a shoe that is now longer than desirable.

black diamond technician approach - the narrow last, enhanced lacing system and rubber enclosed midsole...
The narrow last, enhanced lacing system and rubber enclosed midsole are all designed to increase climbing performance.
Credit: Sean Haverstock


The outsole itself is the most climbing-specific with its big climbing zone and tight circle-dot lug spacing. The shoe isn't overly stiff which allows for as much rubber-to-rock contact underfoot as possible. This combination should lead to top smearing performance. Unfortunately, the Black Label rubber is a bit less sticky than other well-known compounds and hurt it's smearing performance.

black diamond technician approach - testing out the friction up classic california granite in the bd...
Testing out the friction up classic California granite in the BD Technician.
Credit: Sean Haverstock

Crack Climbing

This is a great shoe for crack climbing. The generous rubber used in the toe construction optimizes friction in cracks, protects your toes and the midsole and upper from damage caused by repeated abuse in cracks. One drawback of the Technician's tight fit was less comfort when jamming in cracks since the toes are already squished together.

black diamond technician approach - 5.10 cracks sure are nice in this shoe. the toe rand rubber is...
5.10 cracks sure are nice in this shoe. The toe rand rubber is generous for extra friction and toe protection when jamming.
Credit: Sean Haverstock

Hiking Comfort

After the Technician was built for performance, there wasn't a lot of literal wiggle room left for developing a cushy ride. For those with a wide forefoot, you'll want to size up a 1/2 size, and you can still expect a slim fit. It's another skate-shoe-like flat-soled shoe, so it lacks the heel-toe transition you'd want from a good hiking shoe. If you're after a comfy high mileage ride to the crag, you'll want to a different pair of kicks.

black diamond technician approach - our testers found the technician left a few things to be desired in...
Our testers found the Technician left a few things to be desired in hiking performance.
Credit: Sean Haverstock


This shoe is not terribly stiff nor supportive. It has less torsional stiffness than most other approach shoes, especially the beefier hiking-centric shoes we tested. The climbing-centric outsole design is less ideal for traction in dirt and mud. If you're after support for carrying heavy loads over uneven terrain, there are more supportive shoes than the Technician.

Weight And Packability

While not the absolute lightest shoe we tested, it's in the top 5 and makes a great choice for those who need a decent shoe that will be regularly clipped to their harness. Our pair of size 10.5 US Men's weigh 24.1 oz.

black diamond technician approach - the black diamond technician weighing in.
The Black Diamond Technician weighing in.
Credit: Sean Haverstock


The Technician is a nice shoe, but we tested other approach shoes that are more well-rounded and in the same or even lower price range. We struggle to find great value here considering what else you could buy instead.


Despite the Black Diamond Technician Approach being the most climbing-specific approach shoe on the market, it still wasn't the top performer in our testing. Ultimately, the climbing performance will come down to the fit for each individual, and for some folks a wide forefoot, this shoe will be a trade-off between hiking comfort and climbing performance.

Sean Haverstock