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Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide Review

This is a popular insulated bottle for its simple design and ability to keep drinks hot for long periods of time
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Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide Review
Credit: Klean Kanteen
Price:  $35 List
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Manufacturer:   Klean Kanteen
By Jane Jackson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 30, 2019
  • Ease of Use - 35% 6.0
  • Durability - 20% 9.0
  • Ease of Cleaning - 20% 7.0
  • Weight - 15% 6.0
  • Taste - 10% 6.0

Our Verdict

The Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide Mouth is a good alternative to a coffee mug or Thermos. The 20 oz volume we tested has a relatively small volume, making it the perfect size for tea or coffee (if you are trying to get really caffeinated!). We liked the lid and handle, which is streamlined in shape and comfortable to hold. Unfortunately, one of the biggest downsides to the bottle was also the lid. It is hard to tell when the lid is screwed on all the way, so we kept noticing that the bottle leaked when the lid was not actually tightened down. Otherwise, the Klean Kanteen was able to hold up to our other top contenders as a decent insulated bottle.
Relatively good value
Simple design
Lid is difficult to screw on causing leakage
Updated Product

Klean Kanteen introduced their TKWide bottle in 2019. Learn more about the update below.

July 2019

Our Analysis and Test Results

Klean Kanteen's New TKWide

The all-new insulated TKWide bottle replaces the Insulated Wide bottle we reviewed. This update includes a brand new lid design which supports use as a water or sport bottle as well as an insulated coffee or tea container. It utilizes the new Cafe Cap, from which you can sip hot or cool beverages, and it claimed to be totally leakproof, though we can't vouch for that claim as we've yet to test it. The cap features a thin metal loop for ease of carrying and is interchangeable with any of Klean Kanteen's other TKWide caps (available for purchase separately). The thread design for the new cap is now located on the inside of the cap instead of the outside, and the lip of the bottle is now rounded and less “sharp” than the older design. Compare the updated TKWide, first photo, to the version we tested, second photo.

We are linking to the updated TKWide, but the review to follow only pertains to the bottle we tested previously.

Hands-On Review of the Insulated Wide

The Klean Kanteen scored highly in durability, performed decently well in terms of cleaning and weight, and fell short in both the ease of use and taste metrics. The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and the simplicity of the lid helps as well. Unfortunately, the bottle was often leaky and held on to flavors more than we would have liked. Like most stainless bottles, the Klean Kanteen was very durable. We would suggest this bottle to those looking for an insulated coffee or tea mug that can be closed.

klean kanteen insulated wide - this lid is similar to the yeti lid, but lacks the same ergonomic...
This lid is similar to the Yeti lid, but lacks the same ergonomic design as Yeti. Also, the threads are on the inside, as opposed to the outside, which makes cleaning more difficult.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ease of Use

The low score that the Klean Kanteen Wide received in this metric is mostly due to the difficulties we had with the lid. The bottle is a good size, kept our hot drinks hot for long periods of time, and has a nice handle, but the lid often leaked. This is a huge flaw in terms of the design since a tight seal is crucial in keeping the liquid inside the bottle! We never ran into issues with this when using bottles like the Yeti Rambler 26 or the Platypus Meta, which only require one 360-degree turn to fully seal the bottle.

klean kanteen insulated wide - we enjoyed the klean kanteen as a pseudo coffee mug, since it has a...
We enjoyed the Klean Kanteen as a pseudo coffee mug, since it has a small capacity and keeps hot drinks hot!
Credit: Jane Jackson


It is in durability that the Klean Kanteen shines. Much like the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth or the Yeti Rambler 26, the stainless steel-sided Klean Kanteen is a little tank and hardly saw a ding or dent over the course of our three-month testing period. The lid is made of thick, sturdy plastic that has no additional parts. This simple design adds to the durability of the bottle, as there are fewer places for the bottle to break. The Yeti Rambler also has a sturdy lid with no moving parts, which is one of the features that contributed to it being our Editors' Choice award winner.

klean kanteen insulated wide - unfortunately, the klean kanteen doesn't fit in a universal sized...
Unfortunately, the Klean Kanteen doesn't fit in a universal sized cup holder, like the one pictured above.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ease of Cleaning

The simplicity of design that contributed to the Klean Kanteens durability also added to the bottle's ease of cleaning score. It takes a little over a minute to thoroughly clean this bottle, since it only has two parts. Because it is insulated, it's best not to put this product in the dishwasher, as it could damage the stainless steel insulation. Bottles that are equally easy to clean are the Hydro Flask, the Nalgene Wide Mouth, and the Yeti Rambler 26.


As usual with stainless steel bottles, the Klean Kanteen is on the heavier side of the spectrum as far as weight goes. Its small volume, though, makes it seem light and thus more portable than the other stainless models we tested, such as the Yeti Rambler and the Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated. The Klean Kanteen weighs in at 12.5 ounces, making it comparable in weight to the Contigo Thermalock Glacier. These bottles are also comparable in design and function.


One of the downsides to the Klean Kanteen is the bottle's ability to hold on to flavors. Perhaps it is because the threads on the lip of the bottle trap taste, but we found this bottle to retain flavor often. We took to using this bottle with hot beverages, since we tested it during the winter, and the bottle definitely held on to the coffee flavor for a few days after putting coffee in it one time. The good news is that the Klean Kanteen is relatively easy to clean, much like other insulated bottles, like the Hydro Flask and the Yeti. For a bottle that will not retain flavor at all, try a glass bottle like the LifeFactory Flip Cap.

klean kanteen insulated wide - we found the klean kanteen best suited for use around town, since it...
We found the Klean Kanteen best suited for use around town, since it has such a small capacity.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Best Applications

As we mentioned above, we found the best use for this bottle to be holding hot beverages. It is the perfect size for afternoon tea or coffee first thing in the morning. Larger insulated bottles, like the Yeti Rambler or the Hydro Flask worked better for cold drinks and were too big for tea or coffee for us, but the Klean Kanteen was a perfect size. It also fits in a car cup holder perfectly, which is an added plus.

klean kanteen insulated wide - the klean kanteen is top notch in its simplicity.
The Klean Kanteen is top notch in its simplicity.
Credit: Jane Jackson


The Klean Kanteen Wide is sold online for $33. This is a good price for an insulated bottle, as its competitors cost anywhere from $35-50, size dependent. As a reasonably priced bottle that will last a long time and keep drinks hot (or cold!), the Klean Kanteen is a good choice. The Simple Modern Summit is very similar in size and design and costs $17, rather than $33. This makes it a better option over the Klean Kanteen Insulated, if you ask us!

klean kanteen insulated wide - the sharp edge of the water bottle can be tough on the lips...
The sharp edge of the water bottle can be tough on the lips, especially when the bottle is full of hot water.
Credit: Jane Jackson


The Klean Kanteen Insulated Wide is a well-made insulated bottle that is easy to operate, clean, and carry. The major downside is the lid and the difficulties we encountered when trying to screw the lid on tightly. That aside, the bottle is relatively inexpensive and sleek looking. One other downside is the bottle's tendency to retain flavor, but this can be remedied by cleaning the bottle (which is easy to do!). We liked the Klean Kanteen and used it frequently as a to-go mug for hot drinks.

Jane Jackson