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X-Dragon 20W Review

This 20W panel is one of the most powerful panels we tested; on the flip side, it is also one of the heaviest
X-Dragon 20W
X-Dragon 20W
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Price:  $55 List | Check Price at Amazon
Pros:  Efficient, powerful, dual USB ports, large storage pocket
Cons:  Heavy, difficulties charging multiple devices
Manufacturer:   X-Dragon
By Jane Jackson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 22, 2017
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Our Verdict

This relatively unknown company, X-Dragon, has been storming the solar panel market for the past few years. Many other online reviews deemed the 20W panel to be one of the best solar panels around. Our tests verified this. It charges devices quickly and efficiently and can maintain a charge in less than optimal conditions, much like the Anker 21W. In nearly all the metrics, this panel came out on top. The X-Dragon only fell short in its ability to charge multiple devices at once.

Our Analysis and Test Results

In our side-by-side tests, the X-Dragon 20W proved to be the most effective portable panels in the review. It can charge an iPhone or small battery quickly in good conditions and has the option to charge two devices with its dual USB ports. Concerning weight, it is one of the heaviest panels we tested, but this is to be expected from a model of its capacity.

Performance Comparison

X-Dragon 20W solar charger - the x-dragon 20w panel has multiple loops to hang it up oriented...
The X-Dragon 20W panel has multiple loops to hang it up oriented toward the sun. However, we found that it worked well propped up on the ground instead, especially since it is such a sturdy panel and can hold itself up easily. This model also had the fastest charging speed out of any in our fleet.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Charge Interruption Recovery

The X-Dragon performed very similarly to the Anker 21W and the Anker 15W as the top performing panels in this rating metric. Each panel was able to reestablish a connection to its device quickly after being shaded. As a cloud passed overhead, it would interrupt the charge, but with X-Dragon's iSolar technology, the panel could quickly readjust and recover the charge quickly. This adaptability is one of the plus sides of panels that have the charge delivery adjustment capabilities built into their design.

X-Dragon 20W solar charger - the ultra-protected zipper pocket of the x-dragon hides under an...
The ultra-protected zipper pocket of the X-Dragon hides under an extra canvas flap.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Charging Speed

To charge our battery to from 0 to 100% took the X-Dragon only 3 hours and 32 minutes. Hats off to this one, since this was the fastest charge time of all nine panels. In comparison, it takes 4 hours for a 5W to 7W panel to charge the same battery to 15%. That puts things in perspective! These batteries can charge an iPhone from off to full about two times, so from that, you can surmise that the X-Dragon would make quick work of charging a phone. In fact, in our tests, it took 30 minutes to charge a phone to 30%. From these tests, the X-Dragon proved to be a charging machine, scoring the highest score for the charging speed metric.

Multiple Device Charging Speed

If you are planning to buy a large capacity panel mainly to charge multiple devices at once, the X-Dragon panel might not be the best option. In all other categories, it stood up to its competitors regarding performance, but it lacked in its ability to deliver a full charge to multiple devices. When plugged into one external battery, the X-Dragon charged it from 0 to 3% in 10 minutes. Then, once another cell was added, it was unable to increase the charge on either battery. It also struggled to maintain a connection to both batteries and they both repeatedly disconnected and reconnected to the panel. This is a detraction, as a significant benefit to the higher watt panels is their versatility and ability to charge many different devices simultaneously. The Anker Powerport 21 earned the highest score in this metric - a 9 out of 10 - while all other contenders scored 6 and lower.


Our experience with the X-Dragon proved to be mostly positive in terms of durability. The panel's strong, water-resistant canvas covering protected the panels and hardly showed any signs of wear after three months in the field. The solar cells themselves also lasted through our tests with little sign of falling apart. In a few reviews, customers complained of warping and bubbling of the plastic solar cells, so we were especially vigilant when we left the panel out in the hot desert sun, but it seemed like the X-Dragon could stand the heat. The panel also has a large, mesh storage compartment, much like that of the Goal Zero Nomad 7, which is useful in storing all the extra cords and small batteries you might have. This pocket was designed well and also showed minimal signs of wearing out.

X-Dragon 20W solar charger - the extra canvas panel adds weight and unnecessary excess material...
The extra canvas panel adds weight and unnecessary excess material to the X-Dragon. The flap also tends to flap or blow the panel over in wind.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Weight & Portability

Another downside to the X-Dragon is its weight. As the second heaviest panel in our testing fleet, it weighs in at 16.6oz, almost 3oz heavier than the more powerful Anker 21W. Only the PowerGreen 20W weighs more, and only by .2oz. These panels are great because they are more efficient and are can charge energy-hungry devices quickly, but they fall short in their portability. If you leave the panel at home because it's too heavy or bulky to fit in your bag, then what's the point of having a portable solar panel, right? Not to say that the X-Dragon is going to be sitting on the bench all the time, but if you are planning on using your panel mostly for self-supported trips where weight is ultra-important, this one might not be the best option for you.

Best Application

This is a great panel for car camping, group trips, or a single traveler who wants a quick and efficient charging system. The X-Dragon shines in its ability to charge devices fast. We recommend combining this panel with a small eternal battery or two and rotating the batteries through, charging devices directly off of the battery. With this system, you are always relying on the battery for charge, rather than the sun, especially if you can set out the panel on a bluebird day and maximize the good weather by charging up all the batteries at once.

X-Dragon 20W solar charger - here is the anker 21w alongside the x-dragon 21w. the anker 21w has...
Here is the Anker 21W alongside the X-Dragon 21W. The Anker 21W has more surface area of paneling than the X-Dragon, which increases its overall efficiency.
Credit: Jane Jackson


This panel has dropped in price significantly over the past couple years, now retailing for around $50 on Amazon, which is a terrific deal. It was difficult to find the panels sold directly from X-Dragon, so going through Amazon might be your only option. This is a red flag for warranty issues and returns, as it may be difficult to find a reliable source to return the product if you aren't happy with it. With over 400 reviews on Amazon, though, this panel seems to be a consistently good option for a powerful, efficient panel.

X-Dragon 20W solar charger - the x-dragon is slightly larger than the anker 21 and the powergreen...
The X-Dragon is slightly larger than the Anker 21 and the PowerGreen when folded up, making it bulky to carry in a day pack.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Overall, the X-Dragon performed well in all our metric categories and proved to be a great option for a high-efficiency panel. It really impressed us in its charging speed, beating out all 8 of the other panels in our race to charge an external battery. When tasked with charging two devices, the X-Dragon did not fare as well as its competitors, so if this is your main goal when purchasing a 20W panel, we suggest looking at either the Anker Powerport 21W or the PowerGreen 21W panel. It is also one of the heaviest panels we tested, which was another downside to this panel. Combined, these factors contributed to the panel coming up short on its overall score, but keep in mind it is still a worthy option for some.

Jane Jackson
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