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Sam grew up in Chicago. His love of the outdoors didn’t blossom until he started bicycle touring in his early 20s. After a couple of years in graduate school deciding he did not want to be an academic, he set off on a 7,000-mile cross-country bike tour. After that, it was on. Sam moved to Colorado, where he started mountain biking. He immediately decided to bikepack the 500-mile Colorado Trail, of course. While riding a detour around a wilderness area, he vowed he would start backpacking to one day thru-hike the CT. Well, two years later, he was thru-hiking that trail. Then, he thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Then, he thru-hiked the CT, again. Along the way, he also started rock climbing. Because, it’s Colorado, so why not? He still goes out on his bikepacking rig when not on foot, too, pedaling dirt roads far out there. You can find him out adventuring somewhere in the American Southwest if you look long enough.

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