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Engel Platinum MT35 Review

Energy efficient and tank-like, though not the coldest or the quietest
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Price:  $1,000 List
Pros:  Energy efficient, good features, super durable, long DC cord
Cons:  Unimpressive minimum temperature, heavy for its size, relatively loud
Manufacturer:   Engel Coolers
By Maggie Brandenburg ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 17, 2019
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  • Temperature Control - 25% 6
  • Insulation - 25% 8
  • Energy Consumption - 20% 9
  • Ease of Use - 15% 6
  • Portability - 10% 6
  • Features - 5% 6

Our Verdict

The Engel Platinum MT35 is a galvanized steel powered cooler that uses a surprisingly little amount of energy to cool, making it our Top Pick for Energy Efficiency. It has a long DC cord that easily stretches the length of an average vehicle to keep your food cooled in the back. The Engel features some impressive durability and features we love, like a non-slip pad for the bottom of the cooler, a lid that's easily removable, and extra pieces to keep it running well for years to come. Though it's not to be used around saltwater and is a bit on the loud side (and on the expensive side), we really like this tank-like powered cooler and think it's a great choice with a solid overall performance.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Platinum is a 12V compressor cooler that we tested in the 35L version (it's also available as 45L, 60L, and 80L). It's advertised to cool from 0ºF to 50ºF and comes with an AC cord, DC cord, extra DC fuse, extra foot piece, and an easy-to-remove lid hinge.

Performance Comparison

Car camping for the weekend or living in your van  the Engel can help make life easiser.
Car camping for the weekend or living in your van, the Engel can help make life easiser.

Temperature Control

As a 12V compressor cooler, the Engel Platinum has better temperature control than any thermoelectric cooler could ever hope to have. Engel advertises this model with a temperature range of 0ºF to 50ºF, though in our testing, it was only able to reach as low as 5.5ºF despite being completely empty. This is one of the least impressive minimum temperatures of any compressor cooler we tested, though still plenty cold enough to keep food frozen solid if you want to. The Engel also claims it has the ability to cool to 80º below ambient temperature, which is similar to other compressor coolers.

Starting from room temperature and filled with room temperature cans, the Platinum reached our desired temperature of 34ºF in 16 hours, which is one of the longest times to cool of any model we tested. The manual states to put in already chilled or frozen food, which would clearly help this thing reach a cool state faster. Once chilled, the display, on average, read 2.5ºF different from the actual temperature inside, which is pretty darn accurate, next to the competition. Though we're not impressed by the Engel's temperature prowess, it certainly does the job just fine if you treat it kindly. If you want a model you can really torture and still expect top performance, this probably isn't the one for you.

Bring things that most standard coolers can't handle  like eggs in a cardboard carton.
Bring things that most standard coolers can't handle, like eggs in a cardboard carton.


Over the course of 36 hours, the Engel gained 18.9ºF. Considering it's a bit smaller than most the other compressor models we tested, this temperature gain is about on par with the others, which we think is pretty good. It's not likely to keep your raw meat from spoiling if you lose power in the desert during summer, but it's enough to keep your drinks cooled in an emergency.

Made of galvanized steel and running a CFC-free compressor with HFC134-A gas, the Platinum is a pretty durable unit. The handles must be attached when you get it, but are really solid if you do decide to use them. Both the AC and DC plugs come out at angles, helping the cords to stay protected during use. Rather than a chain or some such thing to stop the lid from flopping too far open, the Platinum actually rests against the back of the unit and literally can't be overextended. Pretty much everything about this unit shouts its durability.

With decent insulation  a handy removable basket  and an easy-to-clean non-stick bottom pad  the Engel is well-suited to be used for the long haul.
With decent insulation, a handy removable basket, and an easy-to-clean non-stick bottom pad, the Engel is well-suited to be used for the long haul.

Energy Consumption

This is where the Engel truly shines, as it uses the least amount of energy during cooling of any model we tested - including the thermoelectric units. Not even running on a specific "Eco" mode (which it doesn't have because it doesn't need), the Platinum pulls just 31.7 watts of energy even on its coldest temperature. This is less than half of some of the other models' energy draw! These power savings along with a battery saver option will help ensure that your Engel never drains your battery below the point it can start your truck or van.

Of course, this energy savings is wonderful if that's what's most important for your van life or cross-country trucking. Yet it is probably also the reason that the Platinum is less impressive when it comes to metrics like its minimum achievable temperature and the amount of time it takes to cool down from room temperature. Though it claims to be a quiet model, compared to the others we tested, it's quite loud! If you're a light sleeper, this thing turning on and off through the night in your van could wake you up, though it's not nearly as loud as most of the thermoelectric units we tested.

Though it seems a small detail  we love that the lid rests on the back panel when it's open  avoiding overextending the hinges.
Though it seems a small detail, we love that the lid rests on the back panel when it's open, avoiding overextending the hinges.

Ease of Use

Advertised as a 35L, 34-quart model, with the interior liner and basket in place, we measured the Engel Platinum at just 27.5L, which is a pretty big discrepancy. It fits up to 38 standard 12 oz. cans if you pack nothing else inside. An interior light helps to find what you're looking for in this relatively narrow, deep cooler that lacks any shelving or top baskets to keep you organized. If you remove the basket, you'll get a little bit more space, but not a significant amount. A rubbery mat goes on the bottom of the unit, helping to stop your contents from sliding around as much and making spill clean-up easier.

The Platinum opens the long way, which is a bit of a bigger pain in a shorter vehicle, though is less obnoxious given its smaller capacity than some of the larger models. The metal latch is strong, easy to use, and secure, and a physical dial on the top adjusts the internal temperature. The unit comes with a special hinge that you can switch out for the lid to make it easily removable if you'd like. It also comes with both an AC and DC cord, as well as some extra pieces just in case, like a DC fuse and an extra foot piece. The Platinum can operate up to 30º off of level, though is not supposed to be around saltwater, so installing it on your ocean-going yacht is out of the question.

A very secure metal latch holds this cooler tight against the outside heat.
A very secure metal latch holds this cooler tight against the outside heat.


For a relatively small-capacity cooler, the Engel is surprisingly heavy! It weighs a whopping 47.8 lbs, which is significantly more than some of the units we tested that feature double the amount of storage space. However, a quality compressor just isn't that light, and powered coolers really aren't meant to be carried around for long distances. Once you get your unit in place, ideally you can just leave it there and forget how heavy it is.

Long, large, sturdy metal handles make it easier than others to move this unit around when you do need to. They're also removable, which may help save space wherever you store your cooler - just be sure to leave the appropriate-sized clearance around the compressor vents! The Engel's DC cord is an impressive 9.5 feet long, which makes it fairly likely you can stretch it through the length of your vehicle if you really need to.

Though not light  the large  heavy-duty handles of the Engel help you to place it exactly where you want it.
Though not light, the large, heavy-duty handles of the Engel help you to place it exactly where you want it.


Though it doesn't appear at first to have a ton of features, the Platinum does have a few key features that are really nice. An optional removable hinge for the lid is a nice touch if you want to be able to easily remove it. The handles can be removed as well if you so desire. Though the internal basket is basic, it's nice to have the option to load it up in your house and carry it out to your car easily. The non-skid mat on the bottom is helpful to both to stop contents from sliding and make cleaning easier. And the top of the lid has a few indents that make it safer to set something up there without it flying around willy nilly.

Engel backs their product with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, just in case you have an issue with it, which is pretty decent in the world of powered coolers. It will also automatically switch between AC and DC power to preserve your battery if you need. All in all, it's a pretty handy little cooler.

Indents on the lid and a simple to use screen and temperature dial are some of the thoughtful features we appreciate about this unit.
Indents on the lid and a simple to use screen and temperature dial are some of the thoughtful features we appreciate about this unit.


The Engel is not a cheap cooler, and runs right up there with some of the other very expensive options we tested. But for the quality performance and stellar energy efficiency in a durable box that you get with the Platinum, we think it's money well-invested.


The Platinum is a high-quality powered cooler that offers impressively low energy usage in a durable package, making it our Top Pick for Energy Efficiency. Its combination of quality construction, thoughtful features, and excellent performance make it one of our favorite compressor coolers. As long as you're not planning to use it around saltwater, this beast is built to last.

With the energy savings of the Platinum  we worry much less about draining our car battery.
With the energy savings of the Platinum, we worry much less about draining our car battery.

Maggie Brandenburg