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Weber Q 1200 Review

Weber Q 1200
Top Pick Award
Price:  $219 List | $199.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Super non-stick grill surface, easy to clean, snazzy side tables, excellent temperature control, wind resistant, always starts first try
Cons:  Heavy, no lid latch, disposable aluminum grease trap inserts fly away in the wind, can be challenging to attach disposable propane canister at first
Bottom line:  Great grill with good temperature control and awesome porcelain-enamel coated cast iron cooking grates that clean up in a snap.
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Total BTU (from manufacturer):  8,500
Weight (pounds):  31
Cooking surface area (inches):  189 sq in
Manufacturer:   Weber

Our Verdict

The Weber Q 1200 is our Top Pick for Tabletop Grilling. This product heats up fast and grills quickly and evenly. The Q 1200 has porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates that are a delight to cook on because they are non-stick, super easy to clean and maintain, and can even go in the dishwasher. The key word here is enameled. Not porcelain coated, enameled. We tested two products with porcelain-enamel and found it to be a great non-stick surface that works incredibly well. The Q 1200 is not as easy to transport as the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet, which is the other grill we tested with a porcelain-enameled grate, but it does have 35 more cubic inches of grilling space. The Q 1200 is 16 pounds heavier than the Petite Gourmet but it is sturdier and will likely be more durable. The Q 1200 has a sweet, extremely useful thermometer, and its 189 sq in of grilling space holds a surprisingly large amount of food.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Valentine Cullen

Last Updated:
May 24, 2017


Performance Comparison

Single stainless steel burner tube that delivers 8 500 BTU's
Single stainless steel burner tube that delivers 8,500 BTU's

Output Power

The Q 1200 has one stainless steel burner tube that delivers 8,500 BTU's. It heats up quickly, cooks evenly and leaves beautiful char marks. We found that cooking time on this grill was less than expected for such a small product.
The Blackstone The Dash is the next closest contender tested at 7,000 BTU's but it doesn't get extremely hot or cook evenly. The product with the highest BTU output tested is the Coleman RoadTrip LXX. It cooks hot and fast and evenly.


The Q 1200 makes grilling simple and fun. Its push button electronic ignition starts with just one press of the button every time. It has an infinite control burner valve that allows the flame to be adjusted to clear low, medium and high settings, and the built-in temperature gauge allows for even greater temperature control. This grill does cool down quickly when the lid is open though, so when you're doing your flipping, make it quick. The regulator is attached snugly and the grease trap is large, easy to take on and off, and comes with a disposable (or reusable) aluminum insert.

The Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill, a stand-alone cart style product with dual burners, also received a high score in this metric. The Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grill scored well in this area as well. The Petit Gourmet can be used as a tabletop model or a stand-alone model with its telescoping legs fully extended.

Sweet little side tables.
Sweet little side tables.


At 31 pounds, this baby is kind of heavy for a tabletop grill. We tested four tabletop products and only the Smoke Hollow Vector Series was heavier, and it has a built in smoker. The other two tested are over ten pounds lighter. But, this grill has a cast aluminum lid and body which means no rusting or flexing, and a glass-reinforced nylon frame. This grill is sturdy and durable and will likely last a very long time. The lightest model we tested is the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grill.

Ease of Transport

This grill is both simple and challenging to transport at the same time. You can just grab it and put it in your trunk and then place it on a picnic bench which is simple enough, but you do have to carry it. It is of average weight if you consider all of the contenders tested, but that's including the rolling, cart style stand-alone versions we tested as well. The Cuisinart Petite Gourmet and the Blackstone The Dash are both nearly half the weight of the Q 1200.

Weight is not the only challenging thing with this grill. The Q 1200 is built with the regulator positioned directly underneath the right handle. This means that with a small disposable propane bottle attached it is nearly impossible to wrap your hand around the handle. Even with the propane bottle not attached, you still cannot grab onto the middle of the handle, you can only grip a small portion on the top (or side furthest from the front) which makes carrying it slightly awkward.

It's challenging to get a good grip on the handle of the Q 1200 because the regulator is in the way.
It's challenging to get a good grip on the handle of the Q 1200 because the regulator is in the way.

Lots of folks seem to have trouble attaching a small disposable propane bottle to the regulator on this grill. When attaching the bottle, the neck of the propane canister fits easily into the regulator but doesn't seem to thread at first — just spinning and spinning and frustration. But then we discovered a trick. You must slightly pull the regulator away from the main body of the grill, which allows for the perfect lineup and threading between the canister and regulator. At first we thought this was inconvenient and slightly annoying, but it quickly became apparent that this secure connection was actually an extreme asset when lifting or moving this grill from one cooking surface to another (not travel mode, say just one picnic table to another) because the propane canister is so securely attached you can do so without worrying about it flopping around.

All packed up!
All packed up!

The Q's side tables fold inside for travel effortlessly, but you will want to make sure that it's completely cool before you do so as they are made out of plastic and could melt. We really wish this model came with a latch on the lid. The lid is heavy so it doesn't do much moving around, but if you're going four-wheeling or anything of the sort to get to your BBQ site, consider using a bungee cord.

Cooking Area

This product has 189 square inches of grilling space on top of porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates. Did we mention how much we love the porcelain-enamel? It's the bomb. It's a breeze to clean with a grill brush or a sponge and soapy water. It can even be put in the dishwasher. It's also dreamy to grill on and wonderfully non-stick. No worrying about non-stick sprays or oiling of cast iron — it will never rust. But don't use a metal or wire brush to clean it or you'll ruin the surface. Use a soft bristle or nylon brush.

The 189 square inches of grill space holds a surprisingly large amount of food. We were able to load it up with enough food to easily feed 3-4 people.

Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates after a month of near daily use.
Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates after a month of near daily use.

The Q also has some pretty snazzy side tables which at first we didn't think were a super bonus because after all, it is a table top grill, but then we took it to spots without picnic tables and while perched on top of a cooler they were definitely a bonus. We also took it tailgating and unless you keep the back of your truck spotless, you'll find they come in handy. If your tailgate has carpet or some other kind of material that you might not want to get BBQ sauce on, then you'll find them useful as well. When we did use this grill on a super crowded tabletop, we found that we used the side tables and the space underneath and appreciated them in this situation as well.

Caprese tomatoes didn't stick!
Caprese tomatoes didn't stick!

You can also purchase a griddle for the Q separately from Weber.

If you're looking for a larger cooking surface the STOK Gridiron 1-Burner has the largest cooking surface dimensions we tested.

Wind Resistance

The Q is almost perfectly wind resistant. Almost. High winds did not affect the flame at all on any setting, nor did they affect lighting the Q, and the heavy lid was never at risk of being slammed shut. The only thing that was not wind resistant was the disposable aluminum insert that goes into the grease trap. It flies away in high winds. But you could always do without it completely and use something else, or you could do what we did and just put a rock in it.

The Blackstone The Dash also recieved a high score in wind resistance because it's grate does not have holes in it and is completely wind resistant. If you're looking for a stand alone model, the Coleman RoadTrip LXX, winner of our Editors' Choice award, also recieved a high score in this metric.


The Q was one of the most expensive products in our review. $220 for a smallish, not super light grill may seem steep, and it is, but the Q won't let you down. It's worth it. It also comes in 8 cool colors or if you prefer, it's also available decorated with 8 different University football team logos, and most of those models are $20 less expensive and they have exactly the same specifications. We're not sure why this is, but we suspect the peeps at Weber must really like college football! Last but not least, you can even have your Q decorated with a Harley Davidson logo, but that's going to cost you an extra 30 bucks.

We liked trusting that delicate kabobs won't stick to the Q 1200.
We liked trusting that delicate kabobs won't stick to the Q 1200.

Best Applications

The Q would do well on your tailgate, on a picnic table at a park or campsite, on your apartment or dorm patio or as part of your RV setup. You do have to carry it and it's not super light, but it's not that heavy either. If you want a grill that is easy to cook on, easy to clean, and simple to light and maintain temperature control with, the Q could be the one for you. If you want a grilling grate that you will be required to season, check out the Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away. If you're looking for something small, light and supremely portable check out the Blackstone The Dash or the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grill.
Valentine Cullen

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