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STOK Gridiron 1-Burner Review

Complete with a burly cart with interchangeable grill inserts, this is the best system tested for moving from collapsed to standing position, with a built in thermometer and side table
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STOK Gridiron 1-Burner Review (STOK Gridiron 1-Burner)
STOK Gridiron 1-Burner
Credit: STOK
Price:  $195 List
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Manufacturer:   Stok
By Aaron Rice and Valentine Cullen  ⋅  Apr 18, 2019
  • Output Power - 25% 7.0
  • Control - 25% 5.0
  • Portability - 20% 4.0
  • Cooking Area - 20% 9.0
  • Wind Resistance - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

The STOK Gridiron 1-Burner is an aesthetically pleasing stand-alone, cart style, single burner grill. It's the most portable of the cart style contenders we tested. It has a single side table, built-in thermometer and best of all it has a circular section in the very middle of the grill that is removable and interchangeable with nine different inserts such as a pizza stone, cast iron kettle, chicken roaster and more, all available for purchase separately. The Gridiron is easy to transport and would easily fit into to any camp, tailgate, RV, or patio setup. It would also work well for day use as it is the easiest to set up of all of the cart style models we tested and it is well balanced and easy to maneuver and roll when collapsed.
Great cart system
Cool interchangeable grill inserts
Built in thermometer
Can't grill on low temps
Flimsy wheels and lid latch

Our Analysis and Test Results

Overall, this STOK model is edged out for any of our awards. However, the unique modularity of the grill surface and its general solid performance earn it your consideration.

Performance Comparison

stok gridiron 1-burner
Credit: Valentine Cullen

Output Power

The Gridiron puts out 15,000 BTUs, one of the highest fuel output models we tested. Only a few have more raw power.


The Gridiron has clear high, medium, and low flame settings, but the temperature is not even throughout the entire grilling surface. The front half of the burner has a hotter flame than the back, and the left side of the grill we tested cooks hotter than the right. We do appreciate the built-in thermometer which enabled us to regulate the overall internal temperature easily and also reach a perfect searing temperature.

stok gridiron 1-burner
Credit: Valentine Cullen


Though it's the heaviest product we tested, the Gridiron didn't seem heavier than any of the rest of the cart style products, and we speculate that this is because it has the best system tested for adjusting from the folded to an upright position, and when folded and rolling the center of gravity is balanced nicely.

Due to its unique folding/unfolding system, this model was a breeze to transport with minimal effort. However, lifting it into a trunk or truck bed is a strenuous affair.

stok gridiron 1-burner - the stok gridiron 1-burner and its unique folding system that was...
The STOK Gridiron 1-Burner and its unique folding system that was simple and effortless to use.
Credit: Valentine Cullen

Other cart style grills require you to lift the grill off of its stand to close it to a collapsed position, which takes a small amount of muscle. The Gridiron does not. It has a release lever that you push with your foot which causes the center brace to disengage, at which point you slowly and effortlessly lift the handle. The wheels roll slowly and gently towards the frame support (non-wheeled end of the stand) and when they stop rolling you tip the whole thing up on its end and tap the wheeled end into its locked position with your foot. Voila! We love it.

stok gridiron 1-burner
Credit: Valentine Cullen

It stands on its end very securely and can easily be stored in this position. It's heavy, but the thoughtful design of the Stok Gridiron does a lot of legwork to help its portability.

stok gridiron 1-burner - the stok is the only cart style model we tested that can be stored...
The STOK is the only cart style model we tested that can be stored on its end.
Credit: Valentine Cullen

Cooking Area

The Gridiron has a 348 square inch porcelain-coated cast-iron grill grate. The Gridiron cooking surface is unique. It has a circular section in the center of the grate that is removable. There are nine different inserts available for purchase separately. The inserts include a smoke infuser, pizza stone, vegetable tray, cast-iron kettle, kabob and rib rack, griddle, grilling basket, chicken roaster, and a wok.

stok gridiron 1-burner - the circular section in the center of the grate is removable and...
The circular section in the center of the grate is removable and there is nine different inserts available for purchase from the STOK website.
Credit: Valentine Cullen

Wind Resistance

The Gridiron did not score well in this metric. The burners are exposed and often blew out in high winds. When they stayed lit the heat remained usable and high.


We liked the Gridiron for its portability. We also appreciate the porcelain-coated cast iron grate, which sears well and is pleasingly non-stick. We didn't buy any of the separately-sold grate inserts, but we think having that option is sweet and could potentially lead to some delicious culinary adventures. The wheels on the Gridiron are flimsy plastic that bent and squished the first time out on rough terrain. We were able to bend them back into commission easily enough. The lid latch leaves something to be desired as well. It broke well into the testing process, but it also was bent back into place. If it did break permanently, storing it in the standing position would no longer be possible because the grates would fall out. Very disappointingly, the starter failed to work often and had to be lit with a long reach lighter. For the price we expect more durability.


The Gridiron is a cool, versatile product that looks burly and grills nicely. We loved the system it has for going from a packed to standing position, and with versatile cooking purchase add-ons, you can turn this grill into nearly any type of cooker you desire.

stok gridiron 1-burner - the stok gridiron 1-burner standing on its end, the coleman roadtrip...
The STOK Gridiron 1-Burner standing on its end, the Coleman RoadTrip (previously tested) in front and the Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Portable top right.
Credit: Valentine

Aaron Rice and Valentine Cullen