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Neokut Black Kryptonite Review

A beefy, purpose built rescue and escape tool for those that can carry the hefty mass
Neokut Black Kryptonite
Neokut Black Kryptonite
Credit: Neokut
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Price:  $36 List
Pros:  Beefy and strong
Cons:  Heavy
Manufacturer:   Neokut
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 20, 2016
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  • Blade Integrity - 30% 8.0
  • Ergonomics - 20% 7.0
  • Portability - 20% 6.0
  • Construction Quality - 20% 8.0
  • Other Features - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

The Black Kryptonite Knife is No Longer Available as of December 2017
Even within a product category like "Pocket Knives", we find sub-categories of specialized products. One such sub category is the "tactical knife". In our review roster, we have two products like this. In short, these knives have beefy blades and construction, a built-in glass breaker, and a slotted cord and webbing cutter. Of the two we tested, this NeoKut and the SOG Trident Elite, both are strong and useful, while the SOG is significantly lighter.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Like the B-2 Bomber airplane, the Neokut Kryptonite is stealthy. In dark shades of grey and black, with absolutely no brand markings or words of any kind, the Neokut is pure function and gritty threat.

Performance Comparison

Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - the stealthy look of the neokut, in shades of black and grey with...
The stealthy look of the Neokut, in shades of black and grey with absolutely no brand markings anywhere. The blade shape is solid and reliable, while the edge holds well enough.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Blade and Edge Integrity

Our product research didn't reveal any information about the type of steel used in the blade of the Neokut. In actual usage we found it to come sharp from the factory, and need periodic sharpening under use- just like every single other knife on the market. Some steels hold an edge better than others, but all need to be sharpened after use. The Neokut's blade is sharpened at a rather steep angle, which is great for edge durability under heavy use. The blade is thick, encouraging, and stands up to rough use. Overall, the blade and edge seems rugged and ready for heavy use. For delicate cutting tasks like tomatoes, more fastidious maintenance of the edge will be required. Without knowing the exact blade steel composition, this is as much blade information as we can provide.
Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - action shot of the neokut's assisted opening blade. the visible...
Action shot of the NeoKut's assisted opening blade. The visible thumb studs work just like those on the Mini Barrage or SOG Trident, while the finger tab in use here is more similar to the opening option on the Kershaw Leek. Multiple opening options like the NeoKut has can only help the user get the blade deployed quickly.
Credit: Jediah Porter


The Neokut is very easy to open with a full-size handle that readily fills an adult hand. If the blade is strong enough to handle rough tasks, the beefy handle backs that right up. The all-metal handle is lightly rounded, though we wish it were a little more so. The plastic handle of the SOG knife is slightly more comfortable in one's hand, primarily because the profile is more rounded. The spring steel pocket clips of both knives, when gripped firmly for heavy duty cutting, press into one's hand. On the Neokut, however, that pocket clip is mounted near the knife blade hinge. Here it is more "in the way" while cutting than the butt-mounted clip of the SOG. Both of these knives are built for quick deployment. The pocket clip is part of that. Also, the spring-assisted opening function of each is crucial to rapid engagement. One would think that the orientation of the pocket clip would influence the speed of opening. Interestingly, the completely opposite orientation of these two close competitors does not seem to affect the deployment ease of either one. The user of each can readily adapt, especially once he or she is "used to it".

Construction Quality

We had no problem whatsoever with the quality of the Neokut. We do wish that the manufacturer made information about the materials a little more accessible, but our practical testing indicated no troubles. In our experience, the amount and nature of any "play" in the blade hinge is an indication of construction and manufacturer's attention to detail. In this case, the Neokut edges slightly ahead of the SOG with less play. However, as one might expect, the Editors Choice Benchmade Mini Barrage 585 is a considerably tighter build.
Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - the v-cutter of the black kryptonite in action on two inch webbing.
The v-cutter of the Black Kryptonite in action on two inch webbing.
Credit: Jediah Porter


The Neokut is the second heaviest product in our review. It is heavy enough to be noticeably a "drag" on one's pants. For every day carry, this is undesirable. Only the Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter is heavier, but this thankfully comes with a belt pouch. In direct comparisons, it is the portability (specifically weight concerns) that really tips the balance in this "tactical" knife sub-category toward the SOG over the NeoKut. Between the two is an important threshold weight. The SOG comes in well below and virtually disappears in one's pocket.
Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - the neokut knife in stowed, pocket-ready form. the black protrusion...
The NeoKut knife in stowed, pocket-ready form. The black protrusion on the right end is the hardened steel glass breaker. The v notch on the lower right end is the webbing cutter.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Other Features

There are really only two other features on the NeoKut to speak of. The small, unobtrusive "glass breaker" is essentially a hardened steel nub on the butt end of the knife. Whether the blade is open or closed, one can use this to lead a smashing blow to a window for any sort of escape or evasion. Also, built into the handle of the Black Kryptonite is a "slot cutter". Basically, this is a v-shaped cut out in the handle protecting an otherwise exposed blade. This feature is intended for quick and easy cutting of cordage and webbing, specifically in the event of something like a car crash that requires rapid disengagement of one's seatbelt. The features are a common inclusion on these tactical knives, and are included on only the two knives we have been closely comparing. On both the NeoKut and the SOG, the features work as intended.
Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - close up of the added features of the black kryptonite knife...
Close up of the added features of the Black Kryptonite knife, showing the dedicated v-cutter blade and steel glass breaker nub.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Best Application

This is a great tool for a big person for whom the additional mass will not be regretted. The fit, function, and finish are great, but the final product is just too heavy for most to carry in their pants pocket everyday.


The retail price of the NeoKut is slightly below average. As compared to the SOG, it is slightly less expensive. In order to save couple dollars, you may justify the additional weight of the NeoKut. One thing to be aware of is that the company NeoKut has very little web presence. We were able to find little to no information about any sort of warranty nor about NeoKut's customer and product service policies.


The NeoKut is a serious looking and feeling tool for someone seriously concerned about being attacked and/or trapped.
Neokut Black Kryptonite pocket knife - comparison photo of the two "tactical" style knives we tested...
Comparison photo of the two "tactical" style knives we tested. Optimized for rescue, escape, and evasion, we sure hope that most of the population has no actual use for these tools. Nonetheless the design clearly has appeal.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Jediah Porter
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