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CRKT Jettison Review

A unique product for the pocket knife consumer that values uniqueness for its own sake
crkt jettison pocket knife review
CRKT Jettison
Credit: Amazon
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Price:  $50 List
Manufacturer:   CRKT
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 31, 2018
  • Blade and Edge Integrity - 30% 5.0
  • Ergonomics - 20% 4.0
  • Portability - 20% 5.0
  • Construction Quality - 20% 6.0
  • Other Features - 10% 0.0

Our Verdict

A heavy, robust, creatively constructed pocket knife. CRKT shakes up the formula with a thick blade and thin handle, all made of value-level materials in a design that only might justify the higher cost. The CRKT Jettison is unique. The slim handle is difficult to handle, while the thick (in all directions) blade fills your pocket. For making a statement and pocketing a piece of art, consider the CRKT Jettison. Of the major pocket knife applications, the Jettison is most suited to everyday carry by someone that appreciates uniqueness for its own sake. It is too heavy for outdoor, human-powered uses. Its ergonomics suffer in tactical or construction settings.
Thick blade
Super smooth hinges
Degrading blade finish
Narrow handle
Thick blade

Our Analysis and Test Results

This model is one of the most unique knives we have ever tested. The dimensions are the real distinguishing characteristic. Given the overall size, the handle is quite small, and the blade is very large. Between weird proportions and a few unexpected signs of wear and tear, the CRKT Jettison didn't thoroughly impress us.

Performance Comparison

crkt jettison pocket knife review - the beefy blade of the jettison is well suited to heavy tasks. our...
The beefy blade of the Jettison is well suited to heavy tasks. Our only wish is that the handle better supported heavy forces.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Blade and Edge Integrity

Blade and edge integrity is a multi-faceted feature to assess. Materials, design, and final finish inform the blade integrity. Within a design, different attributes must be balanced. Thick blades are stronger, while thinner blades feel sharper. Softer steel is easier to sharpen but doesn't "hold an edge" for as long. The blade of the Jettison is thick and made of relatively soft steel. The thickness lends support and strength that will hold up to the most robust of tasks. The edge itself will reward those who take an active role in the maintenance of the cutting surface.

The best knives in our test balance the competing "interests" mentioned above quite well. In our few months of use, the blade of the CRKT Jettison shows more nicking and dulling than almost any other blade we have tested, in years now of assessment.

crkt jettison pocket knife review - the thick blade works, but a thinner blade is preferred for food...
The thick blade works, but a thinner blade is preferred for food preparation.
Credit: Jediah Porter


How do you deploy the blade of the knife, how does the handle support heavy tasks, and how precise can you be with the blade? These are the "ergonomics" questions we ask. You activate the blade by either pulling it open with two hands or by a one-handed index finger flick. The handle of the Jettison is small, with squared off edges. For pushing hard, we wish the handle were twice the overall bulk. The heavy and thick blade, driven by that same narrow handle, isn't super well-suited to delicate tasks.

crkt jettison pocket knife review - the jettison can be opened one-handed. some practice and a quick...
The Jettison can be opened one-handed. Some practice and a quick finger flick do the job.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Our preferred deployment method is the assisted-opening, thumb-stud actuated action. The set up of the Jettison is different but is something you will get used to. The narrow handle, though, is likely a "non-starter" for you. For both heavy and precise tasks, a bulkier handle is better. The slender design of the Jettison handle is peculiar, especially considering that the overall closed profile isn't all that small. It's not like the designer wanted a narrow handle to make the knife carry smaller.


At 4.5 ounces, few knives we tested are heavier than the Jettison. With most of that weight in the blade, this weight is difficult for everyday carry enthusiast to justify. The pocket clip works great and allows the knife to hang deep in your pocket, virtually unnoticed. The external profile is largely smooth and relatively thin in cross-section.

crkt jettison pocket knife review - especially as compared to something like the kershaw blur, the...
Especially as compared to something like the Kershaw Blur, the pocket clipped Jettison virtually disappears on the edge of your pants.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Other Features

There are no other features to note on the Jettison. Few knives we tested have anything more than a simple blade. Consult our comprehensive Multi-Tool Review for more versatile pieces of equipment.

Construction Quality

The super-structure of the Jettison is very confidence inspiring. We used this knife for almost three months (as is typical for our reviews; we don't mess around with short test periods. You deserve better.), and only liked the big-picture construction quality more and more. The hinge works very smoothly, and the all-metal construction will be tough to wear out. However, near the end of our test period, we began to notice little signs of wear. Fading and chipping of the stamped logos and discolored staining, all on the blade, suggest inferior materials, inattention to rigorous quality control, or both. As noted in the blade section above, we also noticed chipping of the edge.

crkt jettison pocket knife review - close examination of this photo reveals the peeling crkt logo and at...
Close examination of this photo reveals the peeling CRKT logo and at least one major nick in the blade edge.
Credit: Jediah Porter

crkt jettison pocket knife review - the crkt jettison, here showing the relative size of the handle and...
The CRKT Jettison, here showing the relative size of the handle and blade.
Credit: Jediah Porter


For the price, we are a little disheartened by the blade deformities, staining, and logo degradation. These are things we might be inclined to overlook (in final assessment… we overlook as little as possible in testing) on less expensive products. At this price point, the fit and finish of something like the Best Buy Kershaw Leek stand out above that of the Jettison.

crkt jettison pocket knife review - for 2018 we added three new knives to our review, and updated...
For 2018 we added three new knives to our review, and updated comparisons to the entire fleet of 14. From left to right: Kershaw Blur, CRKT Jettison, and Opinel No. 8.
Credit: Jediah Porter


This is a "statement" product. It is a conversation starter and a unique choice for a unique user. The CRKT knife design team on the Jettison is creative and bold. We appreciate the boldness of someone that would design and choose a product like this. We just wish that the creativity resulted in something that excelled.

Jediah Porter
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