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Hammock Bliss Double Review

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Hammock Bliss Double Review (Hammock Bliss Double)
Hammock Bliss Double
Price:  $67 List
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Manufacturer:   Hammock Bliss
By Greg Davis ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 9, 2014
  • Comfort - 30% 8.0
  • Weight - 20% 6.0
  • Ease of Set Up - 10% 7.0
  • Protection/ Durability - 20% 8.0
  • Versatility - 20% 9.0

Our Verdict

The Hammock Bliss Double is in a tough position, competing with two other double hammocks, the ENO DoubleNest and Grand Trunk Double. Each double hammock has similar construction and materials, yet the Hammock Bliss Double is a more simple offering. Carabiners are not included, though the 100" of 6mm cord is perfect for reaching devious anchors without needing multiple sets of slings and attachment accessories. While not the longest, this hammock is the widest of the ones reviewed and is extremely comfortable for camping. We don't recommend spending much time sleeping in a double hammock with another full-sized human, but if you did, this would be the ideal one to share with a partner.
Quick to set up
Less color options
No carabiners
Need upgrades for weather or bugs
That being said, it is the heaviest of the doubles and has a slightly lower weight capacity. In a game of ounces, every bit counts, and while this hammock scores just shy of the Top Pick Double hammock, which went to the Grand Trunk Double, it is a wonderful hammock with beautiful construction and great colors that should not be overlooked.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The widest hammock reviewed, the Hammock Bliss Double is one of the most comfortable. Overall, we feel this hammock could have used a few more features to be competitive with the Grand Trunk and ENO doubles, though it is incredibly durable and lounging couples have plenty of space to hang.

Performance Comparison

hammock bliss double - two people comfortably laying in the hammock bliss double, though it...
Two people comfortably laying in the Hammock Bliss Double, though it would not likely be comfortable for a full night of sleep.
Credit: Greg Davis


One standout feature of this hammock is the massive 6' 8" width. While lounging on hot days at the beach or under a shade tree on a breezy day in camp, the Nylon can be wrapped around like a burrito, even with two people in it - a great way to avoid a warm sun or a slightly cool wind. The parachute material is soft to the touch and doesn't cause static or running tears. Like most hammocks in the review, the small pouch it stuffs into, which turns into a hanging pocket when set-up, is a great spot to leave a phone, iPod, or camera. We found no problem keeping a sleeping pad from sliding out of position, which is important on colder nights to reduce cold spots. There are only two color choices for this hammock, Tan/Green and Blue/Purple, but we like both.

As with all double hammocks, we feel that this hammock sits two comfortably but is best slept in as a single.

hammock bliss double - at 5'11, keith had no trouble fitting in the hammock bliss double...
At 5'11, Keith had no trouble fitting in the Hammock Bliss Double for an overnight camping trip in Southern California.
Credit: Greg Davis


Of all the doubles, the Hammock Bliss weighs the most at 22 ounces, though many will gladly carry the extra few ounces for an added few inches in width. However, if you are looking to set up at more complicated anchoring sites, like in the desert or in between boulders, consider that an extra few feet of webbing and carabiners may need to be added to this hammock's system.

hammock bliss double - all three doubles tested were relatively close in weight and size...
All three doubles tested were relatively close in weight and size, from L to R: Eno Doublenest, Grand Trunk Double, and Hammock Bliss Double.
Credit: Greg Davis


The great thing about double hammocks is they can fit anyone and everyone — even a smaller person can escape the hammock without feeling like they are punching their way out of a paper bag. However windy, wet, and cold conditions may not be as appropriate without outfitting a few accessories, as there is no rain fly or bug net attached and the weight might keep it out of most day packs as a way to lounge and enjoy lunch on a hike.


As with all parachute nylon hammocks, the Bliss Double easily withstood all the conditions it was thrown in, including being lugged around rock climbing crags and scraping against tree bark and rough stone. The wider design allows for a single user to cocoon inside during annoying breezes or light drizzles, however any serious weather or exposure would be a concern. The two pattern design is triple-stitched at load bearing seams. For those looking to brave bug territory consider adding the Eagles Nest Outfitters Bug Net to keep mosquitoes and no see-ums away. The hammock is machine-washable, mildew resistant, and tested to 350lbs, an important number to keep in mind — maybe don't pile your friends into it like a clown car - but two small-to-average-sized people should be under the limit.

Ease of Set-up

Sometimes simple is better. The Hammock Bliss Double does not come with any carabiners, only two 100" pieces of 6mm cord looped through the gathered material at the end. This makes it easy to set the hammock up between two close anchors, however anchor points that are further away may not be reachable with the included cord — a hammock buyer looking to find 'that perfect hang' may need to pick up a few extra carabiners and extra webbing to reach difficult or awkward anchor points (like looping around a wide boulder).

hammock bliss double - the long cord make setting up in between distant trees easier.
The long cord make setting up in between distant trees easier.
Credit: Greg Davis

Best Applications

This is a great hammock for those looking to camp in a hammock but want options. A few upgrades can make the whole system expedition-ready, while the sub-2lb weight keeps it from being a clunky addition to an already loaded backpack. The Hammock Bliss Double comes with more width than the other two tested doubles, so those looking to spend time in a hammock with a close friend will enjoy the added space.


$67 is a great value for a double, even considering the lack of carabiners or extra cordage. For solo customers and lightweight backpackers this is a bit less bang for your buck than a single with noticeable benefits, such as the Grand Trunk Nano 7 or the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter, but for anyone looking to expand horizons and camp in more versatile conditions in a hammock, it is a reasonable price. The true value comes in the durability and life of the product, which spread out over a handful of trips will easily be worth the cost.


The Hammock Bliss Double does everything well, but nothing perfect. For a simple double to share with a friend, this is the hammock to get.

Other Versions and Accessories

Hammock Bliss Ultralight
hammock bliss double - hammock bliss - image from website
Hammock Bliss - Image from Website
Credit: Hammock Bliss Website
  • Supportive, well made, lightweight and extremely portable
  • Better suited to a small or medium person
  • A portable sleeping solution to back-country hikers or climbers
  • Weighs 13 oz
  • $45

This hammock does not come with an included bug net or rain fly, so those will need to be purchased separately. Additionally, extra carabiners and webbing may need to be purchased for more versatile anchoring positions.

Greg Davis