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Bear Butt Double Review

From backyards and barbeques to backpacking and sleeping under the stars, this inexpensive hammock is an inexpensive and comfortable choice
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Bear Butt Double Review
Credit: Bear Butt
Price:  $42 List
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Manufacturer:   Bear Butt
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 10, 2018
  • Comfort - 30% 9.0
  • Durability and Protection - 20% 6.0
  • Weight - 20% 7.0
  • Ease of Set Up - 15% 9.0
  • Versatility - 15% 7.0

Our Verdict

We found this spacious hammock from Bear Butt easy to love and versatile to use at a shockingly low price! As a double hammock with a high capacity, you can enjoy this hammock with friends and quickly find a comfortable position to sleep in it alone. The carabiners that come with this hammock are lightweight and sturdy, unlike many other hammocks that send heavy carabiners or simple S hooks and force you to purchase upgraded carabiners. Our only real complaint is that it comes with ropes for suspension, which can be incredibly damaging to trees. You can buy trunk straps instead, but of course that ups the cost! However, this hammock is so astoundingly simple to use and comfortable even to share, we found it hard to talk ourselves out of bringing it on any outdoor adventure!
Large and comfortable
Easy to use
Low cost
Comes with tree-damaging rope suspension
Trunk straps extra

Our Analysis and Test Results

With so many hammocks out there to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you? Well, worry no more! We spent hours lounging, chatting, sleeping, laughing, eating, and reading in the best hammocks to bring you the best of them all. If you're looking for a hammock that can handle it all and doesn't break the bank, then check out this versatile and comfortable double hammock from Bear Butt!

Performance Comparison

bear butt double - enjoy life with friends in this double-wide hammock!
Enjoy life with friends in this double-wide hammock!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Made of 75D nylon, this parachute-style hammock is soft and comfortable against the skin. It's reasonably breathable on a hot day, and the fabric dries quickly. As a double wide hammock (6 ft), you can lounge with a friend, wrap up like a cocoon, or spread out for a snooze. We had no trouble finding a comfortable diagonal lay to get flat and sleep. Even when we added a standard 4" thick sleeping pad, it didn't make us feel unbalanced, like some of the single-width hammocks such as the Trek Light Single and Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter did. This hammock is also plenty long, so unless you're over 7 feet tall, we're pretty sure you'll be able to find several comfortable ways to enjoy this 'mock. By folding the Bear Butt Double in half, we also were able to make a comfortable seat to sit up and take in that sweet sunset view.

Overall, this hammock scored highly for comfort. With space, breathability and plenty of comfortable positions and uses, we had a hard time finding much to complain about regarding Bear Butt comfort! The only thing to mention is that on a hot day, sitting in the Bear Butt may become a bit sweaty as all your body parts will tend to funnel into the same spot. But unless you're laying in a hammock with spreader bars like the Warbonnet Ridgerunner or REI Co-op Flash Air, that's bound to happen. Overall, we adore the tremendous chillax-worthy comfort of this double hammock from Bear Butt.

bear butt double - relax in this soft, wide double parachute hammock from bear butt.
Relax in this soft, wide double parachute hammock from Bear Butt.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


While certainly not the lightest hammock we reviewed, the Bear Butt Double also wasn't the heaviest. At 19.2 oz. (not including whatever trunk straps you decide to use), it fell right about in the middle of the pack of comparable double hammocks like the ENO DoubleNest and Kammok Roo. Considering it's larger than both of those double hammocks, we didn't think it's weight was something to complain about.

However, if you're heading out on the trail with this system, don't forget to add the extra weight of whatever suspension system you decide to use. Bear Butt claims their trunk straps weight 13 oz., bringing the total weight of this hammock system to 32.2 oz., or just under three pounds. If you're not going far and don't mind the extra weight, we think this hammock is still a reasonable choice for camping. However, if you're looking for a hammock to cut down on your pack weight, you might be better off checking out some of the ultra-lightweight models we tested. Consider the Grand Trunk Nano 7 (7.5 oz.), Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter (12.8 oz.) or the impressively light Sea to Summit Ultralight (just 5.8 oz.!).

bear butt double - this double hammock from bear butt packs into a nice small stuff...
This double hammock from Bear Butt packs into a nice small stuff sack. It comes with rope to suspend the hammock, but we recommend never using rope to hang your hammock from a living object. Rope harms tree bark and can injure a tree, making it susceptible to infection or insect invasion. We recommend investing in 1" or wider trunk straps instead.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Set Up

It's hard to find an easier hammock to set up than the Bear Butt Double. Like the Grand Trunk Ultralight Starter and ENO Reactor, a simple carabiner on each end of the hammock makes it a snap (pun intended) to clip this hammock to a suspension system! The attached stuff sack is straightforward to use and impossible to lose, as it's always connected to the hammock. What we really loved about this hammock was that we didn't have to worry too much about complicated adjustments, moving one end above or below the other, achieving the perfect level of tautness, etc. that many of the more involved models like the Warbonnet Ridgerunner and Blackbird and the REI Flash Air require. We found that no matter how we set up the Bear Butt (within reason, of course), we could find comfort nestled inside.

It is important to note, however, that the set up of this hammock will depend mainly on the suspension system you choose to use. Sold with a simple rope system, we recommend never using a rope on a living anchor (like a tree), as it can cause severe damage. It's quite easy to purchase a set of trunk straps to attach the Bear Butt (or just about any hammock like this one) to a set of sturdy trees. There are many options for trunk straps out there — some easier to set up or adjust than others. If you're looking to maintain a quick and easy set-up, make sure you do your research on whichever suspension system you decide to purchase!

bear butt double - bear butt includes these strong, lightweight carabiners with every...
Bear Butt includes these strong, lightweight carabiners with every hammock.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Durability and Protection

Constructed of 75 denier nylon, this hammock is among the thickest construction of all the hammocks we teste, giving us confidence in its longevity and durability. The ends, sides, and connections between different colors that make up this hammock are all triple stitched as well, adding to the durability of this hammock, and it's impressively high capacity of 500 lbs. Tied with the Kammok Roo for capacity, the Bear Butt Double is a rated to hold a full 100 lbs more than the other hammocks we tested. The only part of this hammock that gave us pause for a less-than-amazing construction is the connection seam of the stuff sack to the hammock itself. However, even if this storage bag ripped completely off the hammock, we think it would still be pretty darn usable!

While we think the durability of the Bear Butt Double's construction will continue to keep us happy with our feet resting level with our heads for years to come, this style of hammock doesn't offer as much protection from the elements as some of the others we tested. Hammocks with integrated bug nets like the Editor's Choice Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter, highly-rated Warbonnet Blackbird, and Best Buy for a Complete System REI Co-op Flash Air will give you better bug protection.

Additionally, models that sport rain flies such as the ENO SubLink Shelter System, Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip, and REI Flash Air will naturally keep you drier during a rainstorm, and can even offer some wind protection. However, if you later decide you want more protection for your Bear Butt, many manufacturers sell bug net systems and rain flies that you can add to your hammock with relative ease.

bear butt double - triple stitching secures the end of the bear butt double.
Triple stitching secures the end of the Bear Butt Double.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


For such a simple hammock, we felt that this model was quite versatile and has a lot of potential. As a double hammock, we loved being able to share space with a friend or sprawl diagonally depending on our mood. By folding the Bear Butt Double in half, we easily made a hanging chair out of this 'mock. We felt it was reasonable to carry on a short weekend backpacking trip with friends and we could even create a makeshift bivy if no trees were available.

Though it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of some of the other models we tested, this simple system is easy enough to add accessories later if you so choose. One reason we wanted this hammock for camping over other single and narrower open-design models, is that we could easily add our regular sleeping pads to this hammock to find a comfortable sleeping position. Some of the more narrow hammocks we tested were unstable with thick sleeping pads. They were better suited to thin Z pad-type sleeping pads than the more comfortable air pads we like. Something to consider, if you plan to use your hammock to spend the night in!

bear butt double - finding comfort in a sleeping bag and pad in the bear butt double...
Finding comfort in a sleeping bag and pad in the Bear Butt Double. We swear we didn't mean to match colors, but it's a nice touch!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Best Applications

We think this is a great hammock to own if you're seeking versatility on a budget. We loved this hammock from lazy afternoons in the backyard to the quick overnight camping trip. We happily sketched, read books, slept, camped, and wasted away hours chatting with friends in this hammock. Not only is this hammock versatile, but it's also a great starter hammock. If you're intrigued by all this hubbub about hammocks but aren't quite sure you're ready to drop a pile of green on something you've only experienced through an Instagram hashtag, this may be the 'mock for you. With such a low price tag, you could own several of these hammocks for the cost of just one of the more expensive models. If you're searching for one hammock that's simple, versatile, and inexpensive, try the Bear Butt Double!

bear butt double - folding a double hammock in half makes a comfortable seat.
Folding a double hammock in half makes a comfortable seat.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


We've said it before, and we'll repeat it, the value of the Bear Butt Double is high! We were impressed with this 'mock and even more impressed with its price. Certainly a no-brainer for our Best Buy award. You might even love it so much you'll want to buy one for all your friends — and with this price, you won't go broke gift giving! Though you might end up as 'that friend' who talks nonstop about your hammock…


If you skipped the details and just scrolled down to find out what all our side-by-side testing REALLY means for the Bear Butt Double, be prepared to smile! This roomie and comfy hammock was a hit in virtually every situation. Looking to get into #hammocklife? The Bear Butt Double is a great and inexpensive way to start. If you're ready to fall in love with an inanimate object, we strongly suggest you give the Bear Butt Double a try.

bear butt double - setting up a parachute hammock on a windy day is always an adventure...
Setting up a parachute hammock on a windy day is always an adventure - though maybe not the one you thought you'd have!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Other Versions and Accessories

Ready to save the trees? Bear Butt sells trunk straps to go with their hammocks. You can even bundle it all together when you order the hammock, and receive the total package. Each strap is 10 feet long with 20 different attachment points to find your perfect hang.

Bear Butt only offers the one hammock and the single size of trunk straps, sold with a pack of stickers to show your love for Bear Butt. If you'd like to add more extras like bug nets or rain flies, you'll have to search through another manufacturer. Bear Butt keeps it sweet and simple!

bear butt double - in a double wide hammock, finding a flat diagonal lay to sleep is a...
In a double wide hammock, finding a flat diagonal lay to sleep is a cinch!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols