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Travelchair Slacker Review

Travelchair Slacker Chair
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Price:  $20 List | $18.71 at Backcountry
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Pros:  Easy to carry around, small, convenient, inexpensive.
Cons:  Uncomfortable, unstable, feet break easily.
Manufacturer:   Travel Chair
By Devin Chance ⋅   ⋅  Mar 26, 2015
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  • comfort - 40% 5
  • durability - 15% 4
  • ease of use - 20% 10
  • compactness - 15% 10
  • storage - 10% 0

Our Verdict

The Slacker is great for those times when you need a quick seat. It's extremely easy to use and packs down small so storage space is not an issue. It's essentially a stool that folds up, so it doesn't have anything that you can lean back on, making it less comfortable. The lack of back support aside, it's pretty cool and has a unique design. This low cost chair is a great value.

Our Analysis and Test Results


This isn't the most comfortable chair out there, but it makes up for its lack of comfort with its ease of use and its super compact packing size. The seat is a little small and it feels like you're sliding off the front of it, especially for guys. It can sometimes feel like its crowding you a little bit, if you know what we mean. It makes you sit up straight, which is sometimes more comfortable than sitting in a more slouched position in a conventional camp chair.


The chair itself is really durable, we only have problems with the feet and the Velcro strap. Within the first couple of times of using the chair, one of the feet ripped in half. This happened because the feet can easily swivel around while traveling, and then when you go to sit down, the metal shaft just splits it in half. Travelchair should have glued them in place, or screwed them in the correct position to prevent this from happening. However, without the feet the chair still functions the same, you are just more prone to getting poked by one of the sharp ends.

The second issue we had was with the Velcro strap. About a week into testing the strap was ripped off after catching a branch. This one Velcro strap is what holds the chair together, and without it the chair is a pain to carry around because the legs just flail all over the place. This would be easily fixed with a reinforced strap. However, if the strap breaks you can just put a rubber band around the legs.

Ease of Use

This chair is great if you need a seat every now and then, especially for standing in long lines, or watching golf where you are constantly moving around. It requires you to sit up straight, since there is no back rest. This is great if you are on your computer, or need to sit up at the camp table and prep dinner, or for washing dishes by a stream.

All you need to do is undo the Velcro strap that holds the legs up and you are good to go. There is also an adjustable sling that lets you carry the chair on your shoulder, and since it weighs only two pounds you can carry it for long periods without even noticing it.

Packing Size

This is one of the smallest chairs we tested and easily fits in a backpack.


This chair has no storage on it, but it sits close enough to the ground so that you can just set your things down. If you would like a chair with more storage then check out our review of the Coleman Oversize Quad with Cooler.

Devin Chance