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ENO Lounger DL Review

If you want to feel like you’re sitting in a hammock without actually sitting in a hammock, you’ll love this chair from ENO
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Price:  $125 List | $124.95 at REI
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Pros:  Hammock-like comfort, many pockets and features, adjustable seat height, padded armrests
Cons:  Complicated pole system, less sturdy, cup holder tippy and shallow
Manufacturer:   Eagles Nest Outfitters
By Maggie Brandenburg ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 5, 2019
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Our Verdict

Most of us may recognize ENO from their hammocks, but they also offer a chair that combines that hammock feel into a chair with legs, eliminating the need to hang your sling to get that slouchy, relaxed hammock vibe. We enjoy the comfort of this chair and like that you can sit at two different heights by simply folding the legs out of the way and sitting directly on the base. We also appreciate the durability of this ripstop nylon and thick frame while maintaining a reasonably low weight. However, we aren't stoked on the set-up and take-down of this chair or the odd shape and flimsy attachment of the cup holder. If you love hammocking but can't always use your 'mock at that barbeque or your favorite desert campsite, this might be just the chair you've been dreaming of.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The ENO Lounger is a hammock-like stationary chair with two different options of how far from the ground you'd like to be. Though it doesn't rock, it does break down into small sections that can easily be taken with you and set up just about anywhere. It also features two side pockets, a cup holder and a built-in headrest.

Performance Comparison

"Like a hammock  but no trees required!"
"Like a hammock, but no trees required!"


Because of its hammock-like comfort, the Lounger DL scored decently, though we feel it's a bit of a niche comfort. This chair has a relaxed, slouchy feel that reminds us of our favorite hammocks. The front of the chair doesn't dig into the bottoms of our legs and the armrests are soft and well-padded - a novelty among the packable models we tested. Our testers have no complaints about the comfort of their elbows while reading a book, unlike some other models we tested.

The two different options for seat height also stand out to us. To sit closer to the ground, you can just not fold out the leg extensions and sit directly on the triangle base. Or if getting up from a very low chair is a challenge for you, raise the ENO from 3.5 inches to 8 inches by folding out the legs. Using the four leg extensions also help make this chair more stable and harder to tip than simply sitting in the triangle base. However, the legs sink quite far into the sand compared to the wide base with legs folded out of the way.

As a hammock-like chair, there are a few downsides if you're not feeling the 'mock vibe. The sides tend to squish you in, leaving not much room to spread your knees on a hot day and may make you feel like you're being swallowed by this bucket chair. The Lounger DL is fairly narrow, which may make it uncomfortable for larger folks. It also provides nearly no lumbar support (just like you'd expect from a hammock), and though it has a pillow, it's quite high and not adjustable so it may end up more of a hindrance than a help.

With the leg extensions down  we sank easily into the sand.
With the leg extensions down, we sank easily into the sand.


Tipping the scales at just 4.6 pounds and being equipped with a handy storage bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, the Lounger DL is a fairly portable chair. Folded, this chair is only 24 inches long, which is much shorter than many of the traditional camping chairs we tested. Though it's not the smallest packed chair we tested, we still aren't too upset about carrying this chair just a bit farther to find that perfect spot.

With a large  adjustable carry strap  this chair isn't too bad to carry short distances to bring hammock-less  hammock-like comfort along with you.
With a large, adjustable carry strap, this chair isn't too bad to carry short distances to bring hammock-less, hammock-like comfort along with you.


Constructed from 210D ripstop nylon with aluminum alloy legs, the Lounger DL has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. The corners and pole pockets are thick and reinforced and joined areas of fabric are doubled over, and some have double-stitched seams as well.

That being said, we have a couple of durability concerns. Mostly that there's a decent amount of wiggle room in the poles and their attachments to the corners of the frame. Though this helps give a little extra mobility to enhance that hammock feel, it also made us a little nervous. Some of the seams are also single-stitched, and while we never had any issues with this during our testing, it doesn't give us the same confidence that we found in models with all double (or more!) stitched seams.

Reinforced corners and ripstop fabric are great!
Reinforced corners and ripstop fabric are great!

Ease of Setup

This is by far our least favorite part of this chair, and where it scores the lowest in our tests. The poles are extremely challenging to put together and take apart and required a lot of patience and practice. The best thing we liked about this process was that after taking so long to put the frame together, the actual seat was very easy and painless to attach, as it hangs loosely on the frame.

The construction of this frame we found to be rather tedious. Even after the learning curve was learned, it always took extra time to set up and take down the Lounger DL. While the seat is easy to attach to the frame, its loose fit and short pole pockets meant that we frequently (accidentally) pulled the seat off the frame while trying to pick this chair up and move it. There are so many poles and once this chair had a little dirt in it from use, we found that they became more challenging to pull out of the corner sockets. Fitting this chair back into its top-opening storage sack was also a struggle. The Lounger DL is our least favorite chair to set up and take down.

Poles on poles on poles! The set-up and take-down of this chair was a bit more complicated than we were expecting  and with so many poles!
Poles on poles on poles! The set-up and take-down of this chair was a bit more complicated than we were expecting, and with so many poles!


The Lounger DL does have some features, though we did not fall in love with all of them. The stretchy side pockets are some of our favorites and can hold a surprisingly large number of things without sacrificing comfort. From books and phones to keys and extra water bottles, these pockets are roomy! The cup holder we are less enamored with. It's quite wide and not overly deep and floppily attached with just a single row of stitching. We have a hard time putting a regular 12 ounce can or bottle in this cup holder without spilling. With the addition of a binder clip, the cup holder is significantly less floppy, but still, we feel the dimensions are better suited to filling it with crackers or trail mix than a beverage. The Lounger DL also has a padded headrest, though it's not adjustable at all, so depending on your height you may love it (taller folks) or find it to be in the way (shorter folks).

We weren't so sure about this oversized cup holder for holding beverages  but the addition of a binder clip helped!
We weren't so sure about this oversized cup holder for holding beverages, but the addition of a binder clip helped!


With a price tag in the triple digits, this chair is a bit of an investment. If your pupils turn into hearts like a cartoon character every time you look at a hammock, we think you'll like this chair from hammock-maker, ENO. However, if you seek a more diverse chair with a bit more support and stability, and only occasionally want to feel like you're in a hammock, this chair probably isn't worth your hard-earned dough.

To read or not to read? With large handy pockets like these  you can always keep your book close at hand.
To read or not to read? With large handy pockets like these, you can always keep your book close at hand.


If you skipped from the top all the way to this section to find out what we have concluded from our testing of this unique chair from ENO, our verdict is that it's a pretty good choice for hammock-lovers. If you love your hammock but want to sit in an actual chair, this model gives you both! If you're seeking a gift for your friend, who sold her tent because she only hammock camps now, she'll probably love this chair. However, if you're reading this with a quizzical look on your face because you're not sure if you're ready to be in a hammock at all times, the ENO Lounger DL might not be the best chair for you.

Take a break and relax in the Lounger DL.
Take a break and relax in the Lounger DL.

Maggie Brandenburg