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Katadyn Pocket Review

Katadyn Pocket
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Price:  $370 List
Pros:  Lasts for a lifetime, 20-year warranty, solid and well made
Cons:  Heavy, extremely expensive
Manufacturer:   Katadyn
By McKenzie Long ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 14, 2014
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Our Verdict

Katadyn Pocket Discontinued Summer 2015

The Katadyn Pocket is a filter designed with longevity and reliability in mind. Made with solid metal pieces and a silver impregnated ceramic filter, it can treat over 13,000 gallons before needing a replacement cartridge, and it comes with a whopping 20 year warranty. The downside to super durability? It is heavy. Really heavy. Weighing in at 23.95 ounces it is by far the heaviest filter we reviewed, making it not the primary choice for weight conscious backpackers. It is also really expensive, costing three times that of most other filters, so not for the hiker trying to piece together a kit on a budget. The Pocket would be ideal for river trips, or guides who are treating water for large groups of people where weight is not as much of a concern. Since it is a pump, it can treat as much or as little water as desired. With this filter you can be guaranteed that it will work well, last forever, and you can warranty it if it doesn't.

Our Analysis and Test Results

This is a filter designed for longevity and large groups. It is heavy and expensive (so not ideal for backpackers), but lasts for 13,000 gallons and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Performance Comparison

Pumping clean water into a water bottle using the Katadyn Pocket. This filter requires some muscle to pump through the silver-impregnated ceramic depth filter.
Pumping clean water into a water bottle using the Katadyn Pocket. This filter requires some muscle to pump through the silver-impregnated ceramic depth filter.


Like all the other pump-style filters, the Katadyn Pocket is effective against protozoa, bacteria, and particulate. It works even in silty water, though that may require some cleaning of the ceramic filter. The main draw to purchasing this filter is that it is incredibly durable and long lasting- far more so than most other filters in this review. This makes for a very reliable treatment method that you will not need to replace.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the concentration of silver in drinking water may not exceed 0.1 mg/l (0.1 ppm). All of our Micropur products conform to this requirement and are certified for use by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health as a biocide for the treatment of drinking water.

However, there are many other less expensive, long-lasting, and effective filters on the market. Is it really worth spending almost $400 on a filter that also raises health concerns? You decide.


This filter does not score high in our weight category. At 23.95 ounces, it is the heaviest water treatment method by a long shot, which is very discouraging to hikers and backpackers.

Time Before Drinking

Since the Pocket requires some forceful pumping, it did not perform high on our timed test. It took over 2 minutes to pump a whole liter, but this is comparable to other ceramic filters, such as the Miniworks.

Ease of Use

The Pocket is relatively easy to use, with the typical 2 hose set-up for pump filters, with one for dirty water and one for clean. The clean hose is a little on the short side, and we wished it was longer because it requires you to hold the filter very close to your bottle. The pump also takes quite a bit of muscle to push water through the filter. If you have to treat more than one bottle worth of water, be prepared for some tired arms!

Durability/Uses Before Maintenance

Since this filter was manufactured to last forever, it is decidedly the most durable water treatment method we reviewed. Its metal pieces are bound to outlast the plastic components of the also long-lasting ceramic filter the MSR MiniWorks EX, and it is sure to outlive the included plastic bottles of the also long-lasting Sawyer Squeeze. The ceramic filter can take many cleanings before needing a replacement cartridge, and can provide the user with over 13,000 gallons of drinkable water.


The Pocket does not use chemicals, so leaves the water tasting fresh, pure, and clean.

Best Application

Due to its long life but heavy weight, the Katadyn Pocket is ideal for people who take frequent river trips or car campers who need to find their own potable water, but not a good choice for a backpacker.


This well-made filter doesn't come cheap. Costing more than three times the amount for the next most expensive filter, the price tag on this baby could discourage many consumers. However, after you throw down the cash, this filter will last you the rest of your life, and it comes with a 20 year guarantee. It you are looking for the most high-quality, durable, and well-made filter on the market, this one is it.

McKenzie Long