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Giro Chronicle MIPS Review

Giro’s new Chronicle MIPS helmet fits in at an affordable price point.
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Price:  $100 List | $89.99 at Competitive Cyclist
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Pros:  Comfortable, user friendly dial adjust, fits well with sunglasses
Cons:  Adjustable visor, inadequate ventilation
Manufacturer:   Giro
By Dustin Schaad ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 19, 2018
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Our Verdict

The Giro Chronicle offers many of the design characteristics of the Montaro MIPS at a lower cost. A helmet with features that you generally see at almost double the price makes for great value any way you look at it. Anyone looking for smaller sizes or more color options can check out the women's version.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Chronicle MIPS is a new helmet from Giro. Some reviews will state that it looks and fits like the Montaro — we disagree. The Chronicle sits far lower on the head than the Montaro. It does carry the integrated camera mount and goggle grippers but has a different feel when strapped and ready to ride. This is not to say that it fits worse or better, just different. At a retail price of a hundred dollars, it also includes MIPS. The fit is excellent, but the ventilation could use an upgrade.

Performance Comparison

The Chronicle in action.
The Chronicle in action.


While the harness adjustments are nice and indexed, our biggest complaint with the Chronicle is that the adjuster dial on its Roc Loc 5 harness is tiny and consequently harder to adjust with cold, gloved fingers than the larger dials on helmets like the Troy Lee A2 and Leatt DBX 3.0.

Nice long visor for those sunny days.
Nice long visor for those sunny days.


This model has one of the longest and most adjustable visors in our test. It feels like a ratchet system, and adjusts easily, and stays up securely without concern. The length is great for those sunny days to keep the suns rays out of your eyes. Goggles rest nicely on the helmet when the visor is in the up position.

The Chronicle with goggles on.
The Chronicle lets you take your goggles off.


At 13.33oz, the Chronicle is competitively lightweight. It's not the lightest helmet in the test, but it falls right near our top-rated helmets in terms of weight. It weighs just 0.46 oz more than our Editor's Choice Award winner, the POC Tectal Race SPIN.

A protective helmet provides confident.
A protective helmet provides confident.


The Chronicle had the worst airflow of all the helmets tested. We found during long strenuous climbs, even on milder days, that it didn't keep our heads cool.

This helmet offers great full head coverage.
This helmet offers great full head coverage.


The Chronicle comes with a MIPS liner which helps to reduce the forces of rotational impact energy. It provides more protection from certain impacts than helmets without MIPS.

All you need is a helmet  a bike  time  and a trail.
All you need is a helmet, a bike, time, and a trail.


The Chronicle held up great throughout the testing process. All-in-all solidly built.

The Chronicle.
The Chronicle.

The Roc Loc 5 fit system allows you to easily dial in fit and adjust vertical position with a single hand to seamlessly with glasses or goggles. But the visor sits cockeyed when the goggles are positioned underneath. It works just fine, but it might annoy some of you style-conscious riders out there.

Best Applications

The Chronicle MIPS provide all the essentials needed to hit the trail with confidence and style.

The bright color we tested made for great visibility on dark evenings while blasting down a flowy descent, or even if you're climbing a techy section with your head down the riders descending will see you quickly.


As the name indicates, it features a MIPS liner, as well as a Roc Loc 5 fit system, comes in multiple colors, and retails for just 100 bucks. This model is true value at its finest.

The Chronicle in its natural habitat.
The Chronicle in its natural habitat.


This helmet provides good coverage, a comfortable fit, and the added protection of a MIPS liner at a reasonable price. If ventilation is a priority, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Dustin Schaad