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Giro Riddance - Women's Review

These shoes don't feel very grippy on our pedals and weren't very flexible overall
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Giro Riddance - Women's Review
Credit: Giro
Price:  $120 List
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Manufacturer:   Giro
By Bo Outland ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 12, 2019
  • Grip - 30% 4.0
  • Comfort and Protection - 25% 3.0
  • Rigidity and Power Transfer - 20% 6.0
  • Breathability - 10% 4.0
  • Durability - 10% 6.0
  • Weight - 5% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Giro Riddance has Vibram rubber in a small hexagon pattern. We found the grip on these shoes to be less than optimal. The hexagon pattern is comparatively shallow and didn't grip our pedals as well as other shoes with more pronounced lug patterns. Other shoes we reviewed that did not score well in grip made up for it by having a good balance of support and flexibility. Our testers found the Riddance to lack balance, as it was the most rigid shoe we tried. This shoe is not a favorite among our testers, especially at the price point.
Decent breathability
Very rigid
No grip
Puts pressure on the top of foot

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

giro riddance for women - these shoes didn't provide as much grip as we would like on the...
These shoes didn't provide as much grip as we would like on the pedal and felt very rigid.


Going into the testing process, we expected a grip similar to other shoes we tested that also feature a Vibram rubber sole. However, we quickly realized that is not the case. We found the Giro to be extremely slippery to the point where we felt unsafe as a rider. When we first started climbing in these shoes, we noticed that our foot slipped around on the pedal pegs slightly. However, once we started putting our full weight on the pedals that stopped. When we started to go downhill and shifted our body weight between the pedals to maneuver the bike is when we started to see problems. One of our reviewers fell within the first 5 minutes of biking with these shoes because her foot slipped right after hitting a jump. When these shoes get wet, it gets even worse, making the shoes impossible to maneuver a bike.

giro riddance for women

The tread on the bottom is a hexagon pattern. However, the hexagons are very shallow in comparison to other shoes we reviewed, and are also not well textured. Other shoes we tested with a Vibram sole have more surface area with tons of texture, which is why we think they have much more traction on the pedal despite using similar rubber.

Comfort and Protection

The tongue of the shoe is thin, and when we tightened up the laces before a ride, there was pressure on the top of our foot, resulting in numb toes. Nonetheless, we did find this shoe relatively comfortable as it is well padded on the sides and around the ankle. There is some protection, via reinforced synthetic material, around the toe and heel. Unfortunately, that material is only .3 inches thick, so it didn't do the best job protecting us.

giro riddance for women - a few scrapes were had while testing these shoes.
A few scrapes were had while testing these shoes.

Rigidity and Power Transfer

These were the most rigid shoes we tried, so much so that we could barely feel the pedal underfoot, making for some unnerving rides. When we decided to make little adjustments with our feet, unweighting just a little, we ran the risk of our foot completely slipping off the pedal. If you are looking for a shoe where you can make frequent small adjustments with your feet and be able to feel the pedal, we recommend looking at some of the other models we tested.

giro riddance for women - these shoes are so rigid the toes do not bend. pretty easy to get on...
These shoes are so rigid the toes do not bend. Pretty easy to get on point though...


The upper is constructed from a water-resistant micro-fiber and is perforated for better breathability. While the material itself is not very breathable, the holes on the side seem to help a lot with breathability.


Durability is where these shoes shine. The material is very thick, and everything is bound together extremely well. After rigorous testing, there was no visible scarring, and the waterproof material did not scratch. The laces are wide, so they are easily snagged, but the overall structure of the shoe is tough.


While these shoes are very durable, they are heavy, weighing 777 grams for the pair. Pretty hefty, considering there is not a lot of protection or grip.


While these shoes are slightly less expensive than many shoes we tested, we test we think you would be better off riding in your Vans or Nikes. Other shoes we tested performed much better and cost less dough.


The Giro Riddance does not have much to offer, as the rubber matched with shallow lugs made the grip far less than optimal. This shoe was extremely rigid, so it was difficult to feel when our foot was slipping off the pedal. The tongue of the shoe is thin and cut off the circulation by putting too much pressure on the top of our foot. Folks with high volume feet need not apply. The perforated synthetic material allowed our foot to breathe, but that is the only aspect we liked about this shoe.

giro riddance for women - front and back of giro riddance. while they are very durable they do...
Front and back of Giro Riddance. While they are very durable they do not have good grip on the pedal.

Bo Outland