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CrankBrothers Stamp 7 Review

An above average pedal with a huge platform that is ideal for riders with large feet
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Price:  $159 List | $159.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Huge platform, easy to service, concave design
Cons:  Moderate levels of grip, expensive
Manufacturer:   CrankBrothers
By Pat Donahue ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 20, 2020
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  • Grip and Traction - 25% 9
  • Platform - 25% 7
  • Mobility - 20% 7
  • Servicing - 15% 7
  • Weight - 15% 7

Our Verdict

The CrankBrothers Stamp 7 pedals earned a Top Pick for Riders with Big Feet. These high-quality pedals have an enormous platform that is by far the largest in our review. The grip and traction levels are above average thanks to a smattering of ten well-placed traction pins per side. CrankBrothers placed two different length pins on these pedals to help work with the convex shape of the platform. Mobility was solid, as it wasn't too difficult to reposition the foot while riding. The pedals are easily serviceable, and CrankBrothers has a strong reputation for having a smooth warranty process. The price tag is on the spendy side of the spectrum, although we do feel these are a high-quality product.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Stamp 7 pedals took home our Top Pick award for Riders with Big Feet. If you have size 11 or larger shoe and are concerned with platform size, these are, without a doubt, the pedals for you. We found the CrankBrothers pedals to offer well-rounded performance that was above average in most performance metrics. That said, they can't quite stand up to the best of the best. Still, this is a quality pedal that should suit those who value a large platform the best.

Performance Comparison

The Stamp 7 provide plenty of real estate for your feet.
The Stamp 7 provide plenty of real estate for your feet.


The Stamp 7 pedals offer impressive amounts of grip. We found they offered above-average grip but never approached the grip levels of some of the top performers in the metric. One tester with the Specialized 2FO with SlipNot rubber found the grip to be more impressive than the tester with Bontrager Flatline pedals with Vibram soles.

These pedals feature 10 traction pins per side. The three pins on the leading and trailing edges of the pedal (totaling six pins) are longer than the four pins on the outer edge and along the axle. The shorter pins in the middle of the pedal body work to enhance the slightly concave shape of the platform. As your shoe flexes into the concave shape, those pins engage. When you are cruising downhill, the Stamp 7 has above-average levels of bite. The grip is sturdy and predictable. On the descent, we had little to complain about, and these pedals were functional and confidence-inspiring.

On the ascent, testers found these pedals to have solid traction. We were unable to determine if it was the concave shape or something to do with pin layout, however, but the Stamp 7 pedals couldn't match the top performers on the climbs. We found them to offer the best grip when they were heavily weighted. Seated pedaling over choppy ground leads to less pressure on the pedals. As a result, we found our feet were bouncing and slipping around a little more than we would have liked. This felt a little sketchy as a slipped pedal can be awfully painful. Standing climbs resulted in far better traction.

This platform is the largest in our test class.
This platform is the largest in our test class.


If there is one area where the Stamp 7 pedals are unrivaled, it is the platform. The large platform is gigantic and is larger than any other pedal in our test class. As a result, these pedals earned a Top Pick for riders with Big Feet. These pedals are available in small or large platform sizes (the small version has a 100 x 100mm dimensions), we tested the large size. Crankbrothers recommends the large size for shoe sizes 10-15, and the small for sizes 5-10.

The platform measures a spacious 115mm x 112mm. They have a concave design with the leading and trailing edges of the pedals approximately 2mm thicker than the center of the platform. This design allows your foot to better conform to the pedal as your shoe flexes. The thickest part of the pedal is 13.6 mm. This thickness puts these pedals firmly in the middle of the pack among test pedals. We found there to be ample ground clearance when cranking over technical sections of trail. Given the extra width of the platform, however, we did find ourselves kissing rocks with the outer edges a little more often than some of the pedals with narrower platforms.

The concave shape means the edges of the platform are thicker than the platform at the axle.
The concave shape means the edges of the platform are thicker than the platform at the axle.

The sheer size of the platforms really stood out. If you place a lot of focus on overall size, these are the pedals for you. In fact, they are the most spacious platforms in our review. Having a sizable pedal can be critical if you dab on a climb or get a little sideways in flat corners. Riders with truly large feet will also benefit from the sheer size of these pedals as they will provide more fore/aft and lateral support. Men's size 11 and above will really appreciate this added real estate. It is worth mentioning again that these pedals are available in small and large sizes. Riders with smaller feet should consider the smaller and lighter version.

A decent-sized bearing is housed under the bulge in the platform.
A decent-sized bearing is housed under the bulge in the platform.


The Stamp 7 pedals offer decent mobility. We found it easier to shuffle your feet around on these pedals compared to the most grippy models we tested. Having a pedal with predictable mobility is important when getting set up for a gnarly chute or funky corner, or when making moves while playing around at the bike park.

In order to reposition your foot, simply unweight your foot a little bit and give them a slight shift. Sometimes this maneuver requires a small bounce on the pedals to unweight and disengage the traction pins. When you come back down, hopefully your foot is back in a good position. Simply put, the Stamp 7 don't have the mind-boggling levels of traction that some of the top-end pedals do, which makes repositioning your foot a bit simpler.

The pedal body offered a nice amount of spin on the axle. When cinched into your crank, you can spin the pedal easily with a flick of the toe. That said, the pedal didn't spin too freely on the axle. CrankBrothers found a nice middle ground where the pedal doesn't unintentionally spin much if you pull your foot off for any reason.

Two screws secure the metal plate that holds the axle in place.
Once the screws are removed you can pull the axle out of the pedal body.


The Stamp 7 have a quality construction. The finish is dialed, and the service procedure is straightforward, user-friendly, and doesn't require any special tools. The grub pins are top loading and easily adjustable, removable, and replaceable. They come with 10 extra replacement pins and pin kits are sold separately in both 8mm and 10mm lengths for $11.99.

To access the axle/bearings, locate the silver plate near the threaded portion of the axle. Remove the two bolts on either side of the axle, this allows you to pull the axle out of the pedal body. This is one of the more simple procedures among our test pedals. Crankbrothers also sells a pedal refresh kit for $24.99 that includes everything you need to rebuild your pedals like new bearings, seals, o-rings, and bolts.

Despite the gigantic platform  these pedals post a respectably low weight.
Despite the gigantic platform, these pedals post a respectably low weight.


The Stamp 7 pedals come in at 380-grams per set. This puts the CrankBrothers pedals in the middle of the pack in terms of weight. We feel this is quite reasonable considering the massive size of the platform. On the bike, the pedals don't feel noticeably light or heavy. Crankbrothers claim a weight of 345-grams for the small size.


The Stamp 7 is one of the more expensive pedals in our review. CrankBrothers is a company that has been around for quite a long time and has established a solid reputation in the pedal market. Many of their products carry a substantial price tag that is usually backed up by reliable on-trail performance and warranty support. Through our experience with CrankBrothers, the company has impressive customer support and smooth warranty procedures. This is reassuring when slapping down the credit card for these pedals.

The large size Stamp 7 pedals have the largest platform of all the models we tested.
The large size Stamp 7 pedals have the largest platform of all the models we tested.


The CrankBrothers Stamp 7 pedals are a well-rounded and high-quality pedal with a gigantic platform. As a result, they earned a Top Pick for riders with large feet. These aren't the grippiest pedals in our review, but they offer ample traction and predictable foot mobility. Although these pedals never topped the charts in any of our performance metrics, they work very well and deliver a solid value.

Pat Donahue