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Blackburn Mammoth CO2'Fer Mini Review

For those who want both a C02 and mini-pump in one, the Blackburn is our top pick
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blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review
Credit: Blackburn
Price:  $40 List
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Manufacturer:   Blackburn
By Kurt Gensheimer ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 15, 2018
  • Pumping Performance - 30% 6.0
  • Ease of Use - 30% 7.0
  • Portability - 20% 8.0
  • Looks and Design - 10% 8.0
  • Durability - 10% 7.0

Our Verdict

The Blackburn Mammoth CO2'fer brings together a CO2 inflator and mini-pump into one low profile package. Thanks to its instantaneous CO2 inflation capability, it can bring a tire up to pressure faster than any hand pump. But, without CO2, the Blackburn offers only so-so pumping performance due to a short stroke length. For pure pumping performance, we recommend the Lezyne Gauge Drive HV, our Editor's Choice for mountain bikers.
Integrated CO2 inflation
Quality construction
Low profile
Pumping power is average
No hose means you might bend a valve head

Our Analysis and Test Results

Nothing inflates a tire faster than compressed air, which is why the Blackburn Mammoth CO2'fer is such an appealing mini-pump. The Blackburn is unique in that it delivers a CO2 inflator and mini-pump in one compact package. It's ideal for cross-country racers or anyone who prefers to compressed air for instant tire inflation.

blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review - we employing its co2 cartridge, the mammoth co2fer instantly brings...
We employing its CO2 cartridge, the Mammoth CO2fer instantly brings a 27.5x2.2-inch tire to 21 psi.
Credit: Kurt Gensheimer

Pumping Performance

Despite its thicker diameter piston, the Mammoth CO2'fer has a rather short stroke, limiting its pumping performance capability. On a 27.5 x 2.3-inch tire, it took the Blackburn 300 pumps to reach 22 psi. But when using one 16 gram threaded CO2 canister, the Blackburn brought a tire up to 21 psi in almost an instant. Some might consider it cheating, but using Blackburn's integrated CO2 feature can get a tire up to pressure faster than any other pump in the test. For that reason, it scored well, but not at the top of the heap, as you can see below.

When it comes to inflating a 700C x 25mm road tire, the Blackburn does not excel, only reaching 39 psi after 100 pumps. But considering the Mammoth CO2'fer is not designed nor recommended for road use, our review does not issue any demerits.

blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review - the mammoth co2fer features a slick integrated co2 cartridge system...
The Mammoth CO2fer features a slick integrated CO2 cartridge system and mini-pump in one. When using the CO2 canister, the CO2fer is by far the fastest pump to reach full tire pressure.
Credit: Kurt Gensheimer

Ease of Use

The Mammoth CO2'fer is quite easy to use and features a handy integrated CO2 cartridge that doubles as a mini-pump. When you use the CO2 cartridge, this pump can inflate a tire far faster than any other pump in the test.

To use the cartridge, all you need to do is thread the canister fully onto the pump, fit the pump head onto the tube valve, lock the lever, and then depress the red CO2 button on the head. When the CO2 is empty, you can pump the tire up to your desired pressure manually. While this application requires less labor than any pump we tested, its mini-pump performance is less impressive. This lowered its score a bit in the ease of use metric.

Unlike other pumps we tested, like the Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB and the pumps from Lezyne, the Blackburn does not use a retractable hose. It features a traditional head with locking lever that mounts directly onto the valve. Because the Blackburn lacks a tube, pumping ergonomics are a little awkward. The user has to keep the pump straight and level to avoid potentially bending the valve head, especially on Presta valve tubes.

blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review - since the blackburn lacks a hose, inflation can be a little awkward...
Since the Blackburn lacks a hose, inflation can be a little awkward. It goes fast when using that integrated CO2 canister though.
Credit: Kurt Gensheimer


Measuring only 17.78 cm, the Mammoth CO2'fer is low profile and portable. But it is thicker in diameter than leading competitors like the Lezyne Tech Drive HV. The pump also mounts to a bike frame without looking bulky.

The Blackburn is reasonably light but is far from a class leader. It tips the scales at 214 grams without a CO2 cartridge and 272 grams with a cartridge. Still, considering this is a CO2 and mini-pump blended into one, it makes the Blackburn a rather attractive option for those seeking a low-profile and versatile mini-pump that can easily mount on a bike frame or fit into a jersey pocket.

Looks and Design

The Mammoth is a good looking pump. CNC machined aluminum bits give it a quality appearance. We gave it a good score.

The way the CO2 canister is stored upside down inside the pump body is very slick, although the canister is prone to a little rattling when you mount the pump to your bike. A large knurled aluminum ring threads the pump body onto the head. Inside the pump body is a chamber where the CO2 canister sits. It's a very sleek and efficient packaging of CO2 capability and a mini-pump.


The Blackburn features a CNC machined aluminum pump body with a plastic head. This is a relatively durable design, and it scored well as a result.

The head has two plastic threaded ends, one that mounts to the pump body and one that threads to an aluminum cap that attaches to the tire valve. Plastic threading wears and strips more quickly than medal. That is our only durability concern.

blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review - cartridges are a little lazy. they're definitely wasteful. they're...
Cartridges are a little lazy. They're definitely wasteful. They're also fast.
Credit: Kurt Gensheimer


The Blackburn is an excellent value, especially considering its integrated CO2 capability. Purchasing a mini-pump and CO2 inflator separately often runs more than $40. And then you have to carry two separate pumps.

blackburn mammoth co2'fer mini frame pump review - if you don't like making decisions, this mini-pump/cartridge combo...
If you don't like making decisions, this mini-pump/cartridge combo may be for you.
Credit: Kurt Gensheimer


The Mammoth CO2'fer is an innovative and quality mini-pump that can suit the needs of many mountain bikers. While not the most powerful pump in terms of volume, the CO2 capability can get a tire up to pressure almost instantly, giving the Blackburn a unique position in the mini-pump segment.

Kurt Gensheimer

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