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Lezyne Alloy Review

Lezyne Alloy Floor Pump
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Price:  $80 List | $79.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Clean, modern style and design, stable, extra long hose
Cons:  Hard to read gauge, wooden handles not comfortable, trickier to get a good seal
Manufacturer:   Lezyne
By Emily Zell ⋅   ⋅  Mar 18, 2013
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Our Verdict

As with all Lezyne products, the Alloy's design is truly a work of art. Beautiful wooden handles, a gleaming silver body, and a minimalist gauge display make the Alloy a modern, sleek floor pump. Along with being so stylish, the Alloy performs beautifully with a stable base, an extra-long hose, and a flip-thread chuck. Unfortunately, it's the Alloy's style that also challenges its comfort rating and gauge display.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Lezyne Alloy floor pump is definitely the cool kid in the group, but hey, that's what we've come to expect from the design-driven company. The Alloy scored a perfect 10 in the looks and design category, with clean, modern, minimalist and sophisticated style. It is also the only floor pump we tested with a flip-thread chuck. This made for super secure seals to the tire valves, but more time spent attaching it and making sure it was threaded properly. At times it took a couple attempts to get it threaded on and a good seal in place. If speed is your thing, you might consider one of the other floor pumps with a simple valve pump head, either single or double, that can be popped on and locked with the flip of the lever ( Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 , Serfas FP-200, Serfas TCPG). That said, usually if you're using a floor pump, a little extra time spent on a good solid seal is fine, and in that case, the Lezyne Alloy will not disappoint.

Two other factors making the Alloy convenient and easy to use are it's stable base and extra long hose (an awesome 48 inches!). However, the dial display is black on silver, making it difficult to read in certain lights. We found ourselves having to stop pumping and bending over to see what the pressure was when the light was such that it created a glare off the silver background of the dial.

Also, the wooden handles, while beautiful, weren't as comfortable as the molded plastic of the Blackburn Air Tower or the Serfas TCPG.

The Alloy is tougher than it looks, and that, together with its clean lines, make it an excellent traveling floor pump. If you can make the investment, the Lezyne Alloy Floor Pump is truly a work of art, and a durable, portable, stable option. If you are willing to thread your chuck on and off you will be rewarded with a solid seal to the valve and therefore, ultimately quick tire inflation.

Emily Zell