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Zach Lovell
Zach Lovell

Zach Lovell

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Zach is a professional Mountain Guide, climber, and skier who dabbles in most outdoors sports. While he calls Colorado home, he travels extensively across North America, Europe, and sometimes Asia whether working or playing. Zach has also worn many hats in administrative roles including content manager, copy writer, marketing manager, website designer, photographer, and program developer. He is an IFMGA licensed/certified guide and has created his own curriculum at many universities, where he still teaches. Zach’s writing, photography, and mountain exploits have appeared in publications such as the American Alpine Journal, Planet Mountain, Alpinist, and Gripped.

Zach started working in product testing over a decade ago and is thrilled to be part of Gear Lab. When he’s not playing outside or on a computer, Zach plays pickleball, music, or (most importantly) spends time with his partner Syd and their dog Benny.

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