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Myrha Colt

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With roots that run deep in the American West, wanderlust seems to be buried in Myrha’s bones and may well explain her unquenchable drive to explore the world from every possible angle — plane, train, adventure rig, beat-up sedan, on foot, bike, snowshoe, SUP, surfboard, and even the occasional pair of roller skates. A Northern California native, she is no stranger to epic backyards built of massive granite peaks, wind-cut beaches, misty Redwood forests, Gold Rush ghost stories, and forgotten saloons. It is here she learned the word “no” is rarely an acceptable answer when the opportunity to roam presents itself (or that a beach or trailside parking lot can be an ideal place to build lasting community). And while her preferred style trends less toward base jumping or peak bagging than toward sweat-til-you-earn-your-grand-vista-in-solitude options, itchy feet and a spontaneous spirit have managed to carry her far and wide. This has included a broad, multi-decade career within the adventure travel industry, with time spent living, working, and exploring in locations around the world (6 continents and counting). She has now called Italy, Costa Rica, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and various parts of the Western US home, and logged work hours from offices, internet cafes, docks, trails, and poolside and campsite “desks” as far afield as Bali, Nepal, Zambia, New Zealand, and the Mississippi Delta. While she resides in the Sierra Nevada today, coastal Mexico remains a second beloved home. And of course, she has every intention of continuing her lifelong quest to see exactly what is “just up the way” whenever a new backroad, waterway, or high mountain trail blinks across her radar.

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