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Hayley is an avid adventurer currently residing in Colorado. She is an aspiring van-lifer and is currently building out a 2019 sprinter to make her dreams a reality. Rock climbing is her number one passion and acro yoga comes in at a close second. When she’s not clipping into the wall or tossing her friends in the air, she is probably taking photos of someone who is. Ascending a fixed-line to get the perfect shot of her fellow climbers cruxing out gives her just as much joy as actually making the moves herself.

While Hayley takes off to the mountains most weekends, she keeps busy in the city with long bike rides, creating the perfect gin cocktail, designing tattoos, mastering vegetarian cuisine, playing the ukulele and running with her pup Milo. She grew up all over the world but is originally from New York. Although she was not born in Colorado, it has very much become her home over the past 15 years. It offers her the perfect combination of outdoor enthusiasm and city-dwelling which feeds her soul to the fullest extent.

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