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Dillon Osleger

Dillon Osleger

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Dillon has been exploring the Sierra Nevada since childhood. Often found attached to the sharp end of a rope, on a mountain bike, clicked in to telemark bindings, or tossing flies into backcountry streams, Dillon simply enjoys being outdoors. Beyond competing at a professional level in cycling and big mountain skiing as well as guiding backcountry skiing, Dillon spends his time as an environmental scientist working for land trusts, trail stewardships, conservancies, and consultants in the Tahoe and greater California region. Bachelors degrees in Geology and Snow Science from Montana State University, a Masters in Earth Science from the University of California Santa Barbara provide a baseline for understanding ecosystems and the part outdoor recreational users play in impacting them. The intertwined life paths as an outdoor athlete and scientist have resulted in a respected understanding of science, conservation, and storytelling, drawing Dillon ever further to stories anchored to the confluence of society’s relationship with wild and rapidly changing natural environments. He is always happy to sit down for a good coffee or a burrito and talk science or sport.

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