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best bike cargo trailers

Best Bike Cargo Trailer

Planning to take an overnight trip by bike or just hoping to lessen your impact by commuting to the grocery store via...
burley nomad

Burley Nomad Review

This trailer is designed for bike touring, but the versatility makes it good for a lot of things outside of that too...
schwinn day tripper

Schwinn Day Tripper Review

This cargo trailer is a simple, easy-to-use, and semi versatile option that did well throughout our battery of tests...
aosom elite ii

Aosom Elite II Review

Affordable yet capable, this trailer can carry a massive amount of stuff. It's easy to put together and fairly...
Olukai Hiapo Review
Top Pick

Olukai Hiapo Review

We love to proven wrong, and this flip showed our skeptical testers that fancy looking dress flops can hike and...
Reef Draftsmen Review

Reef Draftsmen Review

This is a relatively durable flip flop that, while not the most comfortable, does have some redeeming features.
retrospec rover hauler

Retrospec Rover Hauler Review

This affordable bike cargo trailer gets the job done and offers decent durability and space to haul the kitchen sink...
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